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================================================    Wednesday, February 23, 2005
A Solid Roulette Strategy and the New Adapted ITS Integrated into TTS

Hello everyone,

I came across a solid roulette strategy, while scrolling at the posts in the discussion forum.  It was posted by Gerhard.  There were several questions about this strategy, so I decided to share it with you here today and clarifying some of the outstanding issues.

Gerhard calls his strategy Sotaris, which stands for Secret of the Absolute Return Investment Strategy.  And we will see why.

The strategy had quite a few variations.  The following was the one I liked the most and found the most solid.

It's a method that switches between two stages.

In stage A, you bet a total 11 units and cover 33 numbers the following way:

You place 1 unit on each of the following line bets:


that is, one unit on 0,2,3, one unit on 4,5,6, etc, until one unit on 16,17,18.  So far, we have placed 5 units.

Then you place 6 units on High (covering numbers 19-36).  So now we have 11 units on the table.

On a European roulette wheel, you have one zero and the La Partage rule is used, where half your bet is returned if a zero shows up, thus you win +4 units if a zero appears.

You will win 1 unit on each number, except on 1,7,8,9, as those numbers are not covered. 

If one of the numbers on the line bets you covered comes up, you get paid 12 for 1 and you profit 1 unit for your 11 unit investment.  If High comes up, you also get 12 units, thus profiting again 1 unit.

If either 1,7,8,9 comes up, you lose the 11 units.

The mathematical expectation is about -2% of all your wagers.

You keep winning your 1 unit within stage A, until either number 1,7,8,9 hits and you lose 11 units.  Then you switch to stage B.

Stage B tries to recover the lost 11 units and even gains a few more.

Stage A wins 33/37 of all tries ~89% you will have your +1 unit without any problem.

Stage B is based on the following:

You start by betting 1 unit on Low (covering numbers 1-18).  If you lose your bet, you continue betting 1 unit on Low.  You do so until you win.  Then you start betting High (numbers 19-36). 

The amounts of your bets is placed based on a special variation of the Labouchere cancellation method:  Since you are trying to recover 11 units, you write the numbers 1,1,2,3,4, which sum up to 11 on your betting scheme.  If you lose your 1 unit minimum bet, you add it to the front of your list of numbers, i.e. 1,1,1,2,3,4.  If you lose your 1 unit minimum bet again, you still bet 1 unit minimum on your next bet and you keep adding the lost 1 unit in front of the list of your numbers for as many as you lose, i.e. 1,1,1,1,1,2,3,4. 

Only when you win your bet, that you add up all the 1 units in front of this list and the last number in this list to determine your next bet amount.  If, for instance, you had 1,1,1,1,1,3,4,7,11 in your list, and you happen to win your bet, your next bet will be: 1+1+1+1+1+11, that is 16 units on High.

Here is an example on how this works:

Number/bet on/amount won-lost/net running total/(list of numbers in Stage B)

33/b4/+1/+1  (as long as the number that came up is not 1,7,8,9, you win 1 unit in Stage A)




9/b4/-11/-7/(1,1,2,3,4)   9 came up, you lose 11 units, your net balance is 4-11=-7, now you switch to  stage B

13/Low/+1/-6/(1,1,2,3,4)  You bet 1 unit on Low and you win, so your next bet is on High 1+1+4=6 units.  Also note that the won +1 unit is NOT added to the list of numbers.  This will provide the extra units won, when the 11 units are recovered.

21/High/+6/0/(2,3)  You bet 6 units on High and you win, so your next bet is on High again - now with regular Labouchere you bet 2+3=5 units

8/High/-5/-5/(2,3,5)  You bet 5 units on High and you lose, your net is -5, since you lost, you will bet Low on your next bet and 1 unit minimum

26/Low/-1/-6/(1,2,3,5)  Your 1 unit minimum bet lost, you add it to the list of numbers and you bet Low again with 1 unit minimum on your next bet

5/Low/+1/-5/(1,2,3,5)  You bet 1 unit on Low and you win, and the +1 units is again not added to the list of numbers.  Since you won, you will be betting High on your next bet (5+1=6 units)

29/High/+6/+1/(2,3) 6 units on High is won, you cross out the 1 and 5 from the list of numbers

14/High/-5/-4/(2,3,5) 5 units on High is lost, you write down the 5 at the end of the list, now you will bet 1 unit on Low

9/Low/+1/-3/(2,3,5)  1 unit on Low wins, you don't add the won unit to the list, now you will bet High, since you won; you will bet 2+5=7 units

12/High/-7/-10/(2,3,5,7) Your High bet loses, you add the 7 units to the end of the list.  Now you will bet 1 unit on Low, since you lost

17/Low/+1/-9/(2,3,5,7) Your Low bet wins, now you will bet High with 2+7=9 units

23/High/+9/0/(3,5) Your High bet wins, you cancel the numbers 2 and 7 from the list. Since you won, you will continue betting High with the sum of the first and last numbers (3+5=8). Your net balance is now 0.

