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Blackjack Pro Software

The Best Basic System for Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and BlackJack

Winning Parlays for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette and BlackJack


Singles System for Even Bets - NEW! - profits on all singles

1-2-3 System for Even Bets - logical and very profitable

EBBS - Even Bet Bias System - wins three time more

Pendulum System - the strongest flat bet advantage ever

Gambler's Dream - generates as many units as placed bets!

Elegant System - (beats all even games with a maxbet of 9 units only)

Triangle System - (tremendous low budget system generating high wins)

SOWS -  (will ensure you stay on the winning side at all times)

SC System - (the most creative system)

Concept 4 - (The most sophisticated gambling system)

MCS - Mild Cancellation System (The system that wins with small bets)

SLDW - Single Loss Double Win - (a most efficient and profitable system)

IBS11 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 11 - (The most powerful gambling system ever)

3SB - 3 Stage Betting - (The most consistently profitable system)

IHG - Izak's Holy Grail
(the system that has generated 3000 units profit on a yearly basis for 12 years)

TS- Trigger System  
(a most profitable system)

DAS - Disparity Advantage System

RAD - Repeat Alternations Dominance System

WTP2 - Well Tempered Progression Version 2

WTP - Well Tempered Progression

IBS10 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 10.0

IBS9 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 9.0


Wave System for Even Bets

2-Chop System

IBS8 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 8.0

IBS7 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 7.0

IBS5 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 5.0

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Repeating Numbers Version 2.0

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30,000 Roulette Dozens by Perry B

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FRS - Favorite Roulette System (Roulette contest winner!)

Rose Garden

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Flat Bet Mini Play
Baccarat System

by Izak Matatya

"The new dynamic Baccarat system
for hours of fun and profit"

A few months ago, a customer of mine has sent me a Baccarat system that he has developed.  He and his sister have been playing it for a few years and had a lot of success with it.  They asked me to take a look at it and tell them what I think of it. 

I studied the system, analyzed it, tested it for a few thousands of shoes and the results I have obtained were amazing.   At every session playing a few shoes, one would be able to quit with at least 10 unit profit.

One thing bothered me, though, in the system, that required the player to bet every other bet.  Using the same features of the system, I was able to modify it in such a way that enabled the player to place a bet on every single bet of the shoe and get the same results, with the exception that the profits were made twice as fast.

And this is the way Flat Bet Mini Play - Baccarat system was born.  Every since, I have been using it at the casino and on-line play with a lot of success.  Using black chips only, 10 units a day would profit you $1000 a day.  And this is within 4-5 shoes or about 300 bets maximum. 

Since all that the system uses is flat bets, you can play it with the table's minimum if you like, play it at mini-baccarat or the regular one, it makes no difference.  Just use the unit amount that you allow yourself.  Or start using it with the table minimum and gradually increase the unit value, as you gain more and more confidence with the system.  And again, there is not one single progression in the method.  You always bet the same amount from bet to bet.

There is absolutely no need for tracking nor waiting.  You start playing the moment you sit down at the Baccarat table and play every single bet.  You can go on playing for as long as you wish.   Of course, according to its money management, a profit and loss limit need to be established.  The ones I recommend are a 10 unit profit limit and a 20 unit loss limit.  Those limits have enabled me to play for months now and never lose a substantial amount and never lose my bankroll.

A 100 unit bankroll is more than enough.  You can simply divide this bankroll into 5 sessions of 20 units.   You play until you are either up by 10 units or down by 20, whichever comes first.   Yes, the number of winning sessions outnumbers the losing ones by an average factor of 5 to 1.  This is determined by the results of simulations based on hundreds and thousands of bets. 

The method is very smart.   It takes advantage of the unavoidable streaks and chops that occur in a Baccarat shoe.  Moreover it handles any most frequently occurring patterns.  

Despite its smartness, the method has maintained its simplicity.  The rules are very specific.  Two or more people applying the method, would place bets at exactly the same place, which makes the system totally mechanical.  There is absolutely no guessing about what pattern to apply or how to place your bet.  Two people following the exact rules and instructions would get the identical results, of course, if they use the same bet unit.   That is why you should not play the method if someone else is using Flat Bet Mini Play at the same table, as this will be detected by the pit boss.

