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=============================================    Thursday, October 30, 2003
Q and A on ITS - The Intraday Trade System

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your great interest on Edmond Petitjean's ITS - Intraday Trade System announced on Monday.  We have received many inquiries on this new approach to trading and its fantastic performance.   Your questions are answered in this newsletter by Edmond:

Q: Hi Edmond

I just received the e-mail from Izak about your trading system and would like to know a little more about it. I do not have the previous one but am interested in day trading.
Can this work on the "futures" or commodity markets? If so which ones would be the best to trade?  Does the same system work on all markets i.e. grains and meats?

A: You can use ITS on all markets and time frames but it is more specifically designed for trading the following intraday:


FTSE 100 Index - daily difference
Wall Street Index - daily difference
DAX 30 Index - daily difference
NASDAQ 100 Index - daily difference
S&P 500 Index - daily difference

FTSE 100 Index - intraday: Noon
Wall Street Index - intraday: 6pm (London)

...and also weekly time frame:

FTSE 100 Index - weekly close
Wall Street Index - weekly close


Anglo American
BHP Billiton
British American Tobacco
British Gas
Lloyds TSB
National Grid Transco
Reckitt Benckiser
Rio Tinto
Royal Bank of Scotland
Standard Chartered


Spot FX levels - €/$, $/¥, £/$, $/SF, €/£



Q: Edmond

I received the Let's Talk Winning newsletter in which a new system of yours was mentioned.

I would be most grateful if you could post your trading slips showing the profit for the period you mention in your advert.


A: I cannot give you any trading slips as these were simulated trades, done by exactly following the rules of ITS.

Please remember that you don't take ANY risk by purchasing ITS, because we have a clear refund policy.

In fact your risk = zero when you first obtain ITS and then do 10 simulated trades on the FTSE (without risking any real money).

You don't risk even $1 by purchasing ITS.

Greetings and good trading

Q: Hi Edmond,

Trading is a very complex subject driven by fear and greed, simulated trades never represent real life trading. There is the question of time frames and suiting ones own personal trading psychology, the subject is just vast and successful trading will not come per se by just buying a system from the shelf. It first need an examination of self followed by a search for what suits the trader.

I think what you should do is trade your own system and then post the slips.

I invite you to look at the site run by Vince Stanzione – just search for his name - he plasters his slips all over the place and result is he has made himself very wealthy firstly by trading and secondly by a steady stream of followers who are dedicated to learning the necessary skills required to succeed.


A: What you tell is true .......for normal trading.

But ITS is not about the classical way of trading.

It is completely mechanical. You could feed the rules to a computer and he would generate exactly the same trades.

No room for interpretation, no room for psychology, no room for a personal approach, no room for anything but a fixed set of rules to follow to the letter.

This is NOT normal trading.


Q: Edmond,
Having bought your RELAXED ROULETTE BETTING SYSTEM, which does good, I am very curious about your ITS (Intra Day System).

Two and a half years ago I started a course in foreign currency trading, and after two months, and four different courses costing almost US$4600.00, in various trainings, I invested US$10,000.00 with a brokerage firm called FXCM in New York. After one month, and having lost all, I invested a further US$2 000.00, also lost all. I was assured that the market would follow the rules of the indictors as I was taught, by all my "training officers", even well after 11 September 2003. I stupidly invested a further US$10,000.00, believing the worst was now over and change was imminent. I was wrong!

With all due respect, your ITS really seems to good to be true..........no insult meant.

A: I fully understand where you have been, because I have been there myself more than once.  In fact, that was the reason to develop my own systems.

Q: With my past terrible trading history, I have the following questions if you will kindly respond:

Q1.) What minimum bankroll will be needed, and currency of bankroll [so I could set a budget]?

A1.) Even $1,000 is enough to start.

Q2.) The brokerage firm you can recommend, will they except above minimum bankroll?

A2.) No.  Anything is OK.

Q3.) Is the free chart site sufficient for ITS?

A3.) More than sufficient.  The information you need is freely available all over the internet.

Q4.) Will the brokerage firm except my credit card for payments...South Africa is very strict with outward investments [high taxations]?

A4.) The accept debit cards or simple money transfer via your bank.

Q5.) What will my total minimum start-up costs be, to effectively start trading, in the currency as in Q1.) above, excluding cost of ITS system?

A5.) The only thing you need to start is a very modest trading capital (even $1000 is sufficient).  You already have a PC and internet access.  That is all you need besides this small capital and the broker I recommend.

Q6.) What commodity is traded [i.e. FSTE100/S&P500/foreign currency)?

A6.) You can trade any market and time frame and particularly the ones in the very first answer above (see list of Indexes, Stocks and Currencies). 

