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================================================   Friday, December 18, 2020
FAQ on the New AMM System by Izak Matatya and Holiday Specials

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

The new AMM - Alternating Majority Minority System announced a couple of weeks ago was received with great enthusiasm.  Although there were no discussions about it in the forum, I have received numerous private emails and I would like to share with you my answers in this newsletter and how you can take advantage of 90% discount for all my systems as holiday specials. 

Q: Hi Izak,

Thank you for all you do for this community. I know you spend hundreds of hours developing your systems and I want you to know you are appreciated.

I have some questions about your new AMM system.

Q: How complicated is it?

A: Not at all.

Q: How many pages?

A: 10

Q: Does it require pen and paper at the table?

A: Not really, simple arithmetic...

Q: Betting on every outcome?

A: Yes, except the very first three.

Q: You mention a flat bet advantage, so are there different options such as Flat Betting, Conservative, Aggressive?

A: Sure enough!  All those options are there built in to the system by simple change of parameters.

Thanks again!

Q: Is the discount code for another system given after payment is made for AMM ?

A: Yes, upon the completion of the AMM order with the discount code AMMSP, you will receive a different discount code with which you can use to buy any other system with 90% discount unlimitedly.

Q: What do you mean by majority of decisions and minority of decisions

I am interested in even bets like odd/even

A:  Let's say you have a sequence of B B B B B P P B P P BBB P P PB BB B BBBB, obviously the majority here is B decisions and P decisions are the minority.  The system will determine how many decisions need to be tracked upon.

AMM will work on all even bets.

Q: Could you flat bet this system? If you could what bankroll would you need?

A: Yes,  flat betting makes 115 units with commissions. Without commissions you have a flat bet advantage of 454, that is 454 more wins than losses.

A 200 unit bankroll would be sufficient for the largest drawdown.

200 units can be the worst scenario ever, which would be your lifetime bankroll. For a normal session, even a 20 unit bankroll would be adequate.

Q: Since at this time I only have American 0/00 roulette available to me I would like to know if your AMM system would perform well and also be profitable as it did against Baccarat?

A: Yes, of course, the same concept applies to all even paying games.  AMM has a simulation for roulette as well.

Q: Which other system would you recommend as your most effective or that might be synergistic with the AMM system?

And if you play Baccarat online, can you recommend a certain credible website?  Or are you able to still play Baccarat in person?

A: Other powerful Baccarat systems are: the Difference system, SOWS (Stay on the Winning Side), SEBS, Five-Three, Grid-3, Inertia, 1-2-3.

I play mostly on brick-and-mortar casinos. Some recommended on-line casinos are listed at:


Q: Did you happen to run simulations for the new system with any of the roulette bets? I am curious to see the results, drawdowns, volatility, etc. 

A: Yes, of course, tested AMM for all 15,000 Zumma roulette spins. 

Following were the results:

initial bet:


max drawdown:


max profit:


end profit:


max bet:






and here is its performance chart:

Q: What is the unit Buy-In that I need to play AMM with a $1 unit base? $720?

Would this System be doable played in an on-line RNG casino? On average, what is the lowest Draw Down and or the highest bet unit in games played? I take it that playing AMM, that the longer you play, the more profit you can acquire?

A: 720 units are your entire lifetime bankroll. Per session you won't need more than 144 units tops, which can be your largest drawdown. You highest bet can be limited to 72 units.

The system will work for RNG games, as long as the on-line casino is trustable.

Yes, AMM works on the long run.

Q: Your new AMM system sure looks profitable. And I'm sure your clients appreciate the 90% discount offer, as I soon will. But before I purchase the system, I just wanted to ask a question about the profit graph you included in this email. Yes, it is nicely rising in essentially steady profits, but then those drops are perfectly straight lines downward. I know the numbers at the bottom are individual hands over the course of 1000 shoes, so if the maximum bet is only 37 units, how is it possible that the bankroll drops from about 36,000 to about 32,000 in one hand? Also, this is a rather steep drop, way more than the lifetime bankroll of 720 units. How did this happen in your simulation?

A: 37 units are not the maxbet for the overall system. I specified that it is not unlikely to make 66 units with a maxbet of 37 units, that was the case for some typical shoes.

