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=================================================    Thursday, March 27, 2003
Independence of Roulette Spins

Hello everyone,

Today's newsletter is brought to you by the courtesy of my friends at Win-Maxx, a great Roulette research site.  It's an article by Marigny de Grilleau that I found very interesting and here it is with the permission of Win-Maxx:

by Marigny de Grilleau -  translated from "The gain of one unit on the even money chances at Roulette and Trente et Quarante"

One can hear that question in every casino everyday.   The word "new" means according to the definition "which one yet did not see".  In this sense each day is a new day. It is quite obvious that people asking this question do not really mean "new" to express this natural truth.
Their question is badly formulated and surely they mean "new" in the sense of independent.
Thus they wanted to ask whether each spin is independent of the others, the previous or following spins. The above question should be asked as follows:

"Are all appearances and are all spins independent?"

In this formulation no wordplay and no wrong interpretations are possible.

Grilleau does not hesitate with a clear answer:

"No, neither the appearances nor the spins can be independent, because everyone of them is a part of the whole.  This whole is arranged and limited in all its movements and is subject to precise laws."

Each spin, while the ball turns in the wheel, carries in itself a certain quantity of independence
and a certain quantity of dependence. The independence results from the following: every time the dealer rolls the ball, it is faced with 18 red and 18 black, 18 even and 18 odd as well as 18 high and 18 low pockets.  Therefore the ball has the same chance to fall in one of
the 36 pockets (we do not consider zero or double zero this time), since each pocket indicates Red or Black, Even or Odd, High or Low at the same time.

The dependence results from:
1. the Law of Deviation (Ecart),
2. the Law of Balance (Equilibrium) and
3. the law of the distribution of appearances into different accumulations or clusters and isolated units

Thus the mathematical truth of the independence of the spins is constantly in conflict with the statistic truth of the dependence of the spins.

If between two equivalent appearances none, or only a very small deviation exists, the independence of the two appearances remains retained in their fight against each other. But if the statistic deviation reaches a certain size, the size of this deviation more or less limits the independence of these appearances and spins. In this instant the dependence of the appearances on the laws of nature demands again its right, by limiting its freedom for
deviation within the statistic average values, of which these never can free itself.

In our opinion neither a single spin nor an appearance can be independent in a roulette permanence of a certain length, for example within 1024 spins. The dependence of the spins which are affected by chance due to exactly defined laws, is a fact, which the usual gambler does not understand without difficulty.  And because of this difficulty the gamblers and also the mathematicians believe in the independence of roulette spins. In reality each spin and each appearance has its necessary and mandatory function in the whole of a roulette permanence.  Chance does not exist there, because all effects have their visible or hidden causes.

The dependence of the spins on the laws of nature becomes obvious, if we analyze a roulette permanence and classify the developed appearances.  However we do not succeed in each case in determining this dependence,  which must be present for all spins, if only small deviations occur, which do not exceed the average statistical Ecart of 1. We only succeed then,  if we determine the partial return to equilibrium after very strong deviations greater than a statistical Ecart of 3.

The roulette ball cannot extract itself from the laws of nature.  These laws force it into the pocket, into which it must fall, so that it can perform the necessary function, which it has to,
in the statistic harmony of the whole permanence - like a note in a score.

Chance can let many obvious, strange features develop before our eyes. But nevertheless, statistically seen, chance can not repeat these individual strange things too frequently, like for example a series of 25, which needs approximately 34 million spins to develop once.

Below is an example of a strong deviation with a value greater than 3 from a permanence section of Table no. 1, Spielbank Hamburg, 2003-02-01.

The deviation between series and singles on High / Low starts with spin 81 and reaches a value of 3.64 with spin 146 ( 16 series against 1 single).  After spin 146 the sleeping singles form a first cluster and thus indicate a return to normal.
After 1 isolated series the next cluster of singles appears.
This cluster wins 1 unit, as is the goal of Grilleau: one unit per attack.

As you can see, within the next 23 spins, the singles start to dominate the permanence and catch up with the previous dominating series.

	Z	No.	H	L		
81		26	X			
82		23	X			
83		1		X		
84		14		X		
85		11		X		
86		5		X		
87		4		X		
88		12		X		
89		8		X		
90		1		X		
91		3		X		
92		12		X		
93		3		X		
94		12		X		
95		20	X			
96		19	X			
97		34	X			
98		23	X			
99		32	X			
100		27	X			
101		23	X			
102		27	X			
103		36	X			
104		25	X			
105		10		X		
106		25	X			
107		30	X			
108		21	X			
109		18		X		
110		15		X		
111		24	X			
112		25	X			
113	0	16		X		
114		9		X		
115		11		X		
116		25	X			
117		33	X			
118		30	X			
119		1		X		
120		10		X		
121		22	X			
122		27	X			
123		3		X		
124		11		X		
125		1		X		
126		13		X		
127		3		X		
128		17		X		
129		8		X		
130		27	X			
131		20	X			
132		19	X			
133		32	X			
134		31	X			
135		2		X		
136		6		X		
137		3		X		
138		35	X			
139		21	X			
140		21	X			
141		5		X		
142	0	16		X		
143		7		X		
144		23	X			
145		23	X			
146		30	X		16 vs. 1 = Estat 3.64	
147		5		X		
148		22	X			
149		4		X		
150		26	X			
151	0	31	X			
152		4		X		
153		34	X			
154		15		X		
155		26	X			
156		14		X		
157		1		X		
158		19	X			
159		15		X		
160		34	X			
161		24	X			
162		10		X		
163		18		X		
164		21	X			
165		12		X		
166		36	X			
167		17		X		
168	0	30	X			

TO BE CONTINUED and you can follow it at www.Win-Maxx.com
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Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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