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=============================================================   Monday, October 31, 2016
Halloween Special - Free Scary System - Triple Threes - Holiday Specials

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

I have a Halloween special for you, a free scary system.  Scary for whom?  For the players or for the casino?

At first it will sound scary to the players, but when you see how it wins, it will be scary for the casino.

Why will it be scary for the players?  Because it uses a Grand Martingale approach.  The double up Martingale is scary enough.  The Grand Martingale is even scarier.

What is a Grand Martingale?  Well, we double up on each loss, and we add one unit to our bets.  This way, if we win on our first bet, we make one unit profit.  If we win on our second bet, we make two units profit.  If we win on our third bet, we make three units profit.  If we win on our fourth bet we make 4 units profit, etc. 

The progression will look like the following in terms of units:  1, 3, 7, 15 and yes, we will limit it to only 4 steps, not to go overboard and not to exceed table limits. 

We place 1 unit.  If we win our bet, we are 1 unit ahead.  If we lose, we double the 1, getting 2 units, adding 1 unit on top of that, the bet becomes 3 units.  If we win this bet, we get 6 chips back and we have invested so far 4, thus we profit 2 units.

If we lose the 3 unit bet, we double it to 6 add 1 to get 7.  If we win the 7 unit bet, we get 14 chips back and we have so far invested 1 + 3 + 7 = 11, thus we make 3 units profit.

If we lose the 7 unit bet, we double it to 14, add 1 to 15.  If we win the 15 unit bet, we get 30 chips back and we have so far invested 1 + 3 + 7 + 15 = 26 chips, thus we make 4 units profit.

If we lose the 15 unit bet, we lose 26 units and that's our stop loss.

So we need to buy in 26 chips for our session.  Your chip denomination can be anything you can afford:  $1, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50 and even $100 for $20 - $2000 tables, for instance.

If you are betting $5, your progression will go:  $5, $15, $35, $75, for a session bankroll of $130 (26 chips of $5)

If you are betting black chips of $100, (my favorite), your progression will go:  $100, $300, $700, $1500, for a session bankroll of $2600 (26 chips of $100), etc.  Scary enough, so far?

If the system works well, we should be winning more than losing 26 chips every time it fails in order to stay ahead. 

Now, this is the bet method.  What is the bet selection?

We will look for Triple Threes.  Sounds like trick and treats, doesn't it?

And what are Triple Threes?  Well, in either Roulette or Baccarat, we will look for the pattern RRR BBB RRR, or BBB RRR BBB for Roulette and BBB PPP BBB or PPP BBB PPP for Baccarat.  When we encounter this pattern, we will go against it, that is, for another triple not to form in the 4 steps mentioned above. 

Those patterns will occur once every 2-3 shoes in Baccarat, or once every 100 spins in Roulette.  You will not be sitting at one table, though, waiting for this pattern to occur, as you will be wasting a lot of time and you won't be allowed to sit without placing a bet. 

So, this system is good for navigating a lot and observing the electronic scores of numerous Baccarat and Roulette tables around you.  Once you find this 3-3-3 pattern, you will place bets against it to win within 4 chances.  The nice thing about Grand Martingale, is that you gain one extra unit on each trial.  1 for first, 2 for second, 3 for third, etc.  So, if it took you 3 bets to win your bet, you will gain 3 units, if it took you 4 bets to win your bet, you will gain 4 units, etc.

Now, what does it mean to bet against this 3-3-3 pattern.  If you see, for instance, a Baccarat table with PPP BBB PPP, you will now bet P, because if a B comes up, this shows the continuation of the 3-3 pattern.  If a P comes, then the pattern is broken, as it becomes 3-3-4, thus you win your bet. 

Let's say you lose three times, as a result of B coming three times, the pattern you have now is PPP BBB PPP BBB.  Your fourth attempt to win your progression with the 15 unit bet is on B, to break the 3-3 pattern.  If you win now, you will be up 4 units.  If a P comes, then you are down 26 units and you stop for now and look for other opportunities. 