The system is only $60 delivered to you by email and $65 delivered by first class mail, and you can cover its cost within 1 hour of play using $25 chips.  The price includes my continuous and unlimited support, either by email or phone.  You can reach me by email at

The system comes with 5 pages of explanation text and a 500 bet simulation that shows you the typical results you get when you apply Flat Bet Mini Play.  The simulation will also help you to get a full understanding of the method by studying every line that represents a bet, showing you how you determine your next bet, if you win or lose and the amount of your net profit, taking into consideration commissions paid to Banker bet winnings.

Conditions of money back guarantee are simple.  You can return the system within 30 days of your purchase should you lose 5 consecutive sessions of 20 units and I will refund your purchase, when you provide a record of your results.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online. 

Thank you,

Izak Matatya

The system is just being released and there is already a great deal of interest.  Here are a few Questions and Answers on the system:

Question:  Hi,  I just read your E-mail concerning a baccarat system which you are planning to unveil and which will take advantage of streak and chop patterns.

I have been using a self devised system for the past six months which also utilizes streaks, chops, and super chops.  I came up with this system after reviewing over a year's worth of baccarat sheets from shoes which I actually played.  So far, the results have been good, although not fantastic.  My nightmare shoes are the ones that have a significant number of "a streak of two" and then switch or a chop of "one" and then switch.  Since I use flat bets only, these nightmare shoes become very costly.

Will your system be able to overcome these "non streak" and "non chop" patterns and still be able to take advantage of the long streaks and long chops?

Answer: Thank you for your interest in the new Baccarat system (Flat Bet Mini Play).  Additional to chops and streaks it does handle a couple of more patterns, particularly the streaks of two very well.  It's not a full pattern detection system, as this would become an extremely complex system and hard to apply, not to mention the amount of guessing that it would require.  There is an uncountable number of patterns one can detect.  FBMP handles the most frequently occurring patterns and that's why it's optimized in its simplicity. 

Question: Does your system require the notation of the winning totals of the hands?  Example: Bank 8, Player 6?

Answer: You don't need to note the winning hands of Player or Banker.  You need to know what is your net profit though, so you can leave the shoe or the table when you are 10 units ahead.

Question: Does your system require that the shoe be played from the beginning?

Answer: You don't have to play the shoe from the beginning.  You can join the game at any time at any stage and quit after a few shoes, as long as you are 10 units ahead.

Question: What is the maximum approximation of units one can expect to win or lose per shoe?

Answer: Per shoe, you can win 5 units.  But I define a session being as many bets as required to reach your goal of 10 units profit.  It could happen within 1 shoe or multiple shoes.

Here are more Q and A's added after one week of the system launch:

Q. How would your system perform against Zumma Baccarat tester? If your
system has not been tested using Zumma - why not, since this appears to be
the standard with most knowledgeable Baccarat players?

A. I have tested the system against the Zumma book "72 Days at the
Baccarat Table" by Erick St. Germain, but not for all the 600 shoes. After
about 50 pages, I was getting very similar results to the ones I have
established at the end of the 100,000 simulated bets.

Q. Does the system somehow overcome the house advantage of about 1.15%? If
so please provide rationale. If not, how can the system be a long term

A. With the strong bet selections that are implemented in the system, you
win more than you lose. Since you are betting flat bets only, this turns
the advantage towards the player.

Q. In your newsletter, you stated that you tested the system for " few thousand shoes". How many thousand and was this all computer simulation? How
extensive have you played in casino environment? What were your results?

A. 100,000 bets would make 1,428 shoes. Those were the computer simulated
shoes. But the simulation provides the true odds of Baccarat, that is within 100,000 decisions, 44,620 of them are Player decisions, 45,860 are Banker decisions and 9,520 are Tie decisions. Those are statistical averages of course.

