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"The most perfect trade system"

Intraday Trade System

by Edmond Petitjean


Finally a new and really fantastic trading system is born.

It is meant to be used for day trading.

It is the ideal day trading system for the following reasons:

1) You DON'T have to watch the markets all day long;

2) Your risk is defined PRECISELY from the start WITHOUT using stops;

3) You know FROM THE START exactly what your profit or loss is going to be;

4) you have TOTAL CONTROL over the ratio profit/loss for each trade;

5) This makes money management EXTREMELY EASY;

6) You can even get in trades where the ratio profit/loss is 10 to 1!
     (remember, you know this in advance!);

7) MOST of the trades are WON and end up in profit (70% or even MANY MORE);

8) You DON'T need sophisticated programs or software;

9) You DON'T need an expensive live data feed;

10) You can use FREE info on the internet;

11) BIG profits are made with LITTLE risk;

12) You can define for YOURSELF for each trade how much you want to risk on one point move;

I can go on and on like this...

The new system is called ITS, Intraday Trading System.

It is EXTREMELY simple to use, even much simpler than TTS.

What is this ITS system all about?

Most of you already know my first trading system TTS.

TTS offers the best possible and complete solution for trading in general.

ITS is my new system that isn't meant to replace TTS, but rather to complete it and supplement it.

This system is specifically designed for intraday trading.

Imagine a way of very short term trading that is at the same time very powerful and very easy to use.  Then think about being able to know exactly in advance how much you risk on a trade and how much profit you can make.

As if all this wasn't sufficient, you will also not need to worry about where to put your stop level...because there isn't any stop!

No stop and  perfectly controlled risk anyway?

Absolutely, this is a trader's dream coming true.

For those who don't like the idea of sitting glued to their computer screens all day long, I have good news: you don't need to.

You just have to wait until your trade is initiated and then you leave it on its own and go fishing or whatever you enjoy  to do most.

Trading must be FUN, not hard work.

In fact, you'll ENJOY trading this way, because it will be very rewarding without a lot of work or sustained concentration.

ITS is a TOTALLY different approach to trading.

You'll feel RELIEVED when learning it, because you'll enjoy the simplicity, the power and the very low cost of using it all at the same time.

ITS really is the trader's paradise.

And if this wasn't enough: when ordering ITS you are entitled to a strict and transparent refund policy, so that your risk of purchasing it is...ZERO.

Stats:  Practical results from end of March 2003 till beginning of August 2003. This period generated 16 trades on the FTSE alone.

ALL trades made a profit.

That means 100% accuracy. It is not always like that, but it is always above 70%. Following my recommendations concerning money management, you would have made an overall profit of 112,000 £ when trading at 100 £/point or 11,200 £ when trading at 10 £/point.

In order to get these results, the risk per trade was 3,000 £ for making 112,000 £ or 300 £ for making 11,200 £. The total capital needed for making 112,000 £ was only 48,000 £ and 4,800 £ for 11,200 £. This is what I call a VERY healthy system.

The price of this course is $1,500 and it's worth 100 times more.  It comes in the form of an e-book and is delivered to you the fastest way: by email.  The price includes unlimited support and assistance from the author Edmond Petitjean, who, as you know, is very prompt in answering your questions.  You can reach Edmond by email at:, and he is always there and happy to help you with the use of the system or replying to your inquiries.

The author of TTS - the Trade Tuner System, Edmond Petitjean has an adapted version of ITS - the Intraday Trade System for you.

Initially ITS was developed in the first place for financial spread betting.

The good news is that now ITS is integrated in TTS.

This package is also very universal in its applications: no limits to the markets or timeframes you want to trade. 

With this, creating a substantial income is an easy thing to accomplish.

Combining TTS with a sound money management is one of the best possible businesses in the world.

Yes, it is indeed a pure business approach, not gambling. By using TTS (including most of ITS), you'll always have a BIG edge. 

How does Edmond use it himself?: " I finally settled down on trading options on commodities exclusively. Most trades take from 1 week to 1 month and give HUGE gains without any stress of intraday trading, trying to grab 1 or 2 meager points. This approach allows me to NOT use any stop and so I'm never stopped out of a profitable trade, something that happens all to often with most traders. I found another way of protecting my capital. This I will also explain when you buy the new integrated TTS with ITS.

