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RPTS -  Reaction Point Trading Service - NEW - with the best Forex method

QRTS - The Quiet Road to Trading Success

INTS - Integrated Trade System - Adapted to all markets

SPTS - Signals for Program Trading Service


Blackjack Pro Software

The Best Basic System for Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and BlackJack

Winning Parlays for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette and BlackJack


Inertia System - NEW - most logical system

March 2020 system - will generate 20 units in 20 steps

Three Template Systems for Even Bets - a system with the best flat bet advantage

Grid 3 System for Even Bets

Block 8 System for Even Bets

Difference System for Even Bets - the system that makes a difference

Singles System for Even Bets - profits on all singles

1-2-3 System for Even Bets - logical and very profitable

EBBS - Even Bet Bias System - wins three time more

Pendulum System - the strongest flat bet advantage ever

Gambler's Dream - generates as many units as placed bets!

Elegant System - (beats all even games with a maxbet of 9 units only)

Triangle System - (tremendous low budget system generating high wins)

SOWS -  (will ensure you stay on the winning side at all times)

SC System - (the most creative system)

Concept 4 - (The most sophisticated gambling system)

MCS - Mild Cancellation System (The system that wins with small bets)

SLDW - Single Loss Double Win - (a most efficient and profitable system)

IBS11 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 11 - (The most powerful gambling system ever)

3SB - 3 Stage Betting - (The most consistently profitable system)

IHG - Izak's Holy Grail
(the system that has generated 3000 units profit on a yearly basis for 12 years)

TS- Trigger System  
(a most profitable system)

DAS - Disparity Advantage System

RAD - Repeat Alternations Dominance System

WTP2 - Well Tempered Progression Version 2

WTP - Well Tempered Progression

IBS10 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 10.0

IBS9 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 9.0


Wave System for Even Bets

2-Chop System

IBS8 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 8.0

IBS7 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 7.0

IBS5 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 5.0

IBS4 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 4.0

FPP-Hybrid System for All Even Bets

Cluster System for All Even Bets

Ultimate System for All Even Bets

F4 for All Even Bets

IBS2 for Even Bets - (the system with the best performance rate)

DB RB System for All Even Bets

Ideal System for All Even Bets


SWiT - Simple Winnings in Tennis by ProBettor - NEW!

The Matrix Sports Betting System by Izak Matatya

Aikido - Sports Betting Day Trading System


14 Months at the Sic-Bo Table by PerryB - NEW!


SRDDW - Single Repeat Dozen Double Win Roulette System - NEW!

MPRS - Multiple Parlay Roulette System

PCR - Particular Case Roulette System

Infallible Roulette System

IRS3 - Impeccable Roulette System

DBPR - Dozen Betting Power Roulette System

RSS -Repeating Single Streets Roulette System

Repeating Numbers Version 2.0

Roulette Chunks

FBSD - Flat Bet Single Dozen Roulette System

30,000 Roulette Dozens by Perry B

3D-RB 3 Dozens - Relative Betting Roulette System

DS4-5 Roulette Systems

WRS - 6 Window Roulette Systems

FRS - Favorite Roulette System (Roulette contest winner!)

Rose Garden

Pattern 12

Wave System for Even Bets

2-Chop System

Awakening Numbers Roulette System

FBRN - Flat Bet Repeating Numbers Roulette System

Hot List Roulette System


No Tension Roulette

Ruleta Sin Tensiones (No Tension Roulette in Spanish)

No Tension Roulette in Chinese

Repeating Numbers Roulette

REWARD Roulette System

Sparkling Dozens Roulette

Triple Bonus Roulette

Magic Five for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette Using Flat Bets only

Repeating Patterns Roulette System

Izak's Online Roulette

Peak Profit Roulette

Dazzling Dozens Roulette

Superior Roulette System

Winning Parlays for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette and BlackJack

The Best Basic System for Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and BlackJack

7 Best Bets In Roulette

35 to 1 Roulette System

Straight Up Roulette

Profit by the Hour Roulette

Essential Systems

3 Free Systems

Roulette Trend Analyzer

Roulette Pro Software


System 101 -  NEW! - the most thorough Baccarat system ever - generates 8300 units betting flat and with commissions!

SEBS - Strong and Efficient Baccarat System - (the most profitable system - closes every run!)

