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================================================    Thursday, December 1, 2005
FAQ on the New 3D-RB - 3 Dozens Relative Betting Roulette System

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your great interest in my new system 3D-RB - 3 Dozens Relative Betting Roulette system announced last week.

There are already some very good comments and testimonials on the system:

"Hi Izak,

I received the system. Thanks for the prompt service. I tried it out today and made 108 units in 75 spins, the second dozen had a dominant period.

The 100 unit plan is your best MM approach.  I like it myself. Congratulations!

I feel this is a sound system"
                                                                                                               Bill M.

There have been quite a few questions about the system, both in the discussion forum and in individual emails.  I will share my answers with all of you this week in this newsletter.

Q. Hi Izak,

Have you used roulette xtreme to test your system?  Also what are the chances of making $2,500 using $1000 as a bankroll?

A. No, I haven't used Roulette X-treme. 3D-RB has its own simulation built specifically to show the performance of this particular system using various money management options.

The chances of making $2500 using $1000 bankroll is very high. It will very much depend on your bet units and how you set your win target and loss limit. For instance, if you set your unit size to $100, you will need 25 units to accomplish this goal. You will be able to reach this by setting your win target to say +30 units with a loss limit of -5. Those parameters can generate 60 units per your play session.

On the more aggressive bet unit side, you can set your bet unit to $1000 and set your win target to +1 unit and loss limit to -1 unit. Those parameters can bring you 5 units per your session with no difficulty.

3D-RB allows you lots of flexibility to achieve your goal.

Q. Hi Izak,

A very intriguing concept. I am anxious to give it a whirl! I would appreciate answers to the following questions. Thanks.

How practical is 3D-RB to play in B&M casino, and does one need paper and pencil?

A. 3D-RB is very practical in all environments, on-line and brick-and-mortar casinos.  You can keep track of your bets in memory with a little bit of training and you can keep track of your net balance by means of stack of chips, too.

Q.  Is 3D-RB a long term winner and specifically how many decisions have been tested/played, and what result?

A. 3D-RB has been tested over thousands of sessions. You need to comply to its requirements to play say 2 runs of +100 unit runs per session. Then you can make a lot of profits. It's not designed to play continuously. Only with the former option, it's a long run winner. Different results are obtained based on different money management options, which are all documented in the system document.

Q. Based on selecting +20 unit win target and loss limit -2 units, what are the following: (a.) Lifetime bankroll requirements (b.) Session bankroll requirements. (c) Win/Loss ratio per session ( on average) (d) Win/Loss per hour of play (on average) assuming 40 spins per hour. (e) Worst scenario encountered tested/playing with a variety of parameters, as well as +20 win, -2 unit loss.

A.  I plugged in the parameters you specified in the simulator. A +20 win target with a loss limit of -2 unit per run makes about 100 units per 500 spins, averaging 1 unit per 5 spins. The drawdown was -40 units. I would use a session bankroll of 50 units and 200 units for a lifetime bankroll. The win/loss ratio seems to be about 8 losing runs for 1 winning one. The losing run may end up being between 2-4 units and the winning run may be 20-28 units. The hourly rate depends on where you play. On-line, with the quick spin option, you can have 1 decision every 5 seconds. In B&M you should account for a spin every 2 minutes. Once a minute on a regular table and about 3-4 minutes per spin on a crowded table. Don't use crowded tables. Worst scenario was losing 150 units and best scenario was gaining 220 units within 1000 spins.

Q. Izak, You stated above that with a 20 unit win target you will loose about 8 games for every win. You also indicated your average loss of between 2 and 4 units. If you take a average of 3units loss times 8 games that's a loss of 24 for every win of 20.  Please explain

A. The small losing runs are mostly (90%) around -2 and the positively ending runs are mostly around +28. So, 8 losing runs cost about 16-18 units, whereas the winning run is between 24-28. At least 6 units are gained per 9 runs. Each run consists of about 2-15 spins.

