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=========================================   Thursday, September 6, 2001

Electro-mechanical Roulette, Apologies to Mr. Andrew Glazer,
Sands Press Release

Hello everyone,

I’m just coming back from a long vacation that I took during the month of August.  I have been one week in Germany and three weeks in Turkey, where I was born.  I used to play in casinos in Istanbul, particularly at the nice one in Hilton Hotel.  Unfortunately all casinos have been shut down in Istanbul, due to a low economy and increased level of corruption.  Turkey is a fascinating place, where you can spend an inexpensive vacation. 

In Germany, I was near Hamburg, but I didn’t get a chance to play there.  I did find a small casino, though, at Frankfurt airport.  There I found an electro-mechanical Roulette wheel, about which one Let’s Talk Winning customer was previously inquiring.  It consists of a real Roulette wheel that turns either direction at various speeds, activated by a turntable instead of a human croupier.   The ball is thrown also automatically at random speeds opposite the wheel’s direction.  Bets are placed electronically by people sitting around this glass protected wheel by means of a touch screen.  You “buy” chips by inserting bills into the machine, which credits your account at the place you’re sitting and you can bet any amount between 1DM up to 100 DM by pointing it on the screen.   

I found this quite interesting, as the betting was like an on-line casino and the wheel was an actual Roulette wheel.  If I had more time - I was catching my connecting flight - I could test for some “dealer’s signature”, although it was quite unlikely to do so in a short time span, as the random speed of the wheel and the ball was quite noticeable.  But I'm convinced if one would time a few hundred spins, one could discover a certain pattern, within which similar wheel speeds can be detected and this could be associated to certain favored sectors on the wheel.  It would take a lot of time and patience, but the possibility is there. 

I have not notified you that I was leaving on vacation, as I wanted to rely on the power of the internet, to be able to check my emails from anywhere and reply to you.  I delegated the processing of your orders to my assistant.  I was in touch with him most of the time.  At one point, though, around the 20th of August, we have lost contact, as I could not find an internet café everywhere I went.  My assistant took the liberty of writing the newsletter of August 23 by himself without my proof reading it.   The newsletter was titled “Worst Wagers to Avoid”.  It was an article written by Mr. Andrew N. S. Glazer.

It was a good story, but we made two mistakes.

So far, no newsletter has been published without the agreement of the author.  We have mutual agreements with writers such as Larry Edell from the Crapshooter, Allan Kriegman from Winning Ways, Jerry Patterson, the author of Casino Gambling, and many others.   We do not have an agreement with Andrew Glazer. 

1)    My assistant did not know that he needed to contact Mr. Glazer to get his permission to republish his article, and so not only was it run without his permission but without payment.  My assistant thought Mr. Glazer would be happy with the free exposure.  It turns out that Mr. Glazer already writes for so many respected publications that he feels no need for free exposure and he was quite upset that we used his material without permission.

2)   More importantly, and probably less easy to forgive, my assistant inserted a paragraph into the middle of Mr. Glazer’s story without ever indicating that he was doing so.  In the middle of a Glazer story about wagers to avoid, my assistant inserted the words “If you insist on a financial reward, though, try Izak's Reward system.  It has proved so far to be a very rewarding system to everyone who has tried it.  Read more about it at:” 

There was never any transition to indicate Mr. Glazer’s article had stopped and my assistant’s words were starting, and after this insertion, Mr. Glazer’s article continued. 

My assistant, in other words, invented an endorsement of my systems by Mr. Glazer, who has never endorsed them.  Although I believe they are good systems, it was wrong for us to manufacture an endorsement from a prominent gambling writer when we didn’t have one, and I offer Mr. Glazer my apologies here. 

I sent a copy of this note to Mr. Glazer before publishing it, and he wanted to add the following note: 

To Izak’s Readers: 

I’m glad Izak has decided to do the right thing and admit to a very serious error.   Reputation is everything in this business, and I write for respected publications like the Detroit Free Press, Gambling Times, Chance Magazine, Poker Digest, and for respected websites like, precisely because I have a reputation for telling people the truth, even if the truth is not what they want to hear. 