Performance: some examples of how I'm using it myself: recently I bought puts on cotton and made 58 % profit in 4 days (from 24-01 to 28-01). Now I bought calls on gold and euro: the gold calls are already up 38% and going (not yet sold). In all cases my risk was very low, as I'm only buying cheap options."

It's the best of ITS added to and adapted for TTS.  This added power is what makes the new TTS.
This combination is definitely much more powerful and universal than ITS alone.

TTS and ITS are both tested very long and the combination is only  better than the usage of the two systems independently.

Potential gains: depends entirely on your approach to the market. What will you be trading? Which timeframes?  But an average 10% profit or more on your capital each month is very feasible.


A list of free and low cost charting sites is included with the course.

The integrated course is $1,500 delivered to you by email; $1,550 delivered by first class mail.  You can contact me any time by email at: if you have any questions, either before your purchase for inquiries, or after your purchase for continuous support.

As a special bonus, the first 20 customers will also get two new universal turning point lists for the years 2005 and 2006.

These lists are split in two versions: the first one gives these tp's for the daily time frame and the second one for the weekly time frame.  These new tp's are VERY powerful.

Extra bonus for the first 30 buyers: a spreadsheet I developed to calculate all the important parameters automatically for each trade.  This can be used with any charting software or online charts: the ideal companion to the new integrated system.

Click to order.

Thank you,

Edmond Petitjean

NEW!  You can now pay with PayPal, which accepts any mode of payment.  Click on the appropriate button below to access PayPal payment:

click for email delivery

click for regular delivery




Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean,
Izak Matatya

"Just as in TTS, you can forget neural networks, forget a screen cluttered with lots of indicators, forget the doubts arising when all these parameters contradict each other, leaving you drowned in doubts and uneasiness, unable to take a clear decision.

What is left now is a very limited set of unambiguous rules that are easy to follow.
They can be applied to any market with the same efficiency and in the same way, but contrary to TTS this method is designed more specifically for trading indexes and currencies.

In that way trading becomes an enjoyable very low stress activity.

Imagine sitting before your computer, looking at a graph during one minute and immediately knowing what to do or not to do.

A computer – although preferable – is even not absolutely necessary.
You could also visit some free websites that are offering interactive graphs.

Now something to surprise you even more: you don’t need ANY indicator! You’ll ONLY use the bar graphs themselves, without any additional information.  In that way you wouldn’t even have to keep a database of commodities and stocks and you could log in from everywhere in the world.  Combine this with online trading and you would be free to trade and use the system from wherever you are.

In the 47 ITS pages, we’ll go through every aspect of the ITS, so that you’ll know perfectly how to apply the very simple but equally powerful principles in your trading.

Lots of practical graphical examples from the real world will help to get the hang of it."


Questions and Answers on Edmond Petitjean's
ITS - Intraday Trade System

Q: Hi Edmond

I just received the e-mail from Izak about your trading system and would like to know a little more about it. I do not have the previous one but am interested in day trading.
Can this work on the "futures" or commodity markets? If so which ones would be the best to trade?  Does the same system work on all markets i.e. grains and meats?

A: You can use ITS on all markets and time frames but it is more specifically designed for trading the following intraday:


FTSE 100 Index - daily difference
Wall Street Index - daily difference
DAX 30 Index - daily difference
NASDAQ 100 Index - daily difference
S&P 500 Index - daily difference

FTSE 100 Index - intraday: Noon
Wall Street Index - intraday: 6pm (London)

...and also weekly time frame:

FTSE 100 Index - weekly close
Wall Street Index - weekly close


Anglo American
BHP Billiton
British American Tobacco
British Gas
Lloyds TSB
National Grid Transco
Reckitt Benckiser
Rio Tinto
Royal Bank of Scotland
Standard Chartered


Spot FX levels - €/$, $/¥, £/$, $/SF, €/£



Q: Edmond

I received the Let's Talk Winning newsletter in which a new system of yours was mentioned.

I would be most grateful if you could post your trading slips showing the profit for the period you mention in your advert.


A: I cannot give you any trading slips as these were simulated trades, done by exactly following the rules of ITS.

Please remember that you don't take ANY risk by purchasing ITS, because we have a clear refund policy.

In fact your risk = zero when you first obtain ITS and then do 10 simulated trades on the FTSE (without risking any real money).

You don't risk even $1 by purchasing ITS.

