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================================================    Thursday, November 13, 2003
Bo's Story - Strategies - ITS

Hello everyone,

Bo is a gambler who posts in various forums and I happened to pick up a few interesting stories and strategies of his.  With Bo's permission, we have the privilege of having them on our newsletter this week.

His story relates to how important it is not to play with scared money and be totally relaxed in order to increase your winning chances.  I fully agree.  I won much more when I was relaxed than when I was nervous.  Your confidence level is higher and you are much more focused on the game.

Here is Bo's story:
"Once, about ten years ago, one of my sons met me for a weekend in Vegas bringing a new girlfriend he had just met a few weeks prior. She was about 21 (at least she had an ID which stated that she was), but she looked much younger. She was a very sweet and innocent girl (still a child really). She was wide eyed with all the sights and sounds and was captured by the wonderland that makes up Las Vegas. She had never been inside a casino, much less gamble on anything.

Now, I had been gambling in town for a few days prior to their arrival and I was staying at Caesar's. So I had them meet me there in the lobby. Of course, my son wanted to go immediately into the casino and do some serious gambling. But, right then, the girl announced that she had brought just $50 with her to gamble and that her mother had told her not to do anything crazy, but put it all slowly only into the 25 cent slot machines and when that was gone not to spend another penny on gambling.

Well, I could see where this weekend was going, but suddenly I had an inspiration of how I could salvage everything. I marched everyone right over to one of the roulette tables and said, "Let's just see if we can get the casino to give you some chips to have some fun with." Then I put a $1000 chip on Red. It was actually a chip from where I was playing craps, but I have found that on a good roulette table when it's a high denomination (and on an outside bet), they will take chips from just about anywhere.

I actually had planned to just keep playing until I won, but as you might guess... yes, the next number was red. I acted like it was nothing unusual as they paid out my winning thousand. I had them pay it out in smaller unit casino chips, and then without any fanfare, like this was just something that happened all the time, I handed her the whole stack of winnings. I kept my original, of course.

I said, "There you go... the casino wants you to have some fun while you are here."

She was amazed at all that and happily off she went with my son, learning how to shoot some craps and play blackjack and roulette. I don't think she ever got to the slots. What was amazing was that she won lots of times on virtually every table and made many trips to the cashier, each time tucking away those crisp new bills into her purse. In all, when Sunday came she had about $500 to take home.

But, the funniest and craziest thing was yet to come. On that Sunday, when they were ready to head for the airport, she said to me, "Oh, I still have a whole lot of the casino's fun chips left over. Who do I give those to?" I couldn't believe what she was saying, but I just deadpanned it... I said, without cracking a smile, "Oh, just give them to me, I'll see that they get them back." She then handed me about $700 in chips from that original group. I was astounded.

But, I actually learned something from that crazy situation. She won because she was totally relaxed. She was able have a mindset where she could learn some things about playing the games and how to gamble without any barriers. She was always upbeat and positive, and she was never anxious about anything (with certainly never a worry about losing), because she was, in her mind, playing with the casino's "fun chips."

I have used that experience a lot in my gambling since that day. I know that whenever I can capture that special carefree mood, that certain insouciance... I always win consistently. I try always now to just play "using the casino's fun money."

Bo also has a couple of winning strategies you could use at your next visit to the casino:

"It would be good for you to play Roulette with some systems that lots of pro and semi-pro gamblers use. Now you have to understand that these can win a lot of money if you are lucky, but they are not perfect. Most of all you can have some fun with them. Here is the first one:

a. First, observe a spin without betting and note the last winning number.

b. Now place 1 unit (like a $5 chip) on the 6 number line bet that contains that number that just appeared (won). These are called Double Street bets and they pay 5 to 1. If you win, you win 5 units (you will have 6 units because you keep your original bet). Net win: 5 units.

