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=================================================    Thursday, March 6, 2003
Baccarat is War by Benjamine Yarbrough

Hello everyone,

The LTW discussion forum had some interesting debates this week, particularly the ones conducted by Mr. Ben Yarbrough, the owner of the web site: http://www.baccarattraining.com.

Benjamine Yarbrough is the trainer of the world’s High End Baccarat Players.  It is certain that his many years spent studying random events, chaos, fractal patterning and general player psychology have unlocked some here-to-fore unknown player advantages, which he openly shares with his students and custom tailors to either individual or team play. He does admit that the approaches he has developed and teaches are at least 50 to 100 years ahead of any information currently available to the gambling public. He then digresses by saying “I can teach someone a sound winning approach to play, as well as very effective self-management principles to follow, but in the final analysis, it lies with the student to take their training to heart and follow it TO-THE-LETTER if they truly want to become consistent winners.”

Certainly not your regular gambler, Yarbrough, a native of Georgia (where he currently makes his home) is a former chapter president of the Georgia Association for Gifted Children. (He got involved because he wanted to see and have some input on the kind of programs that were being offered to his son who possesses an off the scale I.Q.). Some thirty years ago, he developed a number of revolutionary mnemonic approaches which he taught students to employ in “The Memory School” which he founded in his early twenties after attending Ga. Tech.

His reason for choosing to teach these revolutionary gambling approaches to others (rather than simply keeping them to himself), is, quoted by himself:  “I like seeing the approaches I have developed being used to give a SMALL group of players a REAL edge. Something, which the world’s best mathematicians have been grasping at unsuccessfully for centuries. I also appreciate the importance of making new friends--a most happy occasion. Yes, I do see the need for being careful in selecting my students, but I see no reason for intellectual greed.”

Yarbrough maintains a modest Internet web-site at his own dot com called:   www.baccarattraining.com, where he can be contacted by email at info@baccarattraining.com.

Here are some excerpts of the debates conducted in the forum:

"You are right when you say your primary battle is with yourself, as this battle permeates all aspects of your play, and proper self-management --as one might be managed by a coach on the sidelines is critical."

"You are wrong when you say that the casino deserves no respect as an opponent. These people know more about the psyche of the gambler than is ever published in any psychology book, and they are more than willing to use this information in any way they can to trip up the winning player."

"So, as a player, you have 3 fronts to watch: monitoring yourself, monitoring the game, and monitoring the casino as it reacts to your play of the game. Repeated lessons in each of these areas teach one to

(1) rate certain casinos over other casinos,

(2) to value playing when you are not stressed ("by anything" including your level of play), not emotionally upset, and well rested, [When these conditions are present, truly confident "FUN play" can take place.] and

(3) to understand that NO APPROACH to play wins in every situation EVEN ONE WHICH DELIVERS A verifiable WIN BIAS-- and when you encounter those bad shoes, one must learn to "take their lumps" like a big boy or girl, and walk away a temporary "LOSER". In this
regard, playing at, NOT ABOVE one's comfort level is the mark of a confident player, sticking more money out in front of you when you are losing, is the act of a scared person, NOT A WINNER."

"Regarding your "IF YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD PLAYER, WHY AREN'T YOU RICH"? My claim to fame is NOT that I am a great player, although I believe I play well, and my bottom line with the casinos reflects this. My "claim to fame" is that I can teach other people to become great players. (Think of Sam Massobini in the movie "Chariots of Fire").  I do not believe however that one needs to run their stake into a fortune to be considered a great player--Just win consistently in a game which the experts and mathematicians of the world say you can't beat."

"To Site Moderator:

Thank you for allowing my posts to appear on this -- "The best gambling forum I have ever viewed". You must be interested in having people become more informed gamblers. I salute you, and I must say that your readers/posters are a notch above those found on any "pretending to be similar site".

Kind Regards,
Ben Yarbrough"

"--there's more to playing smart basketball that learning how to shoot--
--and more to smart gambling than learning a play system--"

"Thanks to most knowledgeable players whose keen interest in investigating the cutting edge in player training and play approach development have generated this set of hopefully instructional exchanges."

"I have developed a most unique play approach--quite different from any approach ever developed before, but my better students could take ten different play approaches and make money with them all. They could do this because they have come to understand what
gambling is all about and what self-management really means."

"My play approach is not pattern based, it is simply a re-translation of the normally seen shoe to produce a "new shoe" where "much more running" and "much less chopping" are encountered, perhaps Mr. Vegas'  (the author of PowerPlay Baccarat) approach to maximizing pattern based bet selections might be the perfect enhancement and compliment for those employing my shoe translation method. Conversely, my translation approach might provide the solid dream foundation for Mr. Vegas' approach's implementation.  Played together some exciting results might be possible."

"The only play approach I know of is the "Baccarat is War" approach in which you translate your shoe into a new shoe as you go. Then simply "follow bet" in the new shoe which has much less chopping and much more running. (For those who don't know, Follow betting is betting for whatever happened last to happen again--See a Bank, bet for another bank to follow it). Note that this play approach was developed for "high stakes" play and is designed for play in a fresh cards environment (Big Table Bac), where the highest stakes players are normally found.

The problem which faces most players is that they are unaware that the more the cards are shuffled, the more predominant the chop (back and forth between bank and player) becomes. So a run favoring system which works okay with new cards, will have its plow cleaned when used in a mini-bac game with old cards. Conversely, a chop or even lengthened run favoring system will get usually get "killed" in a game using new cards because the natural bias is toward running rather than chopping.

Just make sure that whichever approach you use (chopping or running), is geared to the state of the cards you are playing with.

This is just one of the NEW dimensions which the Baccarat is War approach brings to the game of baccarat and to the advanced study of random events as they are encountered in the modern casino."

"Tester books never state the level of randomness--i.e. the number of shuffles the cards have undergone in the shoes being displayed for system testing purposes."

I would encourage you to visit Benjamine Yarbrough's site at: http://www.baccarattraining.com and benefit from Ben's long years' experience by taking his training course called:

The High Stakes - "Baccarat is War" - Player Training Program

Make sure to specify the following promotional code: LTW250A, which is valid during the month of April 2003, and you will receive the $500 value "Two Player Approach" as a bonus when you order.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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