Greetings and good trading

Q: Hi Edmond,

Trading is a very complex subject driven by fear and greed, simulated trades never represent real life trading. There is the question of time frames and suiting ones own personal trading psychology, the subject is just vast and successful trading will not come per se by just buying a system from the shelf. It first need an examination of self followed by a search for what suits the trader.

I think what you should do is trade your own system and then post the slips.

I invite you to look at the site run by Vince Stanzione – just search for his name - he plasters his slips all over the place and result is he has made himself very wealthy firstly by trading and secondly by a steady stream of followers who are dedicated to learning the necessary skills required to succeed.


A: What you tell is true .......for normal trading.

But ITS is not about the classical way of trading.

It is completely mechanical. You could feed the rules to a computer and he would generate exactly the same trades.

No room for interpretation, no room for psychology, no room for a personal approach, no room for anything but a fixed set of rules to follow to the letter.

This is NOT normal trading.


Q: Edmond,
Having bought your RELAXED ROULETTE BETTING SYSTEM, which does good, I am very curious about your ITS (Intra Day System).

Two and a half years ago I started a course in foreign currency trading, and after two months, and four different courses costing almost US$4600.00, in various trainings, I invested US$10,000.00 with a brokerage firm called FXCM in New York. After one month, and having lost all, I invested a further US$2 000.00, also lost all. I was assured that the market would follow the rules of the indictors as I was taught, by all my "training officers", even well after 11 September 2003. I stupidly invested a further US$10,000.00, believing the worst was now over and change was imminent. I was wrong!

With all due respect, your ITS really seems to good to be insult meant.

A: I fully understand where you have been, because I have been there myself more than once.  In fact, that was the reason to develop my own systems.

Q: With my past terrible trading history, I have the following questions if you will kindly respond:

Q1.) What minimum bankroll will be needed, and currency of bankroll [so I could set a budget]?

A1.) Even $1,000 is enough to start.

Q2.) The brokerage firm you can recommend, will they except above minimum bankroll?

A2.) No.  Anything is OK.

Q3.) Is the free chart site sufficient for ITS?

A3.) More than sufficient.  The information you need is freely available all over the internet.

Q4.) Will the brokerage firm except my credit card for payments...South Africa is very strict with outward investments [high taxations]?

A4.) The accept debit cards or simple money transfer via your bank.

Q5.) What will my total minimum start-up costs be, to effectively start trading, in the currency as in Q1.) above, excluding cost of ITS system?

A5.) The only thing you need to start is a very modest trading capital (even $1000 is sufficient).  You already have a PC and internet access.  That is all you need besides this small capital and the broker I recommend.

Q6.) What commodity is traded [i.e. FSTE100/S&P500/foreign currency)?

A6.) You can trade any market and time frame and particularly the ones in the very first answer above (see list of Indexes, Stocks and Currencies). 

Expect exactly the same results for currencies as for all other items that ITS is concentrating on: 70 to 100% accuracy and total control over profit and loss without using any stop loss.

Q7.) What average daily time will I need to spend at my computer to trade?

A7.) Never more than one hour.

Q8.) At what time will I have to be at my computer daily, to envisage trading possibilities, [mornings/midday/evenings], your recommended times?

A8.) At the start of the trading period of that day and that market.

Q9.) What line feed speed is needed for my computer?

A9.) ADSL is ideal but not at all necessary.  A standard 56K modem is fine.

Q10.) What minimum hardware/software will my computer need to have?

A10.) A standard modest PC running Windows 95/98/ME/XP, anything that can surf on the internet and is windows compatible.

Q11.) I have CNBC & Bloomberg TV channels, can this be an added bonus to use in your ITS system?

A11.) You don't need them. You only need the internet.

Q: As stated above, I am very interested on purchasing this system if answers to above questions satisfy my obvious concerns (remember the saying, once bitten, twice shy).

A: ITS will be your best investment ever.  By purchasing ITS, you don't risk even $1 if you first trade "on paper", because you get a full refund without discussion as described in our refund policy below, if things do not work out as expected.

Q. How does the warranty work?
A. ITS comes with a clear and honest refund policy:
After buying this system, you take 10 following trades on the FTSE WITHOUT skipping one and STRICTLY following the rules explained in this course.
Q. What following ten trades, where do they come from?

A. As soon as you get ITS, you have to take the first 10 trades that ITS generates on the FTSE.  Following means 10 trades generated by ITS without skipping one.  You can take these trades of course only on paper and not with real money, so that you don't risk even $1 on testing ITS.