Q. Izak,

I don't understand your second point above - about committing to two 100+unit runs per session. Can you explain what you mean by that?

And, you stated that with this option it is a long-run winner, what kind of long-run results is that? Do the other money management options not generate long-run positive results?

A. Within a playing session, which could be your daily play or your session in the morning or afternoon, you aim to achieve two runs of +100 units each. The losing runs in between are from -1 to -3 units. The system enables you to gain a run of +100 units before your -1 to -3 unit negative runs get to -100. Within a range of 150-200 spins, one is able to hit two runs of +100 unit, with a drawdown which usually does not exceed 30 units.

Other money management methods produce other type of profits, explained in the system.

Q. Are your tests on 00 wheels or just single 0 wheels?

A. The simulation and real life tests were all conducted on 00 wheels.

Q. Are you betting on just one dozen at a time or 2 dozens?

A. You may be betting on one or two or three (hardly ever three because of DB - differential betting) dozens at a time, depending on where you are in the betting scheme.

Q. How many consecutive wins does it take to get one of those 100 unit profit stop points?

A. You don't have to have consecutive wins in order to accomplish the +100 unit run, but a few wins relative to losses.

Q. Izak, what would be the bankroll for that approach? 4-5 times the drawdown?

Secondly, what number of spins is generally necessary to hit the +100 target?

Oh, and what is the win/loss ratio for runs to get to +100?

And, lastly, what is overall win/loss ratio for sessions started?

A. For a +100 win target and -1 loss limit for a run, you cannot have a bankroll which is 4-5 times the drawdown of -40 units. The bankroll in this case is exactly the drawdown. If you would require a bankroll of 100 units, then the drawdown could go down to -100, which is not the case and is not desirable. What we're trying to achieve is a +100 unit run with a 40 unit session bankroll.

The number of spins required to reach that +100 unit run can be between 10-30.

If we consider a session that draws down more than 40 units a losing session, then you could have 2 losing sessions between 2 winning runs of +100, provided you start a new run, when you're at less than -40.

The goal is to have 2 +100 unit runs within a session. The session can end between +60 and +168 units considering some -40 unit losing runs in between, also not exceeding 2 of them.

Q. Is this the most profitable system you have seen/created?

A. No, I have other systems, which can be more profitable, also depending on the circumstances. This is just another good idea on how to win.

Q. Could someone make a living with this online?

A. I never recommend to make a living with a gambling system. The profits made from a system should be supplementary to your steady income. Otherwise, it increases your stress level and greed, both of which could be your enemies in gambling and in life.

Q. How do you define a run and how do you define a session?

A. A run is when you have reached either your win target or loss limit for a specific set of spins. For instance, if your limits are +20 and -5, a run is over when you have reached either value. A session is an accumulation of runs, which constitute your daily or session goal. For instance, a session is defined by having hit two runs of +100 units and a few losing runs in between. You can have a session goal of say 120+ units and session loss limit of say -40 units, each session consisting of a few runs having each their own win/loss parameters.

Q. What is the lifetime bankroll needed for your optimum strategy of a +100 win target and -1 loss limit for a run?

A. A lifetime bankroll of 200 units should be sufficient. As per the previous answer, if you set your session loss limit to -40 and if you lose such a session 5 times, you would be losing your lifetime bankroll. However, in order for this to happen, you would have to lose your session bankroll 5 times consecutively or having a lot more losing sessions than winning ones, which is a rare case.

Q. You are offering a no-questions asked satisfaction or money-back refund correct?

A. Absolutely.

"Very clear and honest answers. Thanks a lot."                                Ken

You can purchase 3D-RB for as low as $200, which is negligible next to the profits it's going to make you.  You will probably cover your cost within the first few hours of your play.  You have a money back guarantee based on your full satisfaction, and you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase, if the system doesn't perform for you the way it should, no questions asked and no strings attached. 

Click here to order, or click on the PayPal button below for an email delivery of the system.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,

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River Belle - The Greatest li` ol` Riverboat Casino

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