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=========================================   Thursday, September 27, 2001

Magic Five - the New Flat Betting System

Hello everyone,

Finally, the system we have all been waiting for is here.  Magic Five is the result of a very special discovery made during the continuous search for a winning system for even money bets.  And it uses flat bets only.  You never have to bet anything greater than 1 unit per bet at any time.

Many systems have been devised to increase your winning chances, using some kind of a progression, such as up as you lose or up as you win, or regression such as down as you lose, or down as you win.  Some progressions can be steep, requiring the pressing or the escalation of your bets with the idea of recovering your previous losses, when the winning bet occurs.  This has an increased level of risk for, if the winning bet never occurs, you may end up losing a big chunk of your bankroll. 

Magic Five uses flat betting only and there is not even one progression or regression during the whole span of the system.  This feature has tremendous advantages.  You do not increase the size of your bet, whether you lose or win.  This way, if you lose your bet, you are down only by 1 unit.  Also, you are not required to bet hundreds of units in order to have a final gain of one or a few units only.  As a matter of fact, in this system, 1 unit per bet is all you need to bet.  It is at the same time, the minimum and the maximum amount required. 

Your unit value can be anything from the table’s minimum limit, such as 25cts or $1, to the table’s maximum limit, such as $1,000 or $10,000, depending where you play.    You can initially set your unit value to be $1, experiment with the system as long as you wish and gradually increase your unit value, once you gain confidence in the system. 

This system has a unique approach to flat betting.  You will not bet on every spin, but only in favorable conditions.  If you bet 1 unit on every spin, you will yield to the house edge on the long run, to 5.26% loss of all your wagers for a double zero in Roulette, to 2.7% for a single zero in Roulette.  In Baccarat, the Player-hand is worth 1.24% to the house, the Banker-hand is 1.06%.   In Craps, you would yield to 1.4% casino advantage, unless you use the odds-bet along with the pass-line wager, that reduces this edge to about .85%.  Double-odds reduces the house edge even to .63%.    Nevertheless, the house will always have an advantage on you if you bet the same amount spin after spin or bet after bet, because of the way the games are designed and because of the payout value of each bet. 

Therefore, you will play only during favorable conditions.  And those are clarified very precisely in Magic Five.  If, let’s say, for the last 20 decisions we get 15 Blacks and 5 Reds, would that be a favorable condition to bet on Red, because of the law of averages?  Maybe, but nothing stops for the next 20 decisions to be again 15 Blacks and 5 Reds.  The law of averages is valid for numerous decisions.  Within say 10,000 decisions, you would get close to a half amount of Reds and Blacks, excluding a small percentage of zeros.  But a fluctuation of 2-3% already makes a difference of 200-300 more or less Reds or Blacks.

Magic Five is not as trivial as counting the number of Reds and Blacks.  It is based on a very special discovery of the nature of fluctuations between alternating and repeating even money areas.  This discovery tested over thousands of simulations and real casino play, proved to be one of the most efficiently winning systems in Craps for Pass and Don't Pass lines, in Baccarat for Player and Banker bets and in Roulette for Red/Black, High/Low, Even/Odd bets.

Its efficiency is derived from its unique money management technique.  A winning run gives you one unit profit within a few bets.  If you ever lose a run, this will not exceed 5 units.  The number of winning runs exceeds by far the losing runs.    Statistically, over millions of simulated spins, a losing run is encountered among 17 winning runs in average.  With this amazing win/loss ratio of 17 to 5, Magic Five is an absolutely winning system on the long run.

You complete a winning session, once you accumulate 5 units.  And this is accomplished within 5 short runs.  This is where the name Magic Five comes from.  If you lose a run, you are down only by 5 units again.  No system comes close to this level of riskless play.  Even if you have one losing run within say 8 winning runs, you are still ahead by 3 units.

Once you get your hands on this system, you will want to use it not less than $100 units.    With only 5 easily won units, you will make $500 per your winning session.

The price of the system is $275.  And this will be paid off within your first session.
You may want to contribute a portion of your further winnings to the Red Cross or any other institution that is helping the families in distress, as suggested by one Let's Talk Winning customer.  I have definitely done so with my winnings.

Should the system prove unsatisfactory to you, I will give you a full refund of your money, absolutely guaranteed.

Click to Order

Best regards,


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