Wait a few spins and then play again.

b. If you lose (very likely) then rebet that same 6 number bet and also bet a unit on the 6 number line group which contains the number that just came in. Another way of phrasing that is; you will now have a 1 unit chip on EACH of the last two 6 number lines that just won (for other betters). If you win this spin, you will win 5 units, but of course, will have now lost two units cumulatively (1 on the first time and 1 on the second double street on this bet) so you are now ahead three units (you have 4 units because you also have the unit back from the bet that won). Net win: 3 units

If you win just start the system over.

c. If you lost that one, bet 2 units on each of the last three 6 number lines which contain those last 3 winning numbers. If you win, since your bet was 2 units you are paid 10 units (plus you get back the 2 you bet on that double street). Your losses to date are 1+2+4= 7 units, so your profit is 3 units (you will have 5 units since you get back the 2 units from the bet which won). Quit and start over. Net win: 3 units.

d. If you lose, now bet 5 units on each of the last four 6 number lines that won. This is just a recovery bet, but you still get a 1 unit profit if you win. Losses are 1+2+6+15=24 units. You win 25 units so you have a profit of 1 unit (plus you get back the 5 units you just bet.) Net win: 1 unit.

e. If you lose (net loss 29 units), start over or go play some other game for a while or try another system.

Now, this is just a "hit some good luck" system, but I must tell you that I have seen lots of guys make a lot of money very quickly with this, betting some very big units. Mostly, they hit it one or two times and then leave the table. I have seen this played for a long time with some very nice gains, but if you lose all the steps you have lost 29 units."

Bo has another one for you:

"Here is an interesting system which I have used for considerable enjoyment and lots of winnings for years. Now, you must understand that I play Baccarat and Craps most of the time, but for diversion I like to play Roulette. But, since I only like to win, I have always studied to find systems to find the ones which work. This one is used by lots of gamblers (in several variations) who continue to use it for a lot of profit.

Again, let me warn you.... this is just a fun system, and while I have made lots of money on it you can get caught in an unlucky streak and lose your shirt. So, just have fun with it. I like to hit quickly with some large unit bets and leave quickly. This is not one that I would want to wait around with for disaster to strike.

With this system it is quite pleasurable to have the fun of knowing I am on 63% of the numbers and to be able to get a 50% return on my bet. What is also nice is that you can recover from a loss very nicely. You simply have to to win twice to make up a losing bet.

With $25 dollar units, you make $50 every win.

Try to find a table (like they have in Atlantic City and some in Vegas) where if a 0/00 shows up you only lose 1/2 of any outside bets, then play as follows. Only bet one double street and cover the other numbers from the outside, which is my hedge. That is why I call this the 63% hedge.

A couple of other things are nice about this system. It is comforting to know that you have almost 75% chance of winning every spin. In addition when the dealer calls out the winning number since you have bet on all the teens, all the twenties and all the thirties you can know right then if you are a winner.

Bet one unit on the 13-18 and 3 units on the outside bet of 19-36.

When you lose:

Increase your bets to 2 units and 6 units. Then 3 units and 9 units.

I seldom take this past that third level. If that loses, I come back later and see it it is going to hit... when it does it is a load of fun.

Now, I mentioned that some of the pros I know do this with some variations. They use lots of different ways to select which double streak to be covering (check out my other thread where I mention the "neighbors" method.) I just like to stick with my grouping... but I have pals that tell me I am leaving money at the casino if I don't use their variations. Just be creative if you like.

By the way, in a recent session those high numbers came out 22 times in a row with 0/00 twice. That kind of occurrence is not unusual for me. But, then you will find you can get hit with a stream of low numbers too. Remember, that is when you walk away.

With this one, you are going for the streaks. There are many of them every day. Very rarely does it go high, low, high, low for very long in my experience.

It would be interesting to see what this does on Hamburg spins, but by the way, nobody ever made any money playing on a system tester book.

I find that the place to play is at the table. Maybe, I am just lucky."

Thanking Bo again for his nice story and 2 strategies.

ITS - the Intraday Trade System has been around for 4 weeks now.  Its purchasers are very happy and have no intention of returning the system, as it has produced nothing but profits during the successful testing period.  You can buy it now in full confidence that it will work for you, too, paying itself off within days.  Click here to read more about it. An FAQ section has been added, answering all your questions .

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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