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Unsolicited Testimonials on the DS4-5 Roulette Systems
by Izak Matatya

"Hi all, I just started testing DS-4 on a European wheel. I got off to an initial first round of -22 units in 43 spins. I won my next round of +16 in 59 spins and the following +16 in 60 spins. So far as Izak described it. I know it needs more testing but am encouraged so far."

"I have some more live testing. It is continuing to go well in the early stages. I won 16 units in 48 spins (tracking the first 8). I then lost 24 units. I tracked 8 spins and lost 3 bets in a row. I then won 16 units in 89 spins. Still pretty much as Izak described it. I like the relatively low volatility of this system and the limited progressions. A negative is three losses in the start of a session ends the session with negative 24 units. I will keep you appraised. Keep Winning, Wes"

"I played two live sessions this morning on a European wheel on a web site. I won the first 16 units in 46 spins. The second 16 units in 13 spins. The chance to play DS-5 came up once for a win also. I know its early but I am getting optimistic about this system. Keep on Winning, Wes"

"By the way, I have had excellent results with DS-5. Thanks Wes"


"a collection of 3 solid Roulette systems
for consistent profits"

DS4-5 Roulette Systems
by Izak Matatya

During the month of February, I had this great system idea.  I promised I would thoroughly test it during the entire month of March on the real spin archives of Hamburg Casino for every single day and if the results were positive, I would release it for you.

Well, I'm happy to announce that I had great results during March and the last 2 months of my live play of this system.  I took the time to document the system for you in a 70 page document, that includes all those results, as well as a full explanation on how the system works and why it works so well. 

The system itself is not complicated.  It's very simple and easy to learn. As a matter of fact, the 70 pages are not only one system, but three.  You receive two extra bonus systems upon the purchase of this great system. 

All three systems are based on playing the double streets in Roulette, as the DS part of the system implies.  The double streets cover 6 numbers.  You cover those 6 numbers by the placing of one single chip on the line at the border of the roulette layout between two street or three number bets.  The payout of the double street bets are 6 for 1 or 5 to 1. 

The base system is referred to as DS4 and the two bonus systems as DS5 Part I and DS5 Part II respectively.  We will talk about the performance of each one of them.

DS4 is the one tested for the entire month of March in Hamburg casino, that contained about 300 spins per day.  For 30 days, this constituted about 9,000 real spins.  March has 31 days.  However, the casino was closed on March 25. 

Some days, DS4 was able to produce easily more than 50 units.  Some days, the profit level reached more than 70 units up to 100 units. 

The betting is mostly flat bets, that is, it bets the same amount of units spin after spin.  Only, if the net balance for the session goes into negative, that we go into a mild progression, that in most cases brings your net balance right back into the positive within not more than 4-6 spins.  As long as the net running total is positive, we never go into any kind of progression.  The excellent bet selection is able to profit with only flat bets in the majority of all sessions.  It is not unusual for the system to generate 16-20 consecutive wins.

Despite the high profitability level of the system being able to generate more than 50 units a day, certain optimal win targets and loss limits had to be established for the fine tuning of DS4 to ensure your coming ahead with the system for as long as you may wish to play it.

After hours of research and development, the win target and the loss limit were set to +16 units and -22 units respectively for the session.  With those optimized targets, you will be able to close two thirds of all sessions at +16 units and one third at -22 units.   The system document shows the results of two thirds of Hamburg spins ending at +16 units and the remaining third abandoned at -22 units. 

In my live play, and applying those limits, I was able to complete two thirds of all the sessions I played at +16 units.  You have to have the discipline of quitting a bad session at -22 units.  There is no need to chase losses.  There will be many other sessions, that will achieve +16 units very easily.  This is a key factor in the money management of DS4. 

You can play multiple sessions during one day, since each session could take between 8 spins and 60, which is not more than an hour. Playing 5 hours a day, you can complete 5 sessions. Playing say 90 sessions per month, you can make 16 units for 60 sessions and lose 22 units for 30 sessions. This will profit you (16 X 60) – (22 X 30) or 960 – 660 or 300 units a month. Playing with only $10 chips, this can bring you a side profit of $3,000 a month. Playing with $25 chips, this amounts to $7,500 a month.