You use 30 as a standard value for buying a contract.
Q. What does this mean? 30 what?
A.  30 points.  A point can have the value you give to it.  For example: $1, $10, or $50.

You can for example buy 1 contract for 30 points X $10 = $300.  The only important thing when testing is the 30 points.

You follow the principle of always risking 10% of your total trading capital on each trade.
If – following these principles – you have an OVERALL loss over these 10 trades, you are refunded without discussion.

Q. Hi Edmond, I'm  from England and bought your TTS system. Am interested in your new method only because this method is TOTALLY non subjective. Everyone should come up with the same numbers unlike the TTS method where the bands may be different depending on which high/low points you pick. Is this correct? Can you play this method with options at all or is it spread betting? Don't like using no stop loss!! How far have you actually checked this method on the FTSE 100 and what if anything do you see as the potential weakness in the method. will it work on all types on market conditions or is it based on the volatility approach.   
Best wishes

A. ITS is specially developed for spread betting.  However, you can apply it also for options, futures and stocks as explained in the course.
If you use it for the special spread betting it is designed for, you don't need stops because you are absolutely protected and know in advance exactly how much you risk on a trade.
If you want to use it for options, you need indeed to use a stop. I'm using simply 50% stop loss when I trade options. 
I have thoroughly tested it on all indexes, individual stocks and commodities. The results are the same for all markets traded but you have a limited offering of markets with the special spread betting ITS is made for.
To conclude: consider ITS a trading system specially developed for spread betting but also giving excellent results for "normal" trading.

Q. So will it work for spreads like May corn /May soybeans
as well or similar? Do you need a bar chart with open , high, low close etc or will it work from closing prices alone.  What software did you use for back-testing your results and will i come up with exactly the same numbers as you. No SUBJECTIVITY!!

A. You need a complete bar graph: open, high, low, close.
I didn't even use any software for testing: I only used a bar graph of the FTSE on the internet.
You can use Yahoo or whatever. I used  This is a very good and easy to use Dutch website.  Following the rules of ITS test procedure, you'll come up with exactly the same results as I have. In fact you could feed the test procedure to a computer and it would make the same trades.

Q. What sort of drawdown is there with the method and will the results be similar if I just traded futures or individual stocks instead? Will the ratio be 70% wins using 30 point loss to 70 point win?

A. Drawdown per trade when using it for spread betting is fixed by yourself. For example 30 or 40 or 50.  When using it for normal trading, the drawdown depends on your stop loss and where you get out exactly (as a stop loss does not guarantee that you get out at the defined level).
So to come back to the spread betting: if you decide to risk 30 points on one trade, that's exactly what you'll lose when you have a bad trade. Because you have a better than 70% success rate and you risk only 10% on one trade, it's easy to see that a drawdown will barely exist at all.
Take care when using ITS on other trading instruments as spread betting, because you'll still have a better than 70% success rate, but you don't control as absolutely your profit/loss ratio.

Q. Is the profit ratio always 70 for a win? What I mean is on the 70% of winners will the profit target of 70 points always be hit. Do you always get out at the end of the day or can the trade last a few days?

A. Profit ratio depends on the maximum risk you take. If you take for example 30 points risk, your potential profit will be 70 points.  You always get out at the end of the day, at least for spread betting.

Q. It's OK to have a 70 point profit target but it may only be hit maybe 50% of the time.
You state that that your winners are over 70% and losers are 30%.
So if you have 70 winners at 70 units =4900 units and 30 losers at 30 units= 900.That leaves 4000 units profit.
Do you see what I'm getting at here? What is the actual unit win rate?

A. To resume it in another way: I meant that you make 70 points profit on all profitable trades (70% or more).  So indeed your calculation is right: if you profit only on 70% of your trades, your total profit will be (70 X 70 units) - (30 X 30 units) = 4000 units. Looks fantastic to me.
And please remember that 70% win rate is very conservative, as I had a 100% win rate on the FTSE!

Q. Hi Edmond

Do you play your Intraday system every day?
Is it your first income? Can one live from that activity?

A. Not each day, because ITS does not give a signal each day.

Sure, you can live from this system alone but then you need some good starting capital ($1000 is OK for a start).  Of course you can start small and first build up a trading capital, so that you'll trade afterwards only with money you earned by trading.  In that way you don't touch your own savings (always a wise thing to do: never trade with money you cannot afford to lose).



Click here to order.  Your investment will bring you a huge return.

