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=============================================================   Wednesday, September 27, 2017
FAQ on the New Five-Three Baccarat System by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

The new Five-Three Baccarat system  announced last week has received quite a lot of attention. this week I would like to answer your questions in this frequently asked questions newsletter.

Q: Izak,

How many random 600 hundred shoe series have you tested? What is the biggest drawdown you have experienced for all the 600 shoe tests you've run?

Also, the graph you posted in your ad for the Zumma 600 Shoes only shows approximately 31000 decisions. The Zumma 600 shoes is 41003 decisions. Do the last 10000 decisions show the same typical growth as the first 31000 decisions. I'm guessing that it does based on what you said about the system.


A: I have tested over thousands of samples of 600 random shoes. They came out positive 97% of them. The largest drawdown I saw was 300 units. That's why I established that amount to be the lifetime bankroll. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, one should account with not more than 50 units as the max drawdown.

The reason I show the first 32,000 decisions is because I'm using an old version of Excel that does not allow graphs more than that many rows. However, there is an "End Profit" cell that shows that at the end of 41,000 decisions, that is, 600 shoes, the result is positive and around 1800.

Q: Thank you Izak. Based on what you just said, it sounds pretty good. One thing I'm concerned with is the "swings" in the wins and losses over a 600 shoe random test. I'm making a few assumptions you can either verify or correct me on. One assumption is that over a large number of 600 random shoe series there will be some that don't average 1800 unit wins and some that average over 1800 unit wins. If that is true, and you say 97% of the 600 shoe series ended up positive, I am also assuming that the ones where each 600 shoe series ended up with less than 1800 units probably showed large consecutive results of negative values for the running net or total. Another way to express my concern is to say that if some of the 600 shoe series, even though they showed a "positive" value, ended up with say less than a 1 unit per shoe average. If that happens, I would have to decide whether the time and effort invested playing 600 shoes is really worth it.

Thanks again,

A: I will run here about 20 samples of the 600 random shoes and post the end profit results. I hope this will clarify any swings there may be in the system performance:

1227, 638, 2314, 1534, 1943, 1493, 849, 1721, 1238, -238, 1951, 2025, 874, 1684, 1731, 2214, 1766, 1924, 492, 2024, 1734

All this totals: 31,238 units, for 20 X 600 = 12,000 shoes, averaging 2.6 units per shoe, not too far off.

Another hundreds of samples averages close to 3 units. A macro Excel simulation does the calculation.

You can do the same when/if you purchase the system.

C: Izak,

Very impressive numbers. It does help ease my concerns.

Thank you!

Q: Hi Izak,

Interesting system. You state that the system is designed for EZ Baccarat.

Here in Europe where I live, there are no EZ Bac tables. However, in my local casino they have a Baccarat variation they call Punto Banco. Basically, this is a non-commission Baccarat game where the payout is less (1:2) when Banker wins with 5 points. Would the system also be suitable for this variation?


A: Yes, it should be fine with that version of Baccarat, as long as there are no commissions on Banker wins. I haven't fully tested this variation, though, but based on the specs, the system can be adjusted to suit this variation as well.

Q: Hi Izak!

Can the system be used for other casino games, such as craps, single zero roulette, sic bo and blackjack where smaller bankrolls can be used?

Can the tracking be all done in ones head or use chips to do so?

What is a reasonable starting bankroll as 300 total lifetime is considerable? You mentioned 50 units above!

A: No, the system is designed specifically and strictly for EZ/Dragon Baccarat and have not tested it for any other game. It takes advantage of Dragons without necessarily betting on them. A certain advantage is created for players.

The system is so simple that it needs no tracking, no pad and pencil and no complex calculations and can be done in one's head for sure.

A starting 50 unit bankroll is quite ample. The 300 unit drawdown was the worst case scenario I have seen sampling the 600 random shoes over a thousand times.

Q: I know it's titled a Baccarat system but would it be suitable for other even chance games?

A: No, the system is designed specifically and strictly for EZ/Dragon Baccarat and have not tested it for any other game. It takes advantage of Dragons without necessarily betting on them. A certain advantage is created for players.

Q: Hi Izak,

As you know I have bought your systems before and follow all your new system discussions, I live in the UK, very far from any casino, and as far as I know there are no UK casinos that has EZ/Dragon Baccarat. Do you know (or do any members know) of any online casions that have it?


A: I'm not sure about on-line casinos offering this game.

This site:


specified all places where you can find EZ/Dragon Baccarat.

Q: There is a casino here , with Dragon Bac, guess its the same as EZ Bac ? Is that correct ?

Izak , is it the same ?

Also 4 % commision !

A: Dragon Bac is EZ Bac, but there should be absolutely no commissions on Banker win.

C: Right..no commish on EZ Bac banker win....

On their regular bac game...banker win is 4%....instead of usual 5%.

Thank you all for your valuable questions.  The Five-Three Baccarat system beats the EZ Baccarat game for sure. The randomly generated 600 shoes come out positive each time you sample it with at least 1000 units in average.

The Five-Three Baccarat system is $770.   When you will grow your budget and bankroll gradually and safely you will be able to make $300 an hour and in 2.5 hours you will cover the cost of the system and you will keep all the profits coming after that.

For $20 extra you can have a printout of the system document shipped to your mailing address.

As always, you have a full money back guarantee, if the system is not to your satisfaction, no questions asked, no strings attached, and you may return it within 30 days of your purchase.

Click here to order.  This system will not disappoint you. 

PayPal orders are welcome to my id: izak.matatya@videotron.ca

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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