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=============================================================   Friday, September 27, 2019
The New Grid 3 System for Even Bets by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

Here's a brand new system with a brand new concept  Grid 3 System for Even Bets.  It's one of the best systems having the strongest flat bet advantage. 

As the name implies, it explores all possibilities for a 3 decision segment or grid and gives you the best solution for winning on the long run betting nothing but 1 unit only throughout thousands of shoes and with no interruption.

In a 3-decision segment, you could have 8 combinations of wins and losses, which are:

1) L L L
2) L L W
3) L W L
4) L W W
5) W L L
6) W L W
7) W W L
8) W W W

On the long run, one should have an equal number of each such combination if you are always betting the same way.

If you would be betting 1 unit throughout, you would break even, because you have an equal number of wins and losses. 

If you would apply a progression of any type, you would also break even.

If you would interrupt your bets, say after one or two wins,  you would also break even.  Try it by inserting numbers and you will see.

And breaking even is without considering zeros in roulette or commissions in Baccarat, concluding that betting the same way all the time would yield to the house edge.

That's when creativity comes handy and Grid 3 system finds solutions for you to break this regularity of betting the same way and comes up with a very strong flat bet advantage. 

Grid 3 comes with 2 solid solutions each described under a different system, each presenting you a flat bet advantage.

Just to give you an idea, here's a performance chart of Grid 3 - System 1 for the second 500 shoe set of 1K Zumma shoes:

Number of wins: 18493   Progression: 1
Number of losses: 18085     1
Flat bet advantage: 408     1
End profit:  408      
Drawdown: -87      

There are 408 more wins than losses, much better than breaking even. 

The first 500 shoes of the 1K Zumma set generates 277 units betting flat with 1 unit only.

Number of wins: 18402   Progression: 1
Number of losses: 18125     1
Flat bet advantage: 277     1
End Profit: 277      
Drawdown: -78      

Totaling both 500 shoe set, Grid 3 - System 1 generates 408 + 277 = 685 units for 1000 shoes.

With a small $10 unit size, this amounts to winning $6,850.

With flat bets you can bet any amount up to table's maximum. 

With $100 unit size, you win $68,500 for those shoes.

You should know that if a system has a flat bet advantage, it wins on progressions, too.

The beauty of the Grid 3 systems is that because the bet selection is so strong, that ANY progression of your choice will generate huge profits.

Say, you are using a 1, 2, 6, progression with $10 units or $10, $20, $60, 6 units being your highest bet amount, Grid 3 System 1 will generate:  $10,460 for the first 500 shoes set and another $14,450 for the second 500 shoes, totaling to $24,910 for 1000 shoes.

Since any progression will generate profits, chose the one with which you are comfortable with.  The system will take the 3 values of the progression as a parameter and you can experiment with any 3 values;

Number of wins: 18493   Progression: 8
Number of losses: 18085     2
Flat bet advantage: 408     14
End profit:  4170      
Drawdown: -652      

We just chose 8, 2, and 14, for instance and the system generated 4170 units for 500 shoes.

This is not really a progression but 3 values you chose to bet on each decision of the Grid 3, that is on 3 bets and you will see that ANY 3 values will work and will generate profits.  The flat betting profit will always be the same: 408 units for 500 shoes.

Grid 3 - System 2 will differ from system 1 in such a way, that the bet selection is fully dynamic and changes from bet to bet.  If it is more complex?  Not really.  Depending if you are winning or losing your bet, you will have a criterion on how the bet selection will change. 

System 2 will also provide a flat bet advantage.   And you could use any mild progression of your own, the same way as for System 1.

Here's a performance chart of System 2:

using the following parameters:

Number of wins: 18440   Progression:  10
Number of losses: 18138     20
Flat bet advantage: 302     60
End profit:  15990      
Drawdown: -320      

Generates $15,990, with 10, 20, 60 being $ values or 1, 2, 6 as the units of each step of the Grid 3 for 500 shoes with a unit size of $10. 

The other 500 shoes generate also   $10,500 for the same Grid values, totaling to $26,490 for 1000 shoes.

Betting flat, the first 500 shoes generate 207 units and the second 500 shoes generate 302, as you can see in the above table, totaling to 507 units for 1000 shoes. 

The flat bet advantage is a bit less than System 1.  However, the drawdown has been cut to 32 units only in System 2 versus 87 in System 1.

I'm sure you will like both systems and you will use either both or the one which appeals to you more.

Taking commissions into account, the system document will illustrate full examples on how you can make $10,000 within a few shoes.  And on the long run, the systems will generate each 1682 units for 500 shoes. 

Grid 3 - system 1 and 2 go for $450 and they are worth each penny.  Early bird purchasers will have the opportunity to have the system at half price for $225 until the end of October 2019, a real bargain.

The system consists of 20 pages of easy reading and understanding and lots of examples, which will make it crystal clear. 

Upon your purchase you will receive the system document and three simulations: complete results for the 1000 Zumma shoes for System 1 and System 2 and a simulation showing how the system handles commissions.

The simulations are parametric, where you can enter the 3 values for the Grid of 3 decisions and witness that any 3 value will generate profits on the long run.  

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have a full money back guarantee, should the system is not to your liking and you can return it within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached and no questions asked.

You can directly buy the Grid 3 system for Even Bets from this link with the new order form and a download link will open right away after your payment online.

Wishing you all the best!
Izak Matatya


Email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com, izak.matatya@videotron.ca or matatya.izak@gmail.com

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