NEW!  You can now pay with PayPal, which accepts any mode of payment.  Click on the appropriate button below to access PayPal payment:

click for email delivery

click for regular delivery


Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean,
Izak Matatya


ITS comes with a clear and honest refund policy:

After buying this system, starting one week after the day you receive the course, you take 10 following trades on the FTSE WITHOUT skipping one and STRICTLY following the rules explained in this course.

You use 30 as a standard value for buying a contract.

You follow the principle of always risking 10% of your total trading capital on each trade.

If – following these principles – you have an OVERALL loss over these 10 trades, you are refunded without discussion.


ITS - the Intraday Trade System by Edmond Petitjean, which has been in the market since October 27, 2003 has received numerous excellent comments on its outstanding performance from its purchasers.  It produces positive results like no other trade system in the market.  Here are some highlights from a very happy customer:

"I just finished testing ITS against the trades posted on the stock advisory  (Success Trading Group) ...that's the one that received praise by others in the first thread I began on titled “My first try at ITS on the FTSE100”.

I downloaded all the trades suggested for the past several years and backtested the last 5 months against ITS using the same stocks and dates they suggested...all their trades for the time frame of August 5, 2003 to January 5, 2004. The results were great for ITS !!!

1. They recommended 25 stock purchases during that 5 month time frame. ITS had 21 trades on or about the dates they recommended. ITS would have had many more trades for all the stocks recommended but I simply took the ITS recommended trade on or within a few days of their recommended trade. ITS had 19 wins and 2 losses ...

2. The  recommendations had no losses, but consider this...the total gains for the entire period were only 13.31 points and the average cost of the stocks was $34.44. Thus, if you had a $10,000 bankroll you would "roughly" have made (10,000 / 34.44) x 13.31 = $3859.90 not counting commissions. Not terrible, but not enough to live on.

3. If you had done the ITS trades on ONLY the days the advisory sent out notices (of course, ITS would have generated MANY more opportunities, using the same stocks and/or all other stocks, indexes, and any other liquid instrument for that matter) I figure you would have risked roughly 10% of your bankroll each wager and won roughly 9% for each win. Compounding it all you would come out with a final bankroll of $41,622 THAT'S something you could live on!

4. There's also the additional benefits of ITS in that each day with the trading advisory you would have had your entire funds tied up in 4-5 different stocks which you BOUGHT....if the market crashed...all the funds would melt away. This would not happen with ITS since it gives mixtures of BUY/SELL and you only risk 10% each day if you're conservative. Of course, you could have used an “options” method with the advisory which they suggest works well for undercapitalized would, of course, have made significantly less than the $3859.90 with the trading advisory. Oh, and ITS is perfect for undercapitalized many of us have $50,000-100,000 to tie up in stock investments?...probably not the majority of readers of this board.

5. Oh, and by the way, I think Success Trading Group will be taking a loss with Dell over the next few days. Their winning streak is still impressive, even though all the wins are VERY minimal and the capital risked and tied up is high. I wouldn’t want to have $50,000 or more tied up in stock I bought and then see the market plummet due to some future crash...I’m VERY risk adverse which is why ITS is perfect for me. The creator of ITS is also very risk adverse.

I submitted these results to Edmond (the creator if ITS) and he responded:
“It's indeed the total amount of hard dollars or euro's that you profit that counts: tying up huge amounts of money to get a small profit is not good money management.
You grasped the ideas behind my trading systems to their full extent.”

"Greetings Traders,

Here's my 4th post with the results from my 4th major test of ITS. Like I mentioned in my 3rd post on ITS, I have a program that searches over 10,000 American stocks based upon mathematical criteria I specify. I programmed in the ITS specs to search and my software returns possible BUY matches and SELL matches. In my test, I had to wait until the following day to see if the market indicated I should "pull the trigger" on each of the stocks based upon their current activity.

Each loss would be for about 1 unit, and each win would be for about .92-.94 units. Thus, a single loss does not negate 5-20 wins like in some systems...I'm afraid I can't go into greater detail without compromising Edmond's intellectual property. So, for each attack you would either win $94 or lose $ $940 or lose $ get the idea.

Of course, in the real world I would not have bought "everything" that finally met the criteria nor would I have sold "everything" that met the criteria. This test was just a re-verification to see if the success I've been experiencing would continue to hold true by simply looking at the "entire" American stock market and applying ITS to everything.

