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==============================================   Thursday, September 26, 2002
New Systems Trilogy - Pattern 12 - AntiPhase - System 222

Hello everyone,

I'd like to present 3 new systems to you this week.  This new system trilogy is by Edmond Petitjean, the author of the great Relaxed Roulette and the TTS - Trade Tuner systems.  During the last few months, Edmond has been very active and comes up with one new idea after another for winning systems.  The three different systems to be presented are quite different than all others and from each other.  In each one, there is an ingenious discovery on how to take advantage of certain features, such as on how to overcome the randomness of an even bet or how to maximize your profits while playing on single dozens.   Edmond even plays his favorite two systems for dozens simultaneously.   Make sure to check out the offered specials at the end of the newsletter, so you can own those systems at discounted rates so that your casino visits will be much more enjoyable and profitable. 

The first system is called Pattern 12 and is based on playing on a single dozen.  I will let Edmond, the author himself describe it for you:

"The dozens are my favorite betting selection and Relaxed Roulette was the first development based on these.  In between I’ve finished a second – and complementary – system, called Pattern 12 This time we bet only on one dozen, following a special selection procedure and using an adapted very strong progression. These two parameters combined stand for a highly successful and enjoyable betting method.

We will not bet on each spin of the wheel but there will be enough activity.  You could even play on several tables at once because the bookkeeping is very easy. 

For those that already own Relaxed Roulette it is good to know that both can easily be played together (what I’m doing very often).

Izak asked me what the win/loss ratio is for this system.  A session ends when you gain 10 units and losing 100 units is considered a losing session.  I have yet to encounter a losing session after having won more than 30 sessions in real play.

Izak has simulated the system on his computer for hundreds of thousands of spins.  Every session ends with 10 units profit with a drawdown of no more than 57 units tops in the worst case scenario. 

Spielbank Hamburg has yielded the same results for months of real play.

With all the above features, you get one of the most effective systems ever designed for single dozen play in Roulette.  A truly enjoyable experience.

The price of the system is only $250 and this amount is negligible next to the amounts you are going to profit at the casino.  It is delivered to you the fastest way: by email.  If you wish to have a hard copy delivered to your mailing address a $20 fee will be applicable. 

Click to order.

Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean"

The second system is called AntiPhase and thanks to the randomness of even money bets, and Edmond's ingenious idea, this system wins almost every single session.  Again, I will let Edmond speak for himself:

"Imagine a betting system on even chances with a success rate of 97%! 

Is this a typing error? 

No, by using this system you’ll indeed succeed in 97% of your attacks on the roulette, on the baccarat or on the craps table. 

Wait! Now you’ll be probably thinking “I know systems that are 99% right and will still lose badly during the 1%”.

This 1% loss will then be more than enough to eat all your profits made during the 99% winnings.  And – very sadly - that’s true. 

So, is this also such a system? 


You won’t give back your profits when losing 3 times out of 100. 

Why is that? 

Because you’ll win on average 1 point on each game in the long run, LOSSES INCLUDED.

This is statistically determined and the way it's calculated is the following:

Your total risk for a session is 57 units.  If out of 100 games you lose 3 times, your loss becomes 171 units.  However, you will win at least 93 times an average of 3 units amounting to 279 units. Your net profit for the 100 games will be 108 units giving you a net profit of 1 unit on the long run.

One game doesn’t take long: it will be around 10 minutes only.

Winning 10 units a day should be your goal and you shouldn’t go over that.

Your average profit/attack will be 3 units: only 4 to 5 games lasting only 10 minutes will cover your daily goal of 10 units!

Bankroll needed is 100 units. 

Can you imagine what this means when playing with US $100  units?

You would earn US$ 1,000 a day during MOST of your visits to the casino! 

Antiphase is also one of the easiest systems to apply, even in a very busy casino and even if they hardly leave you time to breath. 

There are not much notes to take and if you’ve got a good memory, you could even do without writing down anything. 

So most of your visits will be an effortless and very profitable game for you when using Antiphase.

The system is only $80 delivered to you by email and $85 by regular air mail.  Unlimited system support is included.  You can contact me directly by email at: edmond.petitjean@skynet.be.  I will be more than happy to answer your questions either before or after your purchase.

Click to order.

Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean"

The third system is called System 222.  And here is Edmond again to provide you information on what this system is all about:

For those who like a lot of activity, I developed S222. 

For those who look for a simple system, I developed S222. 

For those who look for a inexpensive system, I developed S222. 

Yes, System 222 is all what I mentioned above in ONE package. 

System 222 can be used for all equal chances in Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. 

Imagine the following scenario: 

1)          you decide to order this system

2)          a couple of minutes later you get it in your e-mail

3)          still a couple of minutes later you’ve entirely studied it and you’re ready to play. 

From that moment on you could go to any casino and start playing immediately.

I like to call it playing, because that’s exactly how it will feel.

Be aware however: you’ll get your reward in hard US Dollars, although you’ll have the impression to only have a good time and not to “work” at all.

The system is only $60 delivered to you by email and $65 by regular air mail, again including unlimited support.

Click to order.

Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean"


As we don’t want you to risk even ONE dollar on either system, we GUARANTEE a NO RISK deal. 

After obtaining either system:  Pattern 12, AntiPhase or System 222, you’ve got two weeks to test a full month of roulette on the Hamburg casino at the following website:  


You proceed as follows: 

-         start each day of the most recent full month with the first spin

-         your goal is to obtain 10 points profit / day

-         after reaching your goal, you stop for that day and your following test will be on the following day of that month

-         if you’d ever lose your full bankroll of 100 units during this test month, you’ll be refunded - no questions asked. 

So what is your risk? 


You test on the results of a full month roulette of the Hamburg Casino without any real money, so you don’t risk a single dollar. 

If you lose your (virtual) bankroll, you’ll promptly get a refund without discussion. 

So your total risk = $0.   

Things can’t be more honest and fair than this.

Click to order.

Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean
Izak Matatya

Now, as promised, the special deals and discounted rates for the above systems.

First of all, upon your purchase of either Pattern 12 or AntiPhase, System 222 is offered as a free bonus.  That's correct.  The $60 worth System 222 will be delivered to you completely free should you buy either Pattern 12 or AntiPhase.  Of course, should you decide to buy only System 222, its price remains $60.

The second special is that if you purchase both Pattern 12 and AntiPhase, you get a rebate on the price of the two systems.  So, you can own both Pattern 12 and AntiPhase at a discounted price of $90 by email delivery and $95 by regular air mail.  And, of course, System 222 will be included as a free bonus. 

You will find a special entry on the secure order form if you order both Pattern 12 and AntiPhase at a discounted rate of $90.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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