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================================================    Thursday, July 15, 2004
Aikido -
the System 

In yesterday's email (newsletter) we talked about the system’s creation and I discussed some important information about the system. I also gave you a link to download a database of more than 100 bookmakers. 

If you missed this information – don’t worry – feel free to read it here and here

Today I will explain you what the system can and can’t do, what bankroll you should have, which sports it covers and finally today you will be able to purchase it! 

First of all – the Aikido sports betting system is a 90% technical system and 100% doesn’t require you to know the sport itself. You will not need to determine a team’s power ranking or analyze changes in its squad or injury reports for its players, etc… This doesn’t mean that generally in handicapping you don’t need to do these things. Rather it means that the system is unique in the way it forecasts sports events. There’s no other system on the Net that performs like the Aikido system does! 

Your job will consist of analyzing odds on odds comparison sites and making your own forecasts based on your knowledge of how to interpret these odds and changes in them as well as what amount of money you need to risk. 

Secondly – you will be able to make your bets whenever you want in your free time and not when a handicapper sends you picks. You will be your own handicapper! This is a very big advantage over those few handicapping services on the Net that really are long term winners and have a reasonable level of prices – not 20 bucks for one “40 stars picks” or 300 bucks per month. 

You will go on odds comparison sites like www.betbrain.com  or www.tip-ex.com  whenever you want – and will make your own forecasts after analyzing odds from different bookmakers. On average it will take 1-3 minutes to produce your own opinion on a current event and to decide whether you have an edge over the line or not. Then it will take only seconds to calculate what money you will risk and to make a bet! As simple as that!  

Thirdly – you will get a lot of new and unique information and whether you’re a scalper or professional gambler it will help you to make a lot of improvements in your betting. You can believe me that even most professionals don’t understand several important things in sports betting especially in terms of what the odds really mean and how bookmakers spread their vigorish (commission). Only this information costs several times more money than the whole e-book!  

Now I will give you information on the technical parameters of the Aikido sports betting system: 


As low as…

As much as…

Required lifetime bankroll*

1000 USD

30000-50000 USD

Average number of bets per month



Number of bookmakers/exchanges required

One (BetFair.com – best choice)

10-20 top well-known and trustworthy bookmakers and exchanges

Average profit from turnover over the long run**



Average profit in percent to bankroll per year



Average size of stake in percent to lifetime bankroll




Soccer or tennis – the most researched ones

Soccer, tennis and MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA – the less researched ones

 *Lifetime bankroll is the amount of money that you’re putting at risk for your sports betting investments. Simply saying, if you lost say 80%-90% of your lifetime bankroll – you’re out of business. Actually, every day you will risk between 10% and 40% of your lifetime bankroll and this will be your session bankroll. You can start using this system having just 500 USD but I don’t recommend you do it because you will have to risk more to receive an acceptable level of income.

**Average profit from turnover (or yield) is the mathematical expectation of your long term winning or your advantage over the line. If you make 2000 bets per season risking 1% of your lifetime bankroll on each bet, on average having a yield of 5%, you will roll over your lifetime bankroll 2000*1%=20 times and may expect to receive 20*5%=100% of clear profit per year. 

From experience I can say that in the rare case of a winning handicapping service (90% of all handicapping services are losing and 90% of winning services have unreal pricing) your maximum yield profit over the long run in most cases will lay between 2-3% and 8-12% and you will have to pay on average 50-70 USD per month or 400-800 USD per year for this service. 

If you get lucky and find a good handicapper he will increase your bankroll by 50-150% per year but you will never be able to make your own handicapping because you will just be following someone else’s selections! You will also have to be online when the handicapper sends you your picks in order to place the bets. If you go on vacation, or you skip his tips for another reason it will be your own problem and there are no handicappers who will payback your money! It can be very sad when a winning handicapper is ahead in the current month and you are down because you only skipped several winning bets. 

But if you purchase the Aikido sports betting system – 1) you will pay much less money than you would hiring the average handicapper for several months and your knowledge will work for you for your entire lifetime and 2) you will be able to bet when you want with an amount of money determined by you depending on your own money management.  

