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"a system that makes a difference"

Difference System for Even Bets

by Izak Matatya

"most logical and consistent system"

I'm proud to present you my new system:  Difference System for Even Bets.  This is a system that really makes a difference.

As the name implies, this system makes the best use of the differential betting concept.

Differential betting consists of betting on both sides of an even bet with the difference of the bets.

If you are playing roulette, for instance, and placing bets on Reds and Blacks, if the Red side requires the betting of say 8 units and the Black side requires the betting of say 6 units, one would bet the difference of 2 units on the side that takes the highest bet, Red in our case.  So, one would be betting 2 units on Red only without placing any bets on Black. This way, if the bet should lose on a zero, one would lose only 2 units instead of 6 + 8 = 14 units.

The outcome of placing 8 units on Red and 6 units on Black is identical if one would place 2 units on Red only.
If Red wins, one would cash 8 units on Red and lose 6 units on Black, thus gaining 2 units. If Black wins, one would lose 8 units on Red and would win 6 units on Black, which would make one lose 2 units overall. Totally the same as betting only 2 units on Red, the difference of the two bets.

The same goes for Baccarat, such as placing 8 units on Banker and 6 units on Player, which is equivalent of placing 2 units on Banker only. The additional advantage is that should Banker win, one would play less commission on a 2-unit bet, than on an 8-unit bet. And in the case of EZ or Dragon Baccarat, if a Dragon comes, the 2 units are returned to the player, as one would have no bets on the Player side. If a Panda comes, then the loss again is only 2 units.

This system deploys differential betting fully and not only in order to take advantage of the above features, but also makes best use of differential betting giving a great edge to the player.

We have seen many times, where one uses differential betting and a steep progression on both sides. If the winning side remains at 1 unit because of consecutive wins and the losing side keeps progressing, then the differential betting results in betting on the losing side more and more with a difference of 1 unit only. This really doesn’t make good use of the differential betting concept.

After many extensive tests and numerous variations, I finally optimized the best use of differential betting.  The final product is a very easy to use and most logical system designed to win consistently.

You will see that you will have four different modes of using the system. 

The first mode is for EZ or Dragon Baccarat, where there are no commissions on Banker wins.  This mode generates +4,685 units with a maximum bet not exceeding 43 units for a sample of 500 shoes from the Zumma tester book.

Here's its performance chart:

Nicely, steadily and consistently increasing profits, showing the ultimate consistency of the system.

In the second mode, we apply 5% commissions on Banker wins to the above and the results are still very profitable, as we can see in the performance chart below:

3000 units are generated with a maximum bet not exceeding 58 units.

For the ones who find the maximum betting of 40-50 units too high, the Difference system has also a flat bet version, that also works very well, which is the third mode.

With as little as 10 units drawdown overall, here's the way it performs:

Also steadily increasing profits.  

Flat betting, of course, decreases the amount of profits overall, but it will also decrease the amount of risk tremendously. You will need to decide if you are willing to place 30-40-unit bets at $25 a bet or just 1-unit bets at much higher denomination, up to close to the table’s maximum.

In fact, this mode generates 474 units for those 500 shoes with a maximum bet of 1 unit and an overall drawdown of 10 unit only.

And finally the fourth mode is, you must have guessed, flat bet mode taking commissions into account. 

Here's the way it performs:


The 100 unit target is reached several times.

From those four modes, you will chose the one or ones that best suit your style and budget.  Profits are guaranteed in either mode. 

Each mode above has a separate simulation and will be included in the package you purchase.  The simulations are parametric, where you can experiment with different values such as win targets for runs.  You will see that the optimized win targets are between 7 and 10. 

You will be able to obtain your 10 unit win target within a shoe, as the first mode shows close to 5000 units for 500 shoes, averaging 10 units per shoe consistently.

The system document is 22 pages of easy and fun reading.  You will have a thorough understanding of what to do in a very short amount of time. 

The difference system is very sophisticated.  You will its performance to your very liking.  It goes for $650. 

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have a full money back guarantee, should the system is not to your liking and you can return it within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached and no questions asked. 

You can directly buy the Difference System for Even Bets from this link with the new order form and a download link will open right away after your payment online.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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