I would recommend a session bankroll of 34 units. In case of the rare possibility of losing 3 sessions in a row, 100 units would be sufficient to play for a daily bankroll and 300 units for a lifetime bankroll.

This was for DS4.  The two extra bonus systems DS5 are quite different.  Unlike DS4, which requires almost no tracking, DS5 waits for the right moment to place a bet, which can take 10-20 spins.  This right moment, however, has a very high win rate.  95% of all bets are won with a very unusual and unique bet selection.  This is accomplished with absolutely no progression and with flat bets only in DS5 Part I.

The difference between DS5 Part I and Part II is that Part II uses a 3 step progression and Part I uses flat bets only.

DS5 Part I makes 26 units in 727 spins with flat bets only.    DS5 Part II makes 46 units within the same amount of spins with a 3 step progression.  It will be up to you to want to use a progression or not, as the progression requires 215 units.  The good news is that you could lose this amount only once in 32,000 spins.  This is based on hundreds of thousands of simulated spins.  At the rate DS5 Part II performs, within 32,000 spins you will profit (46 / 727) X 32000 = 2,024 units.  So you will be losing 215 units for every gain of 2,024 units, which is a good proposition.

Also in DS5, both parts, there are no sessions.  You can play the systems continuously and profit at the stated rates.  That also means that there are no win targets.  You can play both systems with open ended winnings.  For DS5 Part I a loss limit of -40 units is suggested in case the table goes against you.  For DS5 Part II, I have never seen the system fail up front.  By the time a 215 unit loss may be encountered, you will be way ahead. 

So here you have a collection of 3 great systems.  You can play the one, which suits your betting style the most:  DS4 if you're looking for a dynamic system, where you bet on every single spin after having tracked 4-8 spins top at the beginning of your play;  DS5, if you looking for a system with a high winning rate, if you have the patience to track a few spins before placing your bet;  DS5 Part I, if you would like to play with pure flat bets;  DS5 Part II, if you don't mind a progression; DS4, for mostly flat bets and occasional progression use.

The price for this collection is $520 for an email delivery.   $20 extra are charged if you need a printout mailed to you.  You have 30 days to test the system on paper, before you use it for real.  If you are not completely satisfied with the systems' performance, you can return them with a full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase.  I will only need your log or record of your spins to make sure you have applied the systems as documented. 

Questions and inquiries are welcome by either emailing me at or placing your questions in the discussion forum, where everyone can benefit from each other's ideas. 

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.  

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on
the DS4-5 Roulette Systems
by Izak Matatya

Q: Izak,
Interesting system!

In DS4:

1 - When you had to use a progression what is the maximum number of units for one bet have you had to use at the top of the progression?

2 - At how many units down do you start a progression?


1 - The highest bet in the progression was 6 units on a double street.

2 - You start a progression the moment you are negative, such as -2 units.
When you're back to +2, you stop the progression and go back to flat betting.

Q: Izak thanks for your previous answer.

One more question, I guess you play each spin to make one unit, unless you are playing catch-up.
Would this be correct?

Thanks again.

A: No, that's not correct.  The profits and losses go in multiples of 2 units.

Q: The System appears to be promising on your newsletter. However, in reference to DS 5 flat betting you say it wins 95% of bets but then go on to state that you need a bankroll of 40 units in case the table goes against you. Can you please explain how a system with such a high strike rate would ever need to go down 40 units flat betting?

Double streets are renowned for sleeping for long periods and two DS's are frequently absent for more than 10 spins at the same time. Does your method take advantage of this?

Did the idea for this system come from observation or divine inspiration?

A: 40 units is your ultimate loss limit, should things go totally unexpected. This is to give the player sufficient bankroll to sustain any such event, which is quite rare.

Absolutely, the system definitely takes advantage of such situations.

There are quite a few factors, which contribute to my getting system ideas, some of them being: observation, logic, inspiration and a very strong desire to win. Moreover, I love challenges. Beating an unbeatable game is a strong challenge for me, from a scientific, mathematical, statistical and mind perspectives.