Otherwise, we will need a larger bankroll in order to accomplish those long term winnings overcoming commissions in regular Baccarat.

For other even bet games, we can even have a flat bet version working well, since AMM's bet selection gives you already a flat bet advantage of 454 units for 1000 shoes or 73000 decisions.

Q: So are you saying that the system can be used with many different types of betting progressions? Or is the progression static and only the amount of the maximum bet is changed?

Also, you didn't explain why or how that HUGE drop of what appears to be 4,000 units in one hand happened, or is even possible. Is this an instance where the maximum bet gets so big it exceeds table maximums?

I'm not trying to annoy you with these questions, but I just want to have an idea of whether I could ever implement this method in the real world.

A: No, those are very good questions and you are fully entitled to ask them and it's my pleasure to answer them for you and anyone else who is interested in my systems.

Yes, the system can be used with very different types of progressions, starting with a sequence of 1, betting 1 unit at a time, totally flat betting and having 454 more wins at the end of 1000 shoes than losses.

The sequence is how long the progression can last, from 1 up to 19 steps. The thing is that this parameter is independent of the actual betting progression. For instance if your betting progression consists of say 5 steps and the sequence is set to 8, when you reach 8 the end ends. This avoids the escalation of bets. Those parameters are adjusted to have you win on the long run and win more the more you play.

Table maximums are never exceeded. There are various ranges: 1-100, 1-200, 1-500, 1-1000 even 1-5000. At times people play with 0.10 cts units, thus their 500 unit bets consists of $50 tops.

The huge drops is because that particular simulation was using the higher range of table limits, but profiting on the long run nevertheless.

Here's a small example using different and very conservative parameters for 6000 bets.

Q: Hi Izak,

Since this is not being discussed in the forum, please advise on the following:

1. Is the bet selection unique from your other systems?.

1. Yes absolutely. Totally different and unique.

2. Can we utilize flat bet only for conservative approach?

2. Yes in flat bet mode you win 454 times more than losing.

3. Do I need to do charting while playing?

3, No need for charting.

4. Is this purely mechanical? If 2 persons will play the same table, will the results of both be the same?

4. Yes it will be identical.

5. If I decided to buy this system only, will I be entitled to a refund with no questions asked?

5. No, this is a holiday special. At 90% discount there are no refunds.

With this $100 you get to purchase a new system, a generic simulation that gives you 1000 Zumma shoes, 1000 random shoes, 1000 Zumma shoes with commissions, 1000 random shoes with commissions, EZ Baccarat 1000 random shoes.  You can even get to test other systems with all those entries provided to you by the simulation by a simple change of parameter.

You also get a discount code where you can purchase any other of my systems at 90% discount with no limit.

If I would issue a refund on those options, then I could not stay in business.

A customer just purchased a great system: Five-Three (https://shop.letstalkwinning.com/products/five-three-baccarat-system?_pos=1&_sid=c902f7675&_ss=r) , which was already discounted from $1500 to $170 and paid only $17 after the 90% discount. 

Happy Holidays,

Well, thank you all for your great interest.

As per the holiday special you will receive 90% discount on this system if you purchase it before January 7, 2021 and pay only $100 instead of $1000.  You just need to use the discount code:  AMMSP at the checkout panel of:


Presently AMM goes for $1400.

Moreover, upon the purchase of this system you will additionally receive another discount code, which will give you 90% discount on any other system of mine until January 7, 2021, an incredible offer. 

Even if the system is already discounted, say from $800 to $225, you will receive a 90% discount on top of the discounted system and purchase it for almost nothing. 

The discount code will be provided to you as you as you place your order for AMM with its own discount code AMMSP. 

You can purchase as many systems as you like using the code provided to you upon your purchase of AMM. 

The holiday specials are final sales and they cannot be refunded. 

You will have a huge arsenal against all casino games and you will be fully ready when the pandemic is over. 

In the meantime I wish you all well, happy reading and a good holiday season with your loved ones. 

And most importantly wishing you a safe, healthy, virus-free and prosperous New Year 2021.

Izak Matatya


Email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com, izak.matatya@videotron.ca or matatya.izak@gmail.com

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