OK, on to today’s test:

I recently received an ad in the mail that promised to make me an unbeatable Stock market trader. The company's name was VectorVest ( ). The ad contained things like this:


Like the sea, the market's up and down movements appear to be random. But they are not. The market goes up and down in a distinct pattern of waves. This pattern is readily shown by our exclusive indicator, the VectorVest Composite. Think of the money you could make if you rode the up and down movements of the market over and over again. Herein lies the key to "Riding the Wave" with VectorVest. The price of the VectorVest Composite tells us when the market is going up, and when it is going down.

Do you know where the market is heading now?

Now You Can Time the Market With A System that Has Never Failed.

Being on the wrong side of the market is the worst thing that can happen to an investor. It doesn't have to happen to you.


Such a tempting ad !!!

The REALLY slick bit about VectorVest is that they combine fundamentals AND technicals and come up with a mathematical rating that gives an instantaneous analysis of Value, Safety, Timing, Price, Volume, Earnings, Growth Rates and many other critical parameters on over 7,600 Stocks, Industry Groups, and Business Sectors. All the math and fundamentals provide a "VST factor" and the higher the VST, the safer and more profitable the trade...or at least that's what they claim. It's quite easy to use, you just click a couple of buttons and you get a ranked list from best to good, the higher the VST - the safer and more profitable the I purchased the trial (only $9.95 to cover materials and shipping - they send you a lot of stuff - and costs $59/mo normally when you decide you want to continue to use the system) and ran it. I compared the results to the types of trades ITS would generate. Here's the results:

1-29-04 ...the top 37 suggested stocks for that day produced 7 winning trades and 26 losing trades...that's a 21% win rate. When I compared those 37 trades to ITS math, ITS would have produced of those 37 suggestions 7 possible trades - all of which would have won.

1-30-04 ...the top 40 suggested stocks for that day produced 17 winning trades and 19 losing trades...that's a 47% win rate. When I compared those 40 trades to ITS math, ITS would have produced of those 40 suggestions 2 possible trades - both of which would have won.

AND, in case your curious what how ITS would have done with the "global" search of ALL American stocks for those two days (like in my 3rd post):
1-29-04 ...A total of 66 trades were generated, 54 winners, for a 81.8% win rate
1-30-04 ...A total of 42 trades were generated, 35 winners, for an 83.3% win rate

Hmmm, to what unlucky firm shall I bring the burning light of ITS in my next installment (my 5th test) to dispel the darkness and illusion?

Happy Trading,

Greetings Traders (and Gamblers),

It's been a little while since my last post (ITS Post 4 - VectorVest) ...I've been wrapped up in an extensive test of ITS in the world of American Stock Options. When I was using ITS previously against the selections of various Stock Advisory services I began to notice a peculiar pattern. When ITS was used in conjunction with the indicators taught in TTS the most amazing thing became a system I now think of as "The Amazing Turning Point Locator".

About 5 years ago I searched and searched for the Holy Grail of systems that would identify in advance Tops, Bottoms, and Turning Points. I found several promising (and expensive) systems that looked promising but never performed as promised or expected. Turning points would be inaccurate by days and days...predicted Tops and Bottoms would be blown away by continued was most frustrating. But as I began my most extensive test yet with ITS I became amazed at how it finds turning does this better than ANY system I've ever tried and I've tried a great number of "magical" systems that ALWAYS lost their "aura of magic" when finally put to the test. In all the tests that I summarize below, over 75 percent of the trades I placed turned out to be turning points. I was so amazed at first...then as I flipped between the charts of the various stocks I no longer had to scan for the day being eye would just automatically go to the turning point in the general area of the date range in question and, sure enough, the day of the turning point would usually wind up being the day I was analyzing.

Oh well, enough about the incredible phenomenon of locating turning points... let's look at some numbers. Let me begin by explaining the parameters of this test.
I found every US Stock that offers options and met the ITS criteria as well as the TTS "indicators". After each End-of-Day, I'd have a list of possible Stock Options to buy and possible Stock Options to sell. After trading began the following day, if the ITS intra-day criteria were met I'd initiate a trade with a corresponding instruction to close the trade if certain profit levels were reached ... if the profit levels were not reached, then the trade would be closed at the end of the trading day. I decided to make the test much more pessimistic for failures and penalized the system severely for a "loss" versus a "win". In real life, the loss would not be as severe, but I decided to really "stress test" the system. Therefore, the stress I induced was as follows ... a loss would be recorded as .75 units and a win would be recorded as .50 units. Thus, if you invest on one trade $100.00 and lost, you would lose $75. If you invest $100.00 and win, you would win $50.00. For you folks not familiar with trading, a loss does not result in losing the entire amount invested ...when you offset your trade to close, you'll recover a certain smaller amount of the originally invested monies.