Q: Dear Izak, Thank you for your efforts. It is very difficult to find a European Wheel in local land based Casinos. Will the 00 eat up the edge?

A: Although Hamburg Casino in Germany has only one zero and March tests were very successful, I have played the systems on double zero wheels, as well. Also, I have ran the simulations for double zero wheels, particularly DS5. The win rate is slightly less. However, it does not effect the general performance to a great extent, maybe by a couple of percent. On DS5, the win rate becomes 93% rather than 95%.

Q: It's hard to find Single 0 wheels in the U S casinos

I think more study should be done on this, this is very important. It seems like it would affect the out come by more than 2% and change all the results more profoundly.

I can recall 3 singles and a 1 double in a row & many times just the double a couple times a few hit a double every so a single 0 game those doubles would have been on a double street.

So Izak could you elaborate on this some more, thank you

Keep on Winning...

A: Sure,

When you play roulette with a system for even bets or double streets, it's definitely more advantageous to play on a single zero wheel, as the house edge is reduced from 5.26% to 2.6%. With the La Partage rule, this is even reduced further to 1.3%, since half the losses on a zero are returned to you.

It's hard to find single zero wheels in North America, but they exist. There will be a list below, provided by a LTW subscriber.  When you play on-line, lots of casinos has single zero wheels. All casinos in Canada have single zero wheels, particularly in the French province of Quebec.

Some on-line casinos, such as Global Player at: have a version of double zero Roulette called wild American, where if a 00 is hit, you actually win your bet, rather than losing it, even if you were not betting on 00.

So, there are always many ways to take advantage and benefit if you look hard enough.

Moreover, I have a system called Triple Bonus, where the more zeros the better, since you take advantage of them. It bets on all 3 dozens, with a win rate of 3 units per spin. One is able to spare 2 units per spin and place them on each 0 and 00. So while profiting 1 unit per spin in average, every time a zero or double zero hits, you increase your session bankroll by 35 units. I play Triple Bonus always on an American double zero wheel.

DS4 was tested on Hamburg in single zero wheels, but DS5 Part I and Part II were tested also in double zero wheels with very good results.

Q: Izak,
Does your method try and take advantage of trends? For instance, if certain part of wheel is hitting or certain groups of numbers?

A: No, it doesn't. It's not related to the wheel layout. It assumes total randomness in the outcome of numbers.

Q: During your testing, what was the longest run of losses in a row without a +16 unit win?

Would it not make sense to keep playing once +22 units was reached and quit when -22 units occurred? That way you would still quit with some units positive.

A: I had once 3 consecutive losing sessions of -22 units. However, this did not alter the average. The average took that into consideration.

I have optimized the positive and negative quitting points. If you set the win target to +22 and the loss target to -22, you do not complete two thirds of the sessions at +22, but less. You do come up profitable, but setting the win target at +16, you get more winning sessions, and thus more profit on the average.

Q: I assume playing online and in a real casino work as well?

A: The session results come from the Hamburg Casino in Germany from their real archives for March 2005.  The systems work very well on-line, as well.

Q: Can you post the results for the entire month of March?

A: Results of DS4 for the entire month of March 2005, Hamburg Spielbank (casino) Germany,
Table 1:


March 1: +16
March 2: +16
March 3: +16
March 4: +16
March 5: +16
March 6: -22
March 7: -22
March 8: +16
March 9: -22
March 10: +16
March 11: -22
March 12: +16
March 13: +16
March 14: +16
March 15: +16
March 16: +16
March 17: +16
March 18: -22
March 19: +16
March 20: -22
March 21: +16
March 22: +16
March 23: -22
March 24: -34
March 25: casino closed
March 26: -22
March 27: +12
March 28: +16
March 29: +16
March 30: +16
March 31: -22

Total for the month: 19 days at +16, 1 day at +12 (that's 20 days, 2 thirds of 30), 9 days at -22, 1 day at -34 (that's 10 days, 1 third of the month):


= +316-232

= +84 units

Real play: 5 sessions per day X 20 days = 100 sessions.
67 sessions at +16 units, 33 sessions at -22 units
= +1072 - 726

= +346 units for March

Q: Izak,

Appreciate your complete response. I will let others ask further questions for now. Sorry to " bust your chops", but we really want to know what can be expected . Hopefully the 2/3rds ratio will hold up long term. Btw, what happened on 3-24 and 3-27? Please explain.