However, if a fellow just stepped in the casino and encounters this pattern on the scoreboard:  PPP BBB PPP BBB P, this is for him/her a new opportunity, since the last 9 decisions before the last still form a 3-3-3 pattern.  He/she comes and starts betting from that point on and can still win the series, if (when) the triple-three pattern breaks.  So the new player bets B to interrupt the pattern and he/she may win at his/her very first or second bet.   So, a losing sequence for one player can be a winning one for another. 

Or the previous player, can start a brand new progression right there, after the fourth triple, and he/she may recover 1-4 units right back. 

I was the scary ghost today and applied Triple-Threes at the casino.  Had quite a few opportunities within less than an hour.  Each one of them made a profit and here they are:

First attempt was on a Roulette table. 

Here is the photographed sequence:

You can see the formation of the 3-3-3 (Triple-Three) pattern with the three reds: numbers 16, 21, 23, then 3 blacks with numbers 29, 22, 35, then 3 reds with 23, 18, 30.  At this stage, one starts betting 1 unit on Red.  29 Black comes, the bet loses.  Then 3 units on Red, 0 comes, the bet loses.   We ignore the zero as far as the pattern is concerned, but register the loss.  Then 7 units on Red.  18 Red comes and one makes 3 units profit. 

When I came to the table, the last 29 Black and the zero were already there.  So I placed on unit on Red and won at the first trial.  And the profit was just 1 unit and not 3. 

Second and third opportunities were on a Baccarat table. 

Here is the played and photographed shoe:

You can clearly see the formation of the 3-3-3 pattern right at the very beginning of the shoe.  It was just sitting there after 9 decisions:  PPP BBB PPP.  So I placed one unit on P and won 1 unit right away.  Then left the table and start walking around again.

It didn't take too long for another 3-3-3 pattern to occur on that same table.  That's pretty rare, but obviously it just happened and right after I quit that table.    Well, I came back right away and bet P for the last 3-3-3- to break, but a B came.  Now bet 3 units on P again, but a B showed up again.  Then 7 units on P and a B makes the bet lose again.  The fourth trial bet 15 units on B to break the last 3-3-3 pattern and finally a B shows up and I made 4 units.  All in black chips. 

If someone else happened to walk around and saw the last 9 decisions to bet BBB PPP BBB, he/she would have won at the very first trial and make 1 unit profit by betting B.

Here is the next opportunity, also at the very beginning of a shoe (the high wager table):


The last 9 decisions being BBB PPP BBB, I bet B to break the Triple-Three and won at the very first trial. 

Next opportunity.  This baccarat table, again, had two opportunities, that you can detect:



Around the 36th decision, you can see the BBB PPP BBB formed.  I bet B three times to break the pattern, but 3 P's came instead.  The fourth trial, bet 15 units on P and this one won, making 4 units.

Three hands later, another one of those triple-threes form with BBB PPP BBB.  This time I bet 1 unit on B, and won right away, making 1 unit profit.

And that was the end of the day for me.  Six opportunities profiting:  1 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 12 units, or $1200. 

Total net play time 12 minutes, each hand taking not more than 1 minute.  Placed a total of 12 bets and won 12 units.  This becomes scary for the casino now, if one can win 1 unit for each bet in average. 

There will be times, of course, that the 26 unit session will be lost.  It didn't happen yet.   When it does, try to stay ahead. 

Hope you enjoyed this free system.

We'll be in November tomorrow.  We might as well start the Holiday Specials right away.

The holiday specials are simply 50% off on any system of mine that you purchase from now until midnight, ET, January 7, 2017

You can either use the secure purchase order form at this link and I will process your order by applying the 50% discount on the listed price or you can send a PayPal payment to my id: izak.matatya@videotron.ca with half the listed price of the systems.

Wishing you all the best and Happy Holidays!

Izak Matatya


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