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===================================================   Monday, September 10, 2012
The New DAS - Disparity Advantage System by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

I'm proud to present you my most recent system - DAS, that stands for Disparity Advantage System, for all even paying games.

Very often I hear players saying: "Yesterday, I played my favorite bet selection.  Normally, it makes me win, but yesterday, it only won 43% of the time.  Had I been betting the exact opposite, I would have won 57% of all my bets instead and I would have come up a winner".

Naturally, one could not know ahead of time, which bet selection is going to perform better.  One would find out only after the fact. 

Well, this is no longer the case with the use of DAS.  DAS lets your bet selection compete with its opposite.  One side will surely win more than the other, as the other side loses.  As one side keeps winning, DAS will place you on the winning side automatically.

Moreover, as you're winning, you will be placing higher amount of bets, making your profits increase in a parabolic way. 

DAS is indeed an up-as-you-win and down-as-you-lose type of system, most desired by all players..

How does DAS achieve this? 

No matter which game one plays, either one of the sides of an even bet or a specific bet selection, there is always a disparity that forms itself.  You will always find Baccarat tables that are either Player or Banker dominant.  At Roulette tables, you will find electronic scoreboards, that will display statistics about Reds versus Blacks, Evens versus Odds, Highs versus Lows, and percentage distribution between the three dozens.

You will notice that those stats are rarely equal.  There will always be a disparity between Reds and Blacks, Player and Banker decisions, etc. 

DAS takes advantage of those disparities.  As one side wins more than the other, the disparity grows.  DAS puts you on the winning side.  Your bets are also synchronized with the stretching disparity. 

Thus a winning circle occurs:  as the winning side on which you reside wins more, the disparity increases.  As the disparity increases, so does the size of your bets.  As you bet more on the winning side, your profits keep accumulating. 

The reverse is also true.  As the disparity is small, your bets remain very low.  So fluctuations do not affect your bankroll.  

Implementing this concept into the system have yielded tremendous results.

The system comes with 4-5 different variations and versions and you can apply the one that mostly suits your style and budget. 

The system profits so much, that setting winning targets and resetting maximizes your winnings. 

One could use the system to go for sessions winning 50 even 75 units before a reset.

One could also use the system in a grind form, to have a new run, every time a 1 unit or more profit is achieved. 

Each version is very profitable.

Just to give you an idea of the stats, here are some results and performance charts.

8602 units profit is achieved in one version of DAS applied to 500 shoes of the 1K Zumma tester book.  This, with a maximum bet of 235 and limiting winning sessions to 552 units.  Remember this is an up-as-you-win system.  So your bets don't reach 235 units if you're not winning.

A less aggressive variation, which I find most playable, uses 14 unit profit sessions with bets not exceeding 58 units.  On the same set of 500 Zumma shoes, this variation generates +2954.80 units in Baccarat, all wins/losses/Banker win commissions included. 

Here is the performance chart of this variation:

You can see the parabolic profit increase.

A grind type variation generates +2678.65 units on the first 500 shoes of the 1K Zumma tester with a maximum bet of 63 units.

Here is its performance chart:

Not bad for cumulative 1 unit sessions. 

You will see in the system, that those "one" units could amount to 5 up to 12 units as extra bonus gained due to specific circumstances.

A variation called "full reset", and you will know what I mean when you read the system, generates +3011.30 units with session profits of at least 75 units and maximum bet of 60 units. 

Here is its performance chart:

And this is on a different set of 500 Zumma shoes - the second half.

3008 units are generated when one takes any bet selection and lets it compete against itself by the use of DAS using profit session of 36 units minimum each and a maximum bet of 150 units. 

Here is a performance chart for this option:

No matter, which version of DAS one uses, the profits always go exponential, as the system makes perfect sense and profits are unavoidable. 

All those simulations will be provided to you as attachments.  There are 9 such simulations including 2 for randomly generated decisions, one fully parametric for 600 shoes, where you can experiment with different values to search for optimum results, although that work is already performed for you and optimized profits are achieved, as the charts show. 

The system document is 40 pages with lots of examples documenting each version and variation.  The system document also illustrates how to use it for Roulette and how to handle the zeros most efficiently. 

It will be a full joy using the system, particularly benefiting from its smartness and the way it generates profits.

One places bets almost on every decision with only one or two decisions break between resets.  The resets, by the way, are not abandoned runs.  They are simply a way to lower the size of your bets, so they won't escalate to undesirable levels.  The reset levels have been totally adjusted for optimum results and highest profit levels.

The system may look complex at first, but once you get the feel of it, it will feel like a breeze.  Reading the system document once or twice is totally sufficient.  Besides, I'm always here to guide you and give you unlimited post purchase support, for as long as you need it. 

The system goes for $950 and it's worth every penny.  This is probably the wisest system ever written.

With $20 extra, you can have a printout of the system document delivered to you by first class mail.  Email deliveries are preferable and faster, as you get the 9 Excel simulations in 5 separate emails.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not, you can have a totally unconditional full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached.

Click here to order.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya
email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com 

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