The Five-Three Baccarat system - (the simplest system that comes nearest to perfection)

Panda Betting EZ Baccarat System - (steady rising profits)

Dragon Betting Baccarat System - (wins forever)

CYL2 (Catch you Later) Baccarat System Version 2

CYL (Catch you Later) Baccarat System

IBS7 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 7.0

IBS6 - the Infallible Baccarat System Version 6.0

BB - Banker Baccarat System

SBSMP - Simple Baccarat System with the Mildest Progression

IBS3 - the Infallible Baccarat System - Version 3.0

Infallible Baccarat System

KISS - Baccarat System

Flat Bet Mini Play - Baccarat System

SFBBS - Secret Flat Bet Baccarat System

Progressive Baccarat

Magic Five for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette Using Flat Bets only

Winning Parlays for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette and BlackJack

The Best Basic System for Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and BlackJack


Wave System for Even Bets

2-Chop System


Winning at Craps by PerryB

DC-7 - The Incredible Craps System

The Zone Craps System

Magic Five for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette Using Flat Bets only

Winning Parlays for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette and BlackJack

The Best Basic System for Craps, Baccarat, Roulette and BlackJack


Wave System for Even Bets

2-Chop System


Playing Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun

WinPoker - Video Poker Software

Risk Less, Play Smarter Video Poker


47 Ways to Beat the Slots

Slots - Playing for Playing Money


Secrets of Playing and Winning Keno


On-Line Cash

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Lucky Nugget - Where anyone can strike gold

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"Thank you for the excellent systems and your prompt response. Because of this I am ordering two more systems."

P.J. Devine

The Systems Gallery

A good system is guaranteed
to increase your chances of winning!

Here is information that is as important to the casino gambler as education and knowledge is to a physician or a lawyer. You must know how to handle the gaming scene if you want to be a successful gambler.

It takes more than luck to be a consistent winner in the casino. Luck helps but it can be mighty fickle, especially when you need it most. Study for your success. You need to make the correct bet selections and use proper money management strategies. Not everyone will take the time to learn how to win. If you are a casino player with a strong determination to win then you've found what you've been searching for. ACT NOW!

If you toss a coin 200 times you can expect a series of six or more successive heads or tails at least twice, five or more at least six times, four or more 12 times, three or more 28 times and two or more 66 times. These figures are based on the laws of probability. Latching on and cashing in on these repeat sequences is the basis of virtually all system play.

Many gambling writers will tell you there is no such thing as a winning system. Yet there are individuals who make a living at gambling, and they all use systems! The assertion that in the long-run no system can ever overcome the casino advantage, is correct only of we interpret "long-run" as infinite. However, if "long-run" means an endless series of short runs, then the premise is false.

In the short run, the player with a good system can often swing the odds or percentages over to his side, regardless of the mathematical house advantage. The serious player should learn several systems. Why? Because patterns of decisions may remain steady for awhile, then change continuously. By combining two systems that offset each other one can, at the very least, slow the rate of loss, thus being able to stay in the game until ones luck turns.

All the systems offered in these pages have real merit. None are represented as being infallible. The characteristics of a good system are that it makes allowances for occasional losses, but will show a net gain over a reasonable period of time.

As stated earlier, not everyone will take the time to learn how to win. If you are a casino player with a strong determination to become a casino winner, then you've found what you've been searching for. ACT TODAY AND START WINNING TOMORROW!

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Systems Sorted by Category

Roulette Systems

Inside Numbers

The above systems make use of the law of the third and bet on inside numbers  only, the last one (FBRN) using flat bets only.

WRS is an excellent collection of 6 new great roulette systems based on inside numbers using a relatively small bankroll to make big profits using mostly flat bets.

Single Dozens

The above systems bet on one dozen or column at a time with different bet selections and proper entry and exit points.

Single Dozens systems are very appealing as they pay 2:1 on every win.

Double Dozens

The above systems bet on 2 dozens or columns simultaneously with special betting selection, criteria and proper interruptions that make you win on the long run.

PCR - Particular Roulette System - is a brand new system, that discovers very particular cases for roulette to beat the game on the long run with a low bankroll

Infallible Roulette System - one of the most perfect systems, that wins every single run of all 15,000 Zumma tester book spins with a low bankroll

FRS - my Favorite Roulette system enables you to win 63% of all your bets, where all you need to win is 1 more than 50%.

Online Roulette has an algorithm to detect on-line casinos' fairness of games and has 2 excellent systems for double dozens and a combination of double and single dozens.

Single Dozens and Double Dozens

The above system bets on either 1 or 2 dozens or columns simultaneously with various betting selections, producing lots of winning streaks.

Triple Dozens

This is a very powerful system generating over 6000 units for 15,000 spins of the Zumma tester book playing on all 3 dozens at the same time

This is a special system that simulates betting on all 3 dozens at the same time, gaining you 3 units per spin in average.  This enables you to place 1 unit on each zero at every spin.  So while you make 1 unit profit per spin in average, every appearance of a zero adds 35 units to your bankroll!.

This is a new system using very powerful concepts on how to capitalize on dominant single dozens while avoiding to play on non-appearing dozens with an up as you win strategy.  +100 unit winning sessions are abundant.

Single Streets

By far the most profitable system designed for single streets in Roulette.

Double Streets

A great collection of 3 solid roulette systems based on double streets covering 6 numbers with a consistent win/loss ratio.  Two thirds of all played sessions are ended at +16 units, where one third is left at -22 units, providing long run profits.