In live play I have used Flat Bet Min Play since November 2001.  The results were as the simulation showed. I have quit when I was 10 units ahead and left when I was 20 units down. The 20 unit loss session occurred in an average of once every 5 sessions.

Q. In all your testing/playing, what was your worst scenario?

A. Within the simulation, if one would not limit the loss to 20 units, it can drawdown to 70-80 units.

Q. A 5 to 1 factor sounds great but is precariously close to a 5 to 2 situation, which of course would place you in a substantial loss position (-10 units ). My point is that this system appears to be very risky. With only two consecutive losses, you need four consecutive wins to just break even.  Am I missing something Izak. Please explain.

A. We are not talking consecutive bets or decisions but consecutive sessions.
I define a session the number of shoes, that takes one to reach one's profit
goal of 10 units or a loss of 20 units. This can take 1 or multiple shoes.

Q.  Is this system really a LONG term winner? This is somewhat redundant
but extremely important, so please give it your best shot.

A. If you are winning 4 sessions of 10 units versus losing 1 of 20, every 5
sessions you are ahead by 40-20=20 units in average in a periodic manner.

Q. If you ignored the profit/loss goals and just played every decision for thousands of shoes, would the system win more decisions than it loses, i.e. is it the money management that makes the system a winner? Also is the bet selection unique or one that's been around awhile, such as bet the same as before last decision, etc.

A. If you keep playing continuous decisions, the system will win more than it loses, but will also break even at some points fluctuating around some pivot points. Overall profit will be slower without the money management.  Money management makes the profits surer, as you are certain to reach cumulative multiple10 units at different points, that establish your quitting points.

Q. In order to realistically average 4 winning sessions for every 1 loss, how many total sessions would one have to play if one's luck was only fair?

A. This ratio was established according to statistics. If initial luck is only fair, within 200-300 bets one should average this ratio.

Q.  In your worst scenario, how many consecutive sessions of -20 units did
you experience? Is flat bet mini play your best baccarat system?

A. I have never experienced more than 3 consecutive 20 unit lost sessions. Between Progressive Baccarat and Flat Bet Mini Play, that are 2 systems designed specifically for Baccarat, FBMP is considerably better and safer for the bankroll because it uses flat bets, although PB provides high profits.

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online. 

Thank you,

Izak Matatya

Unsolicited Testimonials on FBMP's Performance

"I don't want to get too excited too quickly, but this is the best system I have yet seen.   Holds up very well flat betting only in Baccarat in the tester book.  Also, please check it out for craps!  Substitute Don't Pass for Bank and Pass for Player and it performs equally well.  Don't Pass 12 takes the place of the commission in Baccarat.  Using Mickelson's tester for craps, the system is getting the same if not better results than in Baccarat.  Remember, the chop pattern is the predominant pattern in craps.  This can be verified in the Mickelson and Zumma testers.  I will report back later.  Going to the casino now.  No way to get hurt doing this, that is for sure."

"tested pages 61 through 62 in Mickelson (craps) and Shoe No. 359 in the Zumma tester (baccarat). again, I start anew at the top of each page/shoe and bet on paper until I see a win, then play the system flat betting with no stops until the end of the page/shoe. picked these pages totally at random.

here were the results:

Page 61: 1 unit
Page 62: 8 units
Shoe 359: 5 units.

this is a winner. this represents another 5 hours of play at the craps table on these two pages. you MUST test this for craps as well as baccarat. will report again tomorrow."

"I tested Flat Bet Mini Play on pages 8-9 and 20-21 of Mickelson this morning. I picked the pages totally at random and played them blind (not looking ahead at the next decision). I played "paper bets" until I got my first win for each page, then started counting the bets as if in the casino. I strongly recommend this approach to starting the betting, ie, don't bet for real until you see your first win. The results were as follows:

page 8 : 1 unit
page 9: 11 units
page 20: 3 units
page 21: 26 units

Total: 41 units. This would represent approximately 8 to 9 hours at the table.

Unreal for a flat betting system.

see for yourself."

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online. 

Thank you,

Izak Matatya

Click here to see FBMP System Test Results

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