I have been receiving Izak’s newsletter for some time now.  Sometimes I agree with what I read in it, and sometimes I disagree.  Indeed, sometimes I disagree quite strongly.   I am not a big advocate of “systems” in games that the player cannot beat long-term, such as roulette, craps, or baccarat.  I believe that when players engage in these games for entertainment and in the hope of some short-term success, they should play these games as well as possible, to reduce the house edge, but that no miracle systems exist to turn a house-advantage game into a house-disadvantage game.  Knowing that, you can imagine my anger when I found my name attached to and endorsing one such system. 

I think you can find good information about gambling in the publications that I am paid to write for, and in my book, Casino Gambling the Smart Way, which you can learn more about at my own website,

Andrew N.S. Glazer

I owe another apology to Mr. Glazer, as the article was sent twice.  But, this was a technical mistake.  My web hosting company has changed the outgoing mail server name while I was away and my assistant has used a different email address to send the newsletter.  But the original one has been sitting in my outbox until it got released when I resolved the problem.   

I’m truly sorry about what happened.  This is a mistake I need to learn from, such as to have better control and monitoring during my next vacation and most importantly the proper communication of our policies.  We all need to learn from our mistakes, particularly in gambling.  Lots of mistakes that I have made in gambling lead me to write better and safer systems, with proper money management techniques.

I also believe that good customer service is not just to provide a decent service, but to admit one's mistakes, to be proactive about them in order to further improve the service by taking proper corrective action.

I’m currently testing extensively a system for even money bets with only flat bets.  So far my tests have been very encouraging.  I should be able to complete its documentation by the end of the month.  I will keep you posted.

I'd like to share with you a press release from my favorite on-line casino:  Sands of the Caribbean, where the largest jackpot of $414K was won very recently.

The Press Release Staff - CCMH, Ltd.

Contact: Gwen Salmon -September 4, 2001
phone: 268-480-1800

New Record breaking USD$414,119 jackpot won at The Sands of Caribbean
Online Casino
St. John's, Antigua - On September 3, 2001 an online casino player won more than USD$414,119 playing the Rags to Riches slot game at The Sands
of the Caribbean Online Casino
, announced Gwen Salmon, Director of Finance at CCMH, Ltd. 

"We are always excited to see one of our patrons win big and we are proud of the fact that we continually award the largest winnings in the online casino industry.

Our players recognize that our games are fair, our payouts are fast, our service is professional, and our games are fun are full of variety. Because of this, our reputation is at the top of this exciting new industry", said Salmon.

 "Unbelievable, I couldn't and still don't believe it!" said the winner,whose online moniker is "BOBO".  "I was playing the Rags to Riches game and all three of the reels stopped on the "Rags to Riches" symbols and the bonus wheel started to spin," explained BOBO.  "I was just hoping for the wheel to stop at $200, but it stopped at JACKPOT!!! I woke up my wife and we sat for almost 12 hours as the machine counted off at $600 per minute.  After the win, The Sands of Caribbean Online Casino customer service department couldn't have been happier for me or treated me nicer.   People really do win on Internet casinos. Thank you 414,000 times!"   exclaimed BOBO.

The Sands of Caribbean Online Casino was most recently recognized this past March for awarding what was then the largest jackpot ever won online,
USD $235,662. The March jackpot was won while playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

The Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino is operated by CCMH, Ltd., a Caribbean based company holding multiple gaming licenses.   The Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino currently serves more than 120,000 online customers worldwide and has paid out more than $1 billion USD to its players' accounts since being licensed in August of 1997. 

Indeed I can confirm, that everytime I contact Sands, I get the best customer service.
I would encourage you to play there.

Until next week,
Best regards,


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