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==============================================   Thursday, September 5, 2002
On-Line Casino Gambling

Hello everyone,

The honesty and fairness of on-line casinos has been a questionable issue.  Thanks to a Let's Talk Winning customer who has inquired on the subject and has granted his permission to publish our email exchange, we will focus on this item this week.

"Hello Izak,

I have a few questions and perhaps a couple of comments regarding the above subject matter.

Online casino gambling.
As you know, the rules have changed regarding "qualifying" play for bonus money......i.e. no baccarat, roulette, or craps. Therefore, we must now play these games with the house edge, as well as a rather strong suspicion that the casino has the ability to manipulate these games if the bets are large and/or the player is winning. Izak, we need your expertise and/or research to determine the PRECISE condition of the "battlefield" we are playing on. This would be an excellent topic for your newsletter. There are countless individuals who do not live near a land based casino (myself included) who are reluctant to play online table games against a perceived stacked deck......and therefore, do not play. Of course, there are some who play for the "thrill", but your forum audience is looking for a "FAIR" chance to win, and cannot tolerate anything but a perfectly level playing field. After all, It should be quite enough that we are playing negative expectation games, and the casinos can expect to extract their pound of flesh in the long run.  (At least, let them think so). The bottom line is that we need ACCURATE & PRECISE information regarding the TRUE conditions that exist......and only then can we make an intelligent decision to risk our hard earned money. Thanks in advance for helping in this matter.

I am tinkering with a system that I created sometime ago for playing the dozens. The system calls for betting two dozen each time, and testing thus far shows a constant 70% + accurate bet selection/win rate using flat bets, with the norm at 66%.on average for sheer guessing. In order to increase the win amount (without increasing unit size), what specific betting progression could you suggest that would achieve my objectives.? I have tried virtually every type of progression I could think of, but they all fall short of keeping the bets from rising too rapidly, and thus making it very difficult to recapture losses during a negative streak. Thanks again, Izak. Take care."

My first reply was:


It's true that on-line casinos have made it a lot tougher to cash in your bonuses. The conditions have gone up from 2-3 times wagering the amount of your initial deposit and the bonus to 8-10 times the combined amount. And because of the possibility of betting on both sides of the even bets, such games as roulette, craps and baccarat have been eliminated from being qualified to cash in on your bonuses.

Some casinos, such as Caribbean Gold  will ask you if you would like to have a bonus when you make your initial deposit. Because of the above difficulty of cashing in on your bonuses and even on your winnings if you haven't wagered 10 times the amount of your deposit + the bonus, I tend to answer "no". I no longer wish to receive a bonus. This way, it makes it a similar environment to a land based casino, where you are able to cash your winnings without having to wager a substantial amount, that will increase your exposure to the casino edge.

Chris Newman, the author of On-Line Cash system will be writing an update on how to cash-in on your bonuses, despite the new difficulties.

As per your question on the betting on 2 dozens simultaneously, I have performed an extensive research 2 years ago and came up with a collection of 4 systems under the title Sparkling Dozens. There you will find optimized progressions and effective ideas to make the most of this kind of betting selection.

Edmond Petitjean suggests a modified version of the Labouchere to bet on two dozens in his system Relaxed Roulette, as this version of Labouchere requires the winning of 50% of your bets, whereas betting on two dozens you will win 65% of them, making the system a long-term winner."

A second question was:

"Hello Izak,

Thanks for your fast response to my e-mail.

Would you provide more info. re: Chris Newman & On-line Cash? Is this a book, article or system for sale and what is the specific content ? When can I get a copy? Cashing bonuses may be great and certainly adds to the bottom line, but is only of secondary importance to me, The real issue is the fairness & honesty of the casinos who can manipulate the results of a game if they wish. Until I can be absolutely certain of a fair game, I will not play at any on-line casino. Many other people share my view, and it is unfortunate that the vast majority do not insist on this assurance of absolute integrity, as this would dramatically alter the way on-line casinos operate........overnight. Having said this, I am baffled by your continuing to play at these casinos. What do you know that the rest of us do not know? Please share this info with us. Thanks and take care.

Best Regards"

And my reply was:

"Chris Newman wrote the system On-Line Cash about a year ago.  The system consists of a document that enables you to identify how to make the best use of the bonuses, how to wager in order to be qualified to cash them in and also of a software package that you access on-line that will show you your odds on a particular casino provided you enter the necessary parameters, such as the wagering conditions. The package works even today, despite the tougher conditions. Chris is in the process of writing an addendum to the existing system document.

The honesty of on-line casinos is an issue that needs to be clarified. The very first impression when one plays on-line is that one is playing against a programmed piece of software that could be tuned towards the benefit of the casino. I have done some research in the area by establishing certain contacts, such as operators and even software developers who have programmed casino interface. It is definitely very possible to program the games in such a way, that when you wager low, they let you win and when you start wagering high, they make you lose. However, this is easily detected by players. A reputable casino will not risk their reputation and their business, by operating such rigged software. They rely on the advantage they have already on the odds being on their side. The ones I recommend, such as Sands of the Caribbean, Caribbean Gold and the others listed in http://www.letstalkwinning.com/bestonline.htm  belong to that category. Their games are fair, trustable and reliable. The sites are regulated and monitored by institutions such as the The International Association of Gaming Regulators, VeriSign and the SafeBet organizations. I play there regularly and never had any problems.

I did have some problems at some other sites, though, where there was no sign of regulation. If you have seen my specs of the On-Line Roulette, I have developed an algorithm, that verifies the honesty of a specific on-line casino. The algorithm consists of playing with a certain pattern and check it against the outcome. If the casino software follows exactly the opposite of the pattern you have chosen, it cannot be trusted. After 8-10 bets, you switch to another pattern. Again, if the software synchronizes to the inverse pattern, it cannot be trusted. This is a very good way to check the fairness of the games, as the probability of losing within 3 consecutive chosen patterns bet after bet is very small. At one site, I had lost 32 bets in a row after switching between 4 different patterns, which convinced me that the manipulation of casino software is indeed feasible and is being done. At times, I felt that the casino software is generally fair, but after having won a certain amount, they may trigger a certain switch, that will cause you to start losing and giving back all your profits and more. Again, those are the tricks that some casinos may use, in case they are not strongly established and they are there to get our cash any way or another. It is not unlikely for those sites to go out of business in short periods of time, because of their constant loss of their customers and them being listed under black lists that can be found in various places on the net."

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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