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================================================    Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Aikido - Probettor's Sports Betting Day Trading System

Hello everyone,

Do you want to know how a new sports betting system will change your betting? Do you want to earn 100-200% of clear profit yearly placing bets in your free time? Do you want to receive a database of more than 100 bookmakers for free?  

Feel free to subscribe to the 3-part introduction course, from which you will know what this system is about!

Part I. Introduction.

Dear subscriber, 

Thank you for subscribing to this introduction course “ProBettor’s Day Trading Sports Betting System: Aikido. The Art of value betting” from which you will learn about the conception and history of the system, will find answers to most of your questions about this system and will receive a database of 100 bookmakers for free

I don’t want to rely on some marketing tricks to aggressively push you to purchase this system. The only thing I desire for now is for you to read this material properly. After you understand what this system is about and how it will improve your betting you can decide whether to order it. In just 3 days the system will be available for sale on the LetsTalkWinning.com website! 

First of all let me introduce myself. My nickname is ProBettor and I live in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). I have actively researched sports betting for more than 2.5 years on a full time basis. Maybe there are a lot of things I still don’t know in this field…but there’s a lot of information that I do know and this information is enough to winning consistently!  

My portfolio consists of: 

1) More than 50 articles for two all Russian, sports betting related, magazines “Sport Pari” and “Na Fone Sporta

2) The most popular free subscription on sports betting since 2002 in Russia and Ukraine called “Betting on sport as a valuable investment” with more than 3000 members

Currently I am working as the marketing director of the first Russian odds comparison service www.livelines.ru and the Director of the Association of Professional Handicappers called RuNet (the web zone of Russian speaking people) located at www.procappers.ru

Now that you know more about me and you have a better understanding what the name ProBettor means we can move on to the other words in the title of the e-book :) 

The second word - “Day Trading” - connotes that in your profitable sports betting careers most of your bets will be placed and accounted for in the term of one day.  

In my e-book I will prove to you that sports betting is a great area for investing compared to other ways of investing and that one of the benefits you will have in this kind of investment is the ability to see your results day after day.  

The next word in the name of my e-book is “System”.  

I can tell you that if you want to profit over the long run you must have a methodology or some kind of system because any unsystematic bets will collapse your bankroll and potentially destroy your life (at least your financial life)! 

But even if you have some kind of system or some kind of money management you can also go broke. All I am saying is that having some kind of system is much better than making unsystematic bets but the problem is that the system must be a winning one and it must prove its advantage over the bookmaker’s line in the long run

The Aikido sports betting system is an unusual example of a winning system. I must explain to you what exactly is a winning system

A Winning system is the knowledge of certain rules that after implementing them in practice will be able to generate for you certain income within defined parameters.

In sports betting a winning system consists of at least two main parts: 

1)  A proven advantage over the line

2)  A powerful (or optimal) money management 

The Aikido system has proved its advantage over the line by analyzing more than 7000 simulated bets on European soccer, tennis and other kinds of sports (including US sports) based on a powerful internal logic. To be ahead after thousands of bets is a great result and it simply can’t be a fluke. The greatest thing is that in real betting it showed nearly the same results as the simulated bets!  

Touching on the topic of money management, a very important part of sports betting, you can be sure that the Aikido system has a flat bet advantage

Flat betting is a simple way to test any financial system but I must admit that for real stakes it isn’t always the optimal way of betting. It has some disadvantages and in the system you will see several more powerful money managements (but you surely use flat)!  

Even very experienced bettors make mistakes while setting up their money management. It means that these experienced bettors (who have a flat advantage over the line) are at the least having less profits than they could have had with the same level of risk and at the worst they are even  losing!  

My winning system addresses the highest requirements of a winning methodology. It has both an advantage over the line (flat and more optimal) and several powerful money managements (with one specific one recommended).  

The next word in the title is “Aikido”. Why did I use this word? 

Aikido is a fighting art where you use the power of your opponents to beat them. This is the spirit of Aikido and its simplified philosophy.  

When it comes to sports betting, with this system’s knowledge you will use the power of bookmakers (and other sources) to beat the bookmaker or to gain money on betting exchanges like www.BetFair.com.

The bookmaker is a serious opponent, who year after year removes money from the pockets of 98-99% of all gamblers. They know their art very well! 

That’s why we will concentrate on finding the bookmaker’s weaknesses and capitalizing on them wisely! 

The simple philosophy of the Aikido sports betting system is: “Handicap the bookmaker not the sport” 

And finally, “The Art of value betting” means that the only way to be a long term winner is to have a mathematical edge over the line or to have a “value” in betting terminology. A lot of sports bettors consider “value betting” as a betting on long odds but this is just a simplification. You will make bets both on long odds and short odds. What’s the difference? The most important thing is to have a mathematical advantage on the bet (a value) and to put the right amount of money on it.  

Speaking honestly, when I just started my research of “value betting” I thought that everything would be much simpler – but it isn’t. It is an art in some sense and you will be able to learn the basics of this art quickly, easily and practically because a lot of work was put in by me to make it that way! 

That’s all for today - thank you for your attention! 

Tomorrow Izak will send you a second email, and the day after tomorrow a third and only after that will you be able to purchase the e-book. 

I don’t want you to sit and think about the price – it’s not a secret:

The regular price for the 270 page e-book, in development since the year 2001, will be $850.

And the promotional price effective until the 31st  of July will be only $600 USD

In the next email (tomorrow) I will tell you more about the creation and basics of the system. 

Sincerely yours,

ProBettor (probettor@agpsports.com) - questions are welcome.

Wishing you all the best,
Until tomorrow,


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