20/High/-8/-8/(3,5,8) Your High bet loses, you add the 8 to the end and bet 1 unit Low on your next bet

19/Low/-1/-9/(1,3,5,8) Your Low bet loses, you add the 1 to the front of the list and you continue to bet 1 unit on Low

32/Low/-1/-10/(1,1,3,5,8)  Your Low bet loses, you continue to bet 1 on Low.

28/Low/-1/-11/(1,1,1,3,5,8) Your Low bet loses, you continue to bet 1 on Low and the 1 unit to the front of your list of numbers

34/Low/-1/-12/(1,1,1,1,3,5,8) Your Low bet loses, you continue to bet 1 on Low and the 1 unit to the front of your list of numbers

7/Low/+1/-11/(1,1,1,1,3,5,8) Now your Low bet won.  You don't add nor cancel the 1 unit from the list of numbers.  You next bet will be on High with the amount 1+1+1+1+8=12 units

6/High/-12/-23/(1,1,1,1,3,5,8,12) Your High bet loses.  You append the 12 to the end of the list.  You go back to betting Low with 1 unit.

9/Low/+1/-22/(1,1,1,1,3,5,8,12)  Your Low bet wins.  Now you bet High with 1+1+1+1+12=16 units, etc.















Now all numbers have been cancelled.  The net balance is +14.  Stage B started off at -7.  The 11 units have been recovered.  So the balance should have been +4.  We end up at +14 because of the 10 times winning of the +1 unit, while betting Low, that was not added to the list of numbers.

I hope you liked this strategy.  I hope to have been able to clarify the questions that were raised in the forum, and corrected some mistakes in the post. 

The author of TTS - the Trade Tuner System, Edmond Petitjean has an adapted version of ITS - the Intraday Trade System for you.

Initially ITS was developed in the first place for financial spread betting.

The good news is that now ITS is integrated in TTS.

This package is also very universal in its applications: no limits to the markets or timeframes you want to trade. 

With this, creating a substantial income is an easy thing to accomplish.

Combining TTS with a sound money management is one of the best possible businesses in the world.

Yes, it is indeed a pure business approach, not gambling. By using TTS (including most of ITS), you'll always have a BIG edge. 

How does Edmond use it himself?: " I finally settled down on trading options on commodities exclusively. Most trades take from 1 week to 1 month and give HUGE gains without any stress of intraday trading, trying to grab 1 or 2 meager points. This approach allows me to NOT use any stop and so I'm never stopped out of a profitable trade, something that happens all to often with most traders. I found another way of protecting my capital. This I will also explain when you buy the new integrated TTS with ITS.

Performance: some examples of how I'm using it myself: recently I bought puts on cotton and made 58 % profit in 4 days (from 24-01 to 28-01). Now I bought calls on gold and euro: the gold calls are already up 38% and going (not yet sold). In all cases my risk was very low, as I'm only buying cheap options."

It's the best of ITS added to and adapted for TTS.  This added power is what makes the new TTS.
This combination is definitely much more powerful and universal than ITS alone.

TTS and ITS are both tested very long and the combination is only  better than the usage of the two systems independently.

Potential gains: depends entirely on your approach to the market. What will you be trading? Which timeframes?  But an average 10% profit or more on your capital each month is very feasible.


A list of free and low cost charting sites is included with the course.

The price of this integrated package is $1500 instead of $2500.  This is a great promotion.

As a special bonus, the first 20 customers will also get two new universal turning point lists for the years 2005 and 2006.

These lists are split in two versions: the first one gives these tp's for the daily time frame and the second one for the weekly time frame.  These new tp's are VERY powerful.

Extra bonus for the first 30 buyers: a spreadsheet I developed to calculate all the important parameters automatically for each trade.  This can be used with any charting software or online charts: the ideal companion to the new integrated system.

Click here to order, or click on the PayPal button below for an email delivery of the system.

Thank you,

Edmond Petitjean (questions are welcome, email me at: edmond.petitjean@skynet.be)

The Ideal System for All Even Bets continues to do well for all purchasers.  Here are some testimonials from happy customers:

"Simple, but effective...this is exactly how I like to play...minimum risk, moderate gain...safe and easy."                                                                                                                Dave

"I purchased the system the other day and am testing when I have time. So far I have tested the bonus method on table 1 at Spielbank Hamburg. I'm shooting for 10 units with a stop loss at 40 units.

2/18 +10 ....42 spins
2/19 +10 ....12
2/21 +12 ....70
2/22 +10 ....27

Global Player
2/21 +10 ....24 spins
2/22 +13 ....23 spins"                                                                                               Benjamin

Click here to order, or click on the PayPal button below for an email delivery of the system.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,

Use the Ideal System for All Even Bets at Windows Casino

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