If a winning handicapper is a fisherman – his methodology is his net! 

When you subscribe to a handicapper, you’re receiving the fish not the net - right? If a winning handicapper has a methodology useful in several sports and receives, say, $40-50 K a year it’s because his net is great – right?  

He can sell you the fish for 50-100 USD per month but imagine what the price of his net is…Definitely thousands of dollars!  

I’m proposing you to get a net cheaper than the average “3 month fish package”! I think it’s a real deal! 

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; Teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime” 

Additionally, you will get knowledgeable free support by email as well as free updates of the e-book. 

You may be wondering why update the e-book? First of all I am still continuing theoretical and practical research and believe that this process will not be done while I am still in this business, because there are no limits for possible improvements and also some data must be constantly updated! 

So after purchasing the e-book you will receive as little as 1 year support and as little as 2 updates of the e-book worth at least $100 USD yearly! (I have planned 2-4 updates in the year) 

What does it include?

 The e-book includes: 

1)    270 pages of content comprised of two parts in several sections and dozens of chapters

2)    Dozens of graphs and tables (for example you will have 60!!! Excel tables)

3)    Reviews of the best related sites

4)    Lots of practical examples 

You will have all the required knowledge to implement this system in practice step-by-step and after you learn it you will start to make money using it.  

It will take you between 2 and 5 days to learn this system and if you don’t understand something you will not be alone with your dilemma, I will always be there to help you!  

Does any author of a book offer you such a package? No – it’s only possible on the Internet! 

Summing up all I have previously said – for just the $300 USD promotional price in effect until the 31st of July you will get: 

1)    A 270 page e-book created over 2.5 years and written in easy to understand language with no hard formulas (personally I hate hard formulas)

2)    An easy to learn and apply practical system that you will spend up to five days to learn.

3)    Knowledge on how to set the right money management. You will determine your personal money management strategy depending on your bankroll, targets, time constraints and comfort with risk

4)  A job (or at least a profitably interesting hobby) that will take you between 20-30 minutes and 3-4 hours daily depending on your goals, bankroll and enjoyment of sports betting. You will work when you want and only when you want!

5)    Your own powerful forecasting system that doesn’t have an equal in the world in terms of effectiveness and simplicity.

6)    A winning methodology, good for several kinds of sports (soccer, tennis, major US sports) that doesn’t require a knowledge of sports at all.

7)    Support on a private forum or by email for life.

8)    Updates for 1 year (no less than 2 updates) worth at least 100 USD for free

9)    A System that proved it effectiveness in real betting – so you’re not a tester!

10)  Fast delivery – this is an e-book and you will receive it within hours (or even minutes)


And all that for just $300

I am not promising that you make millions, I am not selling this as a “get rich quick” scheme, I am not promising you the Holy Grail!  

I am promising you a working system with a flat bet advantage, the best money management techniques, unique content and support which will pay for itself many times over! 

Get it now! 

P.S. There is no in better proposition on the Net. In Russia I have sold several portions of the information from this e-book for 100-150 USD. Note that our overall sports betting market is several times smaller than PinnacleSports.com’s is and that average salaries are just 200-300 USD!

P.P.S. The only thing I am afraid of is the fast spreading of this system and that if thousands of people start using it – there will be less fish for any one single person. But you don’t have to worry – you’re among the first!

P.P.P.S. I don’t believe that a money back guarantee is a good thing for this kind of information because it’s a winning system and I don’t want that someone reads the info, learns the system in 2-5 days and then asks for their money back. But until I get some testimonials from new customers (despite the fact that I received great testimonials from several top gamblers who received this e-book) – I have to propose to you a full satisfaction money back guarantee valid until the 31st of July. This is a one time, limited time offer and the money back guarantee will be cancelled after the 31st of July. 

Click here to order  for an email delivery of the system.

It is possible to request the documentation on a CD to be mailed to you at no additional cost.

Sincerely yours,

ProBettor (email: probettor@agpsports.com)

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


If you missed any newsletter, click here for an archive.

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