Expect exactly the same results for currencies as for all other items that ITS is concentrating on: 70 to 100% accuracy and total control over profit and loss without using any stop loss.

Q7.) What average daily time will I need to spend at my computer to trade?

A7.) Never more than one hour.

Q8.) At what time will I have to be at my computer daily, to envisage trading possibilities, [mornings/midday/evenings], your recommended times?

A8.) At the start of the trading period of that day and that market.

Q9.) What line feed speed is needed for my computer?

A9.) ADSL is ideal but not at all necessary.  A standard 56K modem is fine.

Q10.) What minimum hardware/software will my computer need to have?

A10.) A standard modest PC running Windows 95/98/ME/XP, anything that can surf on the internet and is windows compatible.

Q11.) I have CNBC & Bloomberg TV channels, can this be an added bonus to use in your ITS system?

A11.) You don't need them. You only need the internet.

Q: As stated above, I am very interested on purchasing this system if answers to above questions satisfy my obvious concerns (remember the saying, once bitten, twice shy).

A: ITS will be your best investment ever.  By purchasing ITS, you don't risk even $1 if you first trade "on paper", because you get a full refund without discussion as described in our refund policy below, if things do not work out as expected.

Thank you Edmond for kindly and promptly answering all inquiries.

ITS Stats:  Practical results from end of March 2003 till beginning of August 2003. This period generated 16 trades on the FTSE alone.

ALL trades made a profit.

That means 100% accuracy. It is not always like that, but it is always above 70%. Following my recommendations concerning money management, you would have made an overall profit of 112,000 £ when trading at 100 £/point or 11,200 £ when trading at 10 £/point.

In order to get these results, the risk per trade was 3,000 £ for making 112,000 £ or 300 £ for making 11,200 £. The total capital needed for making 112,000 £ was only 48,000 £ and 4,800 £ for 11,200 £. This is what I call a VERY healthy system.

The price of this course is $2,000 and it's worth 100 times more.  It comes in the form of an e-book and is delivered to you the fastest way: by email.  The price includes unlimited support and assistance from the author Edmond Petitjean, who, as you know, is very prompt in answering your questions.  You can reach Edmond by email at: edmond.petitjean@skynet.be, and he is always there and happy to help you with the use of the system or replying to your inquiries.

Existing TTS customers can purchase ITS with a rebate of $500.  All you need to do is to send $1,500 by PayPal to webmaster@letstalkwinning.com and specify that you own TTS and your previous purchase will be verified and validated.

Also, if you don't own TTS, you can purchase both TTS and ITS for $2500, saving $500.

Click here to order.

NEW!  You can now pay with PayPal, which accepts any mode of payment.  Click on the appropriate button below to access PayPal payment:

click to purchase ITS at $2000

to purchase ITS at $1500 if you own TTS

click to purchase both ITS and TTS at $2500


Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean,
Izak Matatya

"Just as in TTS, you can forget neural networks, forget a screen cluttered with lots of indicators, forget the doubts arising when all these parameters contradict each other, leaving you drowned in doubts and uneasiness, unable to take a clear decision.

What is left now is a very limited set of unambiguous rules that are easy to follow.
They can be applied to any market with the same efficiency and in the same way, but contrary to TTS this method is designed more specifically for trading indexes and currencies.

In that way trading becomes an enjoyable very low stress activity.

Imagine sitting before your computer, looking at a graph during one minute and immediately knowing what to do or not to do.

A computer – although preferable – is even not absolutely necessary.
You could also visit some free websites that are offering interactive graphs.

Now something to surprise you even more: you don’t need ANY indicator! You’ll ONLY use the bar graphs themselves, without any additional information.  In that way you wouldn’t even have to keep a database of commodities and stocks and you could log in from everywhere in the world.  Combine this with online trading and you would be free to trade and use the system from wherever you are.

In the 47 ITS pages, we’ll go through every aspect of the ITS, so that you’ll know perfectly how to apply the very simple but equally powerful principles in your trading.

Lots of practical graphical examples from the real world will help to get the hang of it."


Click here to order.

NEW!  You can now pay with PayPal, which accepts any mode of payment.  Click on the appropriate button below to access PayPal payment:

click to purchase ITS at $2000

to purchase ITS at $1500 if you own TTS

click to purchase both ITS and TTS at $2500

Thank you,
Edmond Petitjean,
Izak Matatya


ITS comes with a clear and honest refund policy:

After buying this system, you take 10 following trades on the FTSE WITHOUT skipping one and STRICTLY following the rules explained in this course.

You use 30 as a standard value for buying a contract.

You follow the principle of always risking 10% of your total trading capital on each trade.

If – following these principles – you have an OVERALL loss over these 10 trades, you are refunded without discussion.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


  WB01508_.gif (325 bytes)

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