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=========================================   Thursday, October 4, 2001

Magic Five - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello everyone,

There was a great deal of interest on the Magic Five system announced last week, one of the best systems ever devised for betting on even money bets using nothing but flat bets of 1 unit only.  There were so many inquiries, that a Frequently Asked Questions section is now added to the page describing the system at

Here are some of the questions asked about the system with their answers:

Question:   Izak, I am very tempted to buy this very interesting system.  If it does half of what you advertise, it is well worth it.  Can you tell me one thing first?   On average, how many "series" does one get to play an hour?  In other words, are we looking for situations that are so rare that we sit in the casino for long periods of time or are we in play fairly regularly? 

Answer: The favorable conditions mentioned in the system occur at a frequency of
every 15 minutes in average.  I usually stand at a place, where I can see multiple scoreboards of different Roulette or Baccarat tables.  You never sit idle.   Keeping track of a few tables can be a very active task.  With some experience developed using the system, you will be able to detect the favorable conditions just by a few observations.  Once you identify them, you join the series of bets, that can be between 1 to 10 bets per run.  You win the run and leave that table looking for more favorable conditions. It's a very dynamic play.  You keep your eyes open all the time, watching multiple scoreboards.  This way your wait time reduces from 15 minutes to
only a few.

Question:   What type of time fame is required for this system for a winning session?  If you play for 3 hours, how many opportunities presents itself to apply this system? Can it be applied in an average casino situation?

Answer: Magic Five doesn't require you to bet on every spin or bet.   You need to
record some stats, before you apply the system in favorable conditions described in the system.  Those favorable conditions may occur within about 15 minutes per table.   I usually go to a casino, where there are multiple tables around and the favorable conditions will be easily identified on the scoreboards (Roulette or Baccarat).

You could have a run every 15 minutes in average.  One run will profit you 1 unit.   This unit is recommended to be $100. The win/loss probability of the system is to have an average of 1 losing run within 17.  The losing run will cost 5 units only.

17 runs of play within 17 X 15 minutes or 4 and a quarter hours, should win 16 runs and lose 1 in average.  That will profit 16-5=11 units or $1100 played with black chips.

If you play for 3 hours, your profits should amount to around $775, as you will have about 12 opportunities to apply the system. 

Question: Can this system be used on Baccarat also?

Answer: Magic Five works very well on Baccarat, because there are no progressions. Therefore, the 5% commission on Banker bets will not reduce your profits.

Some systems require a progression of some sort in order to gain a couple of
units at the end.  During the progression you may have to bet 30 or 40 units at times.  And if your winnings occur on a Banker bet, 5% commission on a 40 unit bet will cost you already 2 units, more than what you wanted to profit in the first place.   With Magic Five, 1 unit of any value ($100 recommended) will profit you 1 unit at the end of the run, giving you $95 profit on each win of a Banker bet, if Banker bet is the one required depending on the conditions specified in the system.

The expected return in Roulette or in Baccarat is about 11 units for a session of 17 runs.   This is derived statistically from the fact, that the probability of losing one run is 1 in 17.  Losing 1 run costs not more than 5 units.  So, winning 16 runs versus losing 1, profits you 16 - 5 = 11 units.  Playing $100 units, this means $1100 profit within 8.5 hours of play of Roulette should a run last for half an hour, and about $1000 for Baccarat, at about 3 hours, as Baccarat is about 3 times faster than Roulette.

Question: Can this system be used for Online casinos?

Answer: You can surely use the system for Online Casinos, particularly the ones that
let you spin or bet without placing any bets for a while.  You can do so at Sands of the Caribbean at: or VegasUSA at: (Zero chips), as you need to get some stats before betting in favorable conditions defined in the system.
On-Line casinos will let you bet $100 chips and this will be the maximum (in fact the only) amount you would bet using $100 units.

Question: Why is Magic Five substantially more expensive than all your other systems? Is it superior ? If so, in what way?

Answer: Magic Five is substantially more expensive than all others, because it uses flat bets and is risk free, as you cannot lose more than 5 units per run at any given point of time.  This enables you to bet high chip values such as $100 units (black chips).  Every unit that you gain reflects then $100 unit profit.   At the end of the winnnig session, you would be gathering 5 units or $500, which would immediately pay the system off, unlike the other systems, that may involve the betting of dozens or hundreds of units to be only a few units ahead.

Question: If playing $100 units, how much bankroll is needed and how safe is the
bankroll? The same question for $25 units too.

Answer: All you need is 10 units as a bankroll.  Should you ever lose a run -  although rare, but we should consider its possibility - it will be not more than 5 units.  10 units will enable you to give the system a second chance, should you use your 5 units up front.

Playing $100 units, $1000 bankroll will do.  With $25, then $250, always 10
times your unit value.

Every run will make you 1 unit profit.  Should you lose a run, that will be limited to 5 units.  Probability of losing a run is 1 in 17 statistically. So, your bankroll is pretty safe.  And, after winning 5 runs, the worst case will be coming even.

Question: Your system write-up indicates the house edge for various table games having a negative expectation. Since the dice or wheel has no memory how does selective betting alter the house edge as you imply for Magic Five?