Even Bets and Dozens

A multiple parlay system on different areas of roulette with the lowest risk ever, betting 1 single chip and watching it multiply on the table without pressing your bets.

Craps Systems

Winning at Craps by PerryB is a great collection of betting strategies for Craps from a 30 year plus experienced pro.

DC-7 stands for Don't Come and 7 out.  When your chip gets to the Don't Come box with no risk, the odds of getting a 7 out versus any other roll are with you.

Zone Craps - a different way for winning in Craps.

Baccarat Systems

System 101 - is the most thorough Baccarat system with max bet of 10 units generates over 8200 units in Baccarat with commissions betting flat.

SEBS - Strong and Efficient Baccarat system is the most profitable system using bets not exceeding 10 units.

Five-Three Baccarat system is the simplest system that comes the nearest to perfection.

Panda Betting EZ Baccarat system provides steadily increasing profits indefinitely.

Dragon Betting Baccarat System is the most consistently profitable system that you will ever acquire for 10 units per shoe in average.

CYL2 (Catch you Later) Baccarat System Version 2 is the only system that beats 1000 Baccarat shoes with a maximum bet of 2 units tops and a lifetime bankroll of 40 units only.

CYL (Catch you Later) Baccarat System is one of the most powerful systems ever designed with the greatest simplicity.  Beats tester books with 11,011 units for 600 shoes.

IBS7 - the Infallible Baccarat System Version 7.0 is the most perfect system to beat Baccarat on the long run, as well as all even bet games winning every single run of all tester books with a low bankroll

IBS6 - the Infallible Baccarat System Version 6.0 is the most powerful gambling system in the market to beat Baccarat and this is accomplished with great ease, simplicity and elegance.

BB - Banker Baccarat System is an excellent system, that beats the casino on the long run, by betting Banker only and winning as many whole units as the difference between Banker and Player decisions.

SBSMP - Simple Baccarat System with the Mildest Progression has the perfect bet selection for Baccarat and a progression that never exceeds 5 units - a consistent winner.

IBS3 - The Infallible Baccarat system Version 3.0  is the perfect system you're looking for.  It has absolutely no losing runs and wins every shoe and generates 14,160 units for 1600 Zumma shoes, the renown tester book, averaging 8.85 units per shoe very consistently.

IBS - The Infallible Baccarat system is the closest you can ever get to a perfect system.  It beats all tester books and wins 15 units per shoe as consistently as possible.  It's the most praised of all systems in the market.

SFBBS - The Secret Flat Bet Baccarat System is the only system, which beats the entire Zumma tester book with flat bets and without needing more than 1 unit.

Flat Bet Mini Play or FBMP wins 53% of all shoes in average using flat bets only.

KISS wins an average of 50% of all shoes at +12 units and 50% at -6 units quitting points, thus making you a long run winner.

Progressive Baccarat uses a modified d'Alembert method and comes with a free trial simulator.

Sic Bo Systems

  • 14 Months at the Sic-Bo Table - designed for the 3 dice game for the Small and Big even money paying bets, with low risk methods applicable to Roulette, Craps and Baccarat, winning 51% with flat bets.

Even Bet Systems
that can be applied to Craps, Baccarat, Roulette. Blackjack and Sic-Bo

Slot Machine Systems

Video Poker Systems

Keno Systems

Special Systems, Trade Systems, Services and Courses

This is what my friend Bo has to say about systems, who uses nothing but systems in order to win:

"The truth is that all successful players use systems of some kind. Neophytes just bet randomly and quickly lose their stakes. I took a group of friends on a gambling trip recently. Several had never gambled (they had brought about $1000 each to play with) and I told them I could tell them some simple systems, but they just said they just wanted to have fun and didn't want any help. On the end of the first day, when they each had about $100 left, I took them to the coffee shop, and over a sandwich and a few cups of coffee, I showed them how to play with a few simple bet selection methods and mild progressions with stop limits (had to be small limits because they didn't have much). I explained that they might win with these, but for the future to please know that they can also fail and you might have bad luck and they might possibly fail several times repeatedly, so remember that you always need to have stop limits (and never bring or use more than you can afford to lose). Well, they played happily for the next two days.. up, down, etc. When we left... one had about $30 left and the other was up (from that $100 about $60) but they had enjoyed themselves playing games for two whole days.

Last week I called them, just to say hello, and they told me how much they appreciated those systems I gave them. Just out of curiosity, I said... "How much would those have been worth to have paid for them, even knowing that on certain occasions you might not be as lucky with them?" They said, "Oh, several hundred dollars or more." I said, "I know... they do have value. Gambling without systems simply isn't fun. That is why all regular gamblers use them." So, providing systems (with appropriate caveats) is a worthy enterprise because they are certainly essential for people to learn how to enjoy the casinos to the fullest. "

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