A: You're welcome,

On March 24, more bets needed to be placed when the net running total was around -20, since it did not reach -22 yet. The losing bet brought the balance to -34, where the session was unusually abandoned at that level instead of at -22.

On March 27, the net balance was fluctuating between +10 and +14 without reaching +16. So the session was left at +12.

Q: OK 2 games win 16 units ,1 game lose 22 units.  Profit on 3 games 10 units. About how many spins to lose or win on average? Trying to figure size of bet needed to earn $200 an hour. Thanks.

A: The winning of 2 sessions at +16 units and losing of one session at -22 units, is the average. You win 2 sessions for every loss on the long run. Within about 720 spins, this ratio should be felt.

A session can take a maximum of one hour. In one hour, 60 spins of Roulette are played in average.

Say you play for 6 hours, within which you will be playing about 360 spins, out of which you will play at least 6 sessions. 4 of them will end up with +16 units and 2 of them with -22 units in average. This will profit you (4 X 16 - 2 X 22) = 64-44 = 20 units. Since this is for 6 hours, your hourly profit is 20/6 or 3.3 units.

If you want to earn $200 an hour, you need to play with 200/3.3 = $60 units.

Q: Which casinos in Las Vegas and the US have single zero wheels?

A: Single-zero roulette wheels can be found at the following locations:
(subject to change)

United States:

Wendover, Nevada: Peppermill and Rainbow casinos
Indiana: Caesar's
Connecticut: Foxwoods (sometimes)
Mississippi: Grand Casinos in Tunica. Harrah's (downstairs) in Tunica.
Louisiana: Grand Casino Avoyelles, Marksville; Grand Casino Coushatta, Kinder; Casino Rouge in Baton Rouge
Reno, Nevada: Cal Neva (third floor, 2 tables), Peppermill, Nevada Club
Atlantic City, New Jersey: Tropicana, Show Boat, Harrah's, Caesar's and Trump Marina - but most, if not all, are in the baccarat pits with a $25 minimum. Trump Taj Mahal has a $100 minimum.
Las Vegas:
> Paris
> The Reserve
> Stratosphere
> Las Vegas Hilton
> Caesar's Palace
> Mirage
> Bellagio
> MGM Grand
> Frontier
> Tropicana
> Binion
> The Resort at Summerlin
> El Cortez (no single zero wheel but does have a 10 cent double zero wheel)

Wynn Las Vegas which just opened up. The limits are $100 to $20,000 and half of bet is returned for outside bets when 0 appears (French rules resulting in 1.35% house edge).

Halifax and Sydney Casinos, Nova Scotia
West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton
Windsor Casino, Ontario
Montréal Casino, Charlevoix Casino, Hull Casino, Québec

Atlantis, Paradise Island

(Thank you Ian for the above list)

Q: A question for Izak. As I am tracking DS-4, and an opportunity arises to play DS-5 arises, how do I make the transition? By the way, I have had excellent results with DS-5. Thanks Wes

A: Hi Wes,

Thank you for the feedback.

You know you need to track for DS5. While playing DS4 every bet, you continuously track for the right condition to occur for DS5. When it occurs you place the appropriate bets for both DS5 and DS4 for that particular bet. You keep a net balance record for each system separately.

Thank you all again for your interest.

The price for this collection is $520 for an email delivery.  $20 extra are charged if you need a printout mailed to you.  You have 30 days to test the system on paper, before you use it for real.  If you are not fully satisfied with the systems' performance, you can return them with a full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase.  I will only need your log or record of your spins to make sure you have applied the systems as documented. 

Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.  

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Use the DS4-5 Roulette Systems at Windows Casino

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