Answer: This is because you are betting only in favorable conditions that are explained in the system.   The house edge applies when you bet on every single spin or bet and this, on the long run, favors the house.  The dice and wheel has no memory on previous decisions, but statistics apply to a certain number of group of decisions.  If a coin has no memory, why is there any expectancy of getting nearly 50% tails or heads?  The law of averages does apply with or without memory, as chaos in nature is brought to order.   You will find a certain order in special conditions in Magic Five, that is almost unavoidable.

Question: What is your definition of long term with respect to the winning success of Magic Five? Is it still a hit and run strategy due to the inevitable house edge that will ultimately take its toll?

Answer:   Winning 16 runs out of 17, with a losing run costing only 5 units definitely makes Magic Five a winner over an indefinite long term.  Once you join the table after identifying a favorable condition, it may take between 1-10 bets to conclude your run, if you would call that a hit and run.  Then you move on to another table or look for the next favorable condition at the same table.  You don't bet between favorable conditions.  As mentioned above, the house edge applies for continuous betting on the same table which includes all conditions favorable and not favorable for the player.  Magic Five is used only during favorable conditions, therefore the edge is with the player at all times.

Question: Is this system applicable to play a entire shoe of baccarat or is it
designed  to make a certain # of units and then quit?  In a baccarat shoe, approximately how many bets would be made?  Does it depend on the balance of Player-Banks within that particlular shoe?

Answer: The system can be applied to mini-Baccarat.  It is designed to make a
certain number of units, actually only 1 unit profit and then quit until the next run.   You join the system in favorable conditions that are explained in the system. Once you gain your unit, you look for the next favorable condition.

In a shoe, you may encounter 5-10 favorable conditions, that is you can make up to 10 units.  It does not depend on a Player-Banker balance.

You should be able to encounter a favorable condition within 5-10 minutes of Baccarat bets. 17 runs should take about 3 hours of Baccarat betting. Your profit per hour is about $350 per hour, provided you bet black chips.

Question: You said "You will not bet on every spin, but only in favorable conditions." 150% correct statement. Because if you bet on every spin or every roll of the dice, the edge will get you sooner or later. Does that mean that craps is a better game to play, since the edge in craps is only 1.4%. In other words, is it easier, faster, less difficult to win at Craps than it is to win at Roulette?

Answer: Craps has better odds than Roulette.  Roulette with a single zero has 2.7% house edge.  Craps is not any faster though.  Particularly in a crowded table, it takes a long time to distribute the payoffs as they are more complex than in Roulette. 

In some cases though, you would see a shooter shooting about 2-3 rolls a minute.  And in Roulette, 1 spin usually can take half a minute.  In Craps, you would apply the principles of Magic Five to the Pass and Don't Pass lines, as you would apply it in Roulette to Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low.  The level of ease is the same.

Question: "You complete a winning session once you accumulate 5 units." Does that mean that I leave the Casino and go home after winning 5 units, or do I just begin another session?

Answer: A session is completed when you have profited 5 units.  If your units are $100 worth, it's a good time to go home and enjoy your $500 winnings.  However, if you wish to play more sessions during the same day, should favorable conditions come very often, it will be up to you to play more, as it will make no difference to start a new session the next day or the same day. 

I would triumph my $500 winnings if I were you, though, and take it easy until the next session at another day.   Gambling needs focus and attention. I have always found it fulfilling to enjoy your winning session and leave than to give the casino a chance to take it back from you.

Question: On average, how long should it take to complete a winning session?

Answer: I differentiate between the terms winnnig run and a winning session.  A winning run is when you join the game at a favorable condition and that can take about 1-7 bets.   When you complete your run, you are 1 profit unit ahead.  When you complete 5 winning runs or you are 5 units ahead with a mixture of winning and losing runs, this is when you end a winning session.  Since every run start can have an interval of about 30 minutes and 17 runs will profit you 16 and lose 1 that costs 5 units, you will make 11 units in 8.5 hours.  So a 5 unit winning session should last about 4 hours.

Question: Are the selection rules 100% mechanical with no interpretation or guessing required by the player?

Answer: There is absolutely no guessing.  Instructions should be followed to the
word.  You will know exactly when a favorable condition occurs and at what stage you start betting.

Question: In your testing of this method, have you tested it live in the Casino?
How did it perform and how easy is it to use in the Casino?  In your simulations, what was the worst scenario of losing runs back to back? What was the worst drawdown of units? 

Answer: Yes, I have used Magic Five live in the casino, for the last 4 months, with
great success.

I find it easier to use it in live casino than on-line, as I am able to monitor and track 4-5 scoreboards at the same time and the favorable conditions arrive faster than on a single table or site, although it is relaxed enough to  use it on-line for one table.

I never had two losing runs back to back.  In the worst scenario, I had two losing runs within 14 and even with that I was 2 units ahead, as one losing run costs 5 units and one winning run profits a unit.

Question: How many pages of instructions are in the manual?

Answer: The manual has 33 pages of instructions, 17 of which are text and 16 are
simulations.  There is considerable information and examples that show why and how the system works and what you need to do to apply it.  And it will be fairly easy to apply it.

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Until next week,
All the best,


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