At the end of my test I didn't even bother calculating the total number of units won...the positive figure would seem ludicrously optimistic...but it's undeniably real. I'll list now the trades I did for the End-of-Day results for all trading days beginning January 5, 2004 through February 5, 2004. I'll list each day traded with the initial buy and sell possibilities. Once again, a trade on the initial buy and sell possibilities only took place if the price of the stock broke through certain barriers. If the price broke the barrier then the trade was placed. If the price did not break the barrier then the trade was not placed.

Feb 5 - 43 potential buys, 5 potential sells. 1 lost, 32 won for a 96.97% win rate
Feb 4 - 32 potential buys, 6 potential sells, 3 lost, 16 won for an 84.21% win rate
Feb 3 - 39 potential buys, 19 potential sells, 0 lost, 17 won for a 100.00% win rate
Feb 2 - 43 potential buys, 6 potential sells, 2 lost, 17 won for an 88.89% win rate
Jan 30 - 66 potential buys, 5 potential sells, 4 lost, 35 won for a 90.00% win rate
Jan 29 - 94 potential buys, 1 potential sell, 8 lost, 23 won for a 74.19% win rate
Jan 28 - 4 potential buys, 35 potential sells, 0 lost, 17 won for a 100.00% win rate
Jan 27 - 5 potential buys, 33 potential sells, 1 lost, 23 won for a 95.83% win rate
Jan 26 - 42 potential buys, 4 potential sells, 0 lost, 15 won for a 100.0% win rate
Jan 23 - 10 potential buys, 34 potential sells, 4 lost, 17 won for an 80.95% win rate
Jan 22 - 3 potential buys, 67 potential sells, 2 lost, 29 won for a 93.55% win rate
Jan 21 - 16 potential buys, 15 potential sells, 1 lost, 12 won for a 92.31% win rate
Jan 20 - 7 potential buys, 29 potential sells, 0 lost, 14 won for a 100.00% win rate
Jan 16 - 9 potential buys, 43 potential sells, 2 lost, 19 won for a 90.48% win rate
Jan 15 - 21 potential buys, 24 potential sells, 1 lost, 14 won for a 93.33% win rate
Jan 14 - 16 potential buys, 19 potential sells, 2 lost, 13 won for an 86.67% win rate
Jan 13 - 30 potential buys, 30 potential sells, 3 lost, 16 won for an 84.21% win rate
Jan 12 - 18 potential buys, 18 potential sells, 1 lost, 17 won for a 94.44% win rate
Jan 9 - 7 potential buys, 67 potential sells, 4 lost, 4 won for a 50% win rate (there would have been a very slight loss this day after commissions)
Jan 8 - 11 potential buys, 55 potential sells, 3 lost, 17 won for an 85.00% win rate
Jan 7 - 19 potential buys, 31 potential sells, 0 lost, 7 won for a 100.00% win rate
Jan 6 - 9 potential buys, 30 potential sells, 2 lost, 8 won for an 80.00% win rate
Jan 5 - 7 potential buys, 12 potential sells, 1 lost, 4 won for an 80.00% win rate

A quick summary reveals for the month:
45 trades lost, 386 trades won for an 89.56% win rate

As you can see, it would be ridiculous to talk about "number of units won", not to mention "maximum draw down"...can you see any draw down? No, I thought not...

And as I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't often check back to this forum to following the different threads. I do, however, welcome any questions you may have and will do my best to answer them honestly and completely. Please email me at ...I will always respond promptly and courteously...and no questions are stupid questions !

Oh, and if you're wondering what test I'll do next I'll tell you. I'm going to examine to see how well I can automate the order process by doing their excellent online paper trade system. If that goes well then I'll send $15,000 their way and "really get cracking'" as we "yanks" say. Then I'll turn my eye to doing the same type of things with UK Stocks and US commodities...I think I'll pass on Forex...too complicated and risky for my taste.


Thank you Jeffrey for your valuable input and congratulations to Edmond for his outstanding system. 

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Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean,
Izak Matatya


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