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==============================================   Thursday, September 19, 2002
The E-Book Roulette Secrets Revealed

Hello everyone,

I bought an e-book the other day and I would like to recommend it to all of you, as it contains lots of useful information additional to a couple of good roulette systems, particularly now that it's going for a special price of $39.95 instead of $69.95 for a few days.  You can get it  straight from the site following the link:  http://www.roulettesecretsrevealed.com/cgi/at.cgi?a=209177.

The e-book focuses on the following major points:

- Learn a winning system never before revealed to the general public by any professional
- How large of a bankroll should you bring into the casino regardless of how lucky you feel that day
- Discover the first and most important rule to gambling in any casino
- What percentage of your bankroll should you divulge to the dealer and to the rest of the players
- 2 things you do once you've depleted your funds; to make a strong comeback
- How to easily maximize your winnings and minimize your losses when you're on a winning streak
- Hidden truth about the casino's and how they're so successful. Learn how to avoid their tactics
- How to play in confidence obtaining the highest winnings possible
- Discover how to overcome table limits that can win you thousands
- Methods of cashing out without the casino zoning in on your profits or identity

- How to Exploit The Roulette Table

When you walk into the casino, all tensed up and ready to go, you search the area for an empty chair at a roulette table and just start playing...now by doing this carelessly can cost you thousands of dollars. You can easily increase your winning chances just by choosing the right roulette table. Here's a small sample of some money-earning secrets you'll learn for your everyday gambling:

- How to choose the correct roulette table for you
- Discover exactly how much and when to bet to boost your winnings
- Discover how a dealer can break your winnings to zero in a very short amount of time
- Discover a security method that will defeat 95% of all dealer antics
- Learn precise methods in choosing the winning dealer, he/she will do wonders for you at your most critical moment
- How you can take advantage of a "Dealer's Signature".

Here is an actual excerpt from the e-book:

"Please follow these rules to the letter.  No excuses!  Break these rules and you are on your own.  This will either make or break you, so pay extra attention to this section.

1. Stick to the strategy.  Don't deviate from the betting plan.  I cannot stress this enough.  Many players, in the midst of winning, soon start to become greedy and daring.  This will be the pitfall of your success.  Do not make those "gut feeling" bets.  Stick to the system exactly.

2. Take with you only what you can afford.  Your bankroll should be a comfortable amount to you.  However, I do strongly recommend a minimum bankroll that you should bring with you to maximize your winnings.  These recommended amounts are listed in the charts at the end of the book. 

3. When you arrive at a table, buy in for a quarter of your bankroll.  You don't want to reveal your entire bankroll to the dealer.  You never show your enemies your entire battle plan.  Don't give them more information than you need to.  Buying in only a quarter of your bankroll can avoid any irrational betting decisions like betting your entire bankroll on one number.

4. If you have depleted your funds, do not withdraw any more money, because you are still hurting from your loss, and you will be tempted to make irrational decisions when betting.  Go home and come back another day when you have rested.  Do not underestimate this rule.

5. When do you stop?  Well, before you step into the casino, set a fixed amount that you want to walk out of the casino with.  Make sure it's reasonable, such as doubling your bankroll.  Once you've reached your targeted goal, you may be asking yourself "Should I stop or should I keep playing because this system is definitely working?"  Well, here is a fail safe method.  Once you've reached your goal, don't limit your winnings by thinking: "I'll stop when I make another $100".  Instead think: "I'll stop when I lose the next $100".  This way you maximize your earnings and minimize your losses.  However, if you lose that next $100, then get up and leave the casino, just like your promised yourself.

6. Keep a low profile.  Don't bring any attention to yourself.  The less they know, the better you're off.  Because you do want to come back again and again to win more of their money at a later time."

So, as you can see, the book is full of good advices.  I would strongly recommend it.  Click here to read more about it.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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