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=========================================   Thursday, October 25, 2001
Craps Strategies

Hello everyone,

I have been asked many times to provide some Craps strategies.  I have a few to share with you this week.  I have been gathering them from different sources.  You can develop your own ideas by building further on them.

2410 Method

This system is named 2410 because you want 2 hits on the four or 10. You can choose the number of shooters and your own bankroll. A 25 shooter bankroll is recommended.
Just for the sake of making it easy to understand, we we will use the starting bet at $100 although it can be done with $25.

The system is very easy. Starting with shooter #1, you buy either the 4 or the 10 for $100. The casino will charge you 5% for buying it, so it will cost you $105. If your number hits once you win $200 for a total of $300. Now you parlay it. You buy it again for $300 and pay $315. If it hits again you have $900. Take $800 down and start all over again.

If a shooter 7's out you can start right over again after a point is established. In the worst case you will break even, even if the parlay only happens three times in 25 shooters.
You can put your original bankroll on one rail and your winnings in another one. When the original bankroll is gone you take your chips from the winning rail and call it a session.

$22 inside regression/build

Bet $22 inside. $5 each on the 5 and 9, $6 each on the 6 and 8.  Take down the first two hits. Then replace those numbers you have taken down one at a time with the next two hits. Do not press any bets. Let them run until you lose.

The reason for that: first two numbers that you take down will show a small profit. For example, the shooter throws a 6, you take it down with a $7 win. Then the shooter throws an 8, you take that down with a $7 win. Profit on the $22 risked is $4. With the two remaining numbers still working you can build up the bets you took down till you have all the inside numbers covered again.

$34 inside

You must start at a $350 buy-in or more, otherwise you'll play scared. There are two ways to play this system based on how the table is running. You determine this by how many inside numbers are being thrown on average whether its 1-3 or 3-5. Chart the table before you jump in. Have at least two different shooters in a row throw at least two inside numbers. If one shooter throws fourteen inside numbers then sevens and the next guy/gal throws a 2,11,10,8,3,4 and then sevens out you cannot play yet. When the chart is successful you jump in:

Bypass the come out.
Place the six and eight for $12 each and the five and nine for $5 each.
If the first throw after the point is a five or nine you regress both the six and eight to $6 each and leave the five and nine at $5 each.
Second hit take everything down if the shooters you charted were only throwing on average 2 or 3 insides. If they were throwing more come down on the five and nine.
You now have a $2 profit and $12 on the table. Next hit on the six or eight, place the five and nine. You are now risking a dollar to win $28 with one more hit. Down on everything after that fourth hit.

If the first throw is a six or eight, I would regress both to $6 each and leave the five and nine up, take two more hits on any combination then down until a profit of $50 is reached (2 successful series).  You can come down on the five and nine if the table has been cold and just wait for another hit on the six and eight before coming back up on the five and nine.

Note: If at anytime two shooters in a row seven out before getting any hits you must stop playing until the table has been charted again. If when you jump back after a successful chart and you get whacked leave the table.

When that $50 is reached you can stay out for an extra hit or continue the same way. If a profit of $100 is reached you can go to a higher betting level.

$66 Inside regression

Try $66 inside after the come out roll. $15 on the 5, $15 on the 9, and $18 on the 6, and $18 on the 8. Any hit pays you $21. Two hits is obviously a $42 win.

Now after two hits you tell the dealer to regress your bets to $22 inside $5 on the 5, $5 on the 9, $6 on the 6 and $6 on the 8.  If a seven comes on the third roll you have won $42, subtract the $22 inside loss and you are still up $19 for that shooter.

Now what happens when that shooter comes along that rolls the dice for 30 to 45 minutes. You will be getting $6 a hit on each and every inside number. Of course if you told the dealer to press any of these $6 bets and they continue to come up, you'll profit even more.

Now let's review $66 inside regression:  We bet the $66 inside numbers after the come out roll. Here are the possibilities of what numbers could effect your play:

Number 7 will have six ways to make it.
Inside numbers 18 ways.
#5 has 4 ways.
#6 has 5 ways.
#8 has 5 ways.
#9 has 4 ways.
That's 18 possibilities to win versus 6 ways to loose.

We are playing for two hits for a $42 profit. The risk/reward ratio makes this an excellent possibility.

After two hits we regress from $66 inside to $22 inside.
This gives us a $19 profit we have locked up no matter what happens.
Once the regression is made to $22 inside whatever hits you make is pure profit.

7 Method

Go to the table with anywhere between $200 and $500. I prefer to place $44 inside. Let the numbers work for one roll. Press one unit on the number that hits and then turn them all off. Wait for a 7 to be rolled and then turn them on for another roll.
Continue to press the numbers by one unit on a win and add the 4 & 10 for $5 each somewhere along the line. You would lose when two sevens are rolled together.

This system works best for the place bet player. The math says that the expected return is unchanged, but by not waiting (tempting fate) for the eventual 7 you are "dancing" around it with the potential to make out nice. I have watched the dice pass around the table 4 times in less than an hour and I still have my original $44 bet up...I have also watched a great roll to be followed by two sevens and I miss the boat and lose my $44. This can anger some dealers as you have inactive money on the table, but by simply letting them know when they will be turned on usually calms their nerves.

This system allows one to sit patiently at a table for hours on a limited bankroll. It requires discipline and patience.

One can incorporate a $5 field bet to cover all of the numbers if desired.
This is not rocket science, but it can help those that enjoy hanging around the table and don't mind having inactive money.

Second I did not mention one slight of hand I like to do with my bets whenever playing a place bet game.  I will explain my favorite progression of bets I use with this and all systems. I will use a placed six as my example.

Start with $12 and press one unit ($6) until a $30 bet is paid...I then reduce to $18 (giving the dealer $3 and keeping $50). I then go press as usual up to $30...then $42...then $60 and when hitting that I go to $30 keeping $100. Just a progression of profit taking I wanted to share.

I have played with around with letting the numbers work for one roll or wait for a hit. I have found that the one roll idea works better.

An emphasis on the system is that one must have patience and discipline.

I have had success getting to the $30 level with a $12 initial bet. I also like to grow my number together (i.e. not letting one number get too much bigger than the rest) so I seldom get to the $60 level after a reset. I have lasted as long as 90 minutes on one bet. I have also seen five 7's in a row. I will usually wait after a seven is hit and I am wiped out (2 sevens in a row) to see a non-7 hit before putting more money on the table.

If my numbers get above $50 and hit, I will sometimes play the big/small number game to satisfy the gambler in me while the original bet is off.

As for when to let numbers work...I walk up to a table and either jump right in for one roll or usually wait for the first "7". I would encourage the wait for the first "7". This keeps the table happier. Nobody wants a player jumping in the middle of a potentially good roll and ruining the rhythm that so many people believe in.

I would point out that this method is designed for someone who wants to sit at a table for a long session.

Big and Little Place bets

Big and Little Place bets on 5, 6, 8, and 9.
Start with Big Bets of $10 - 5 and 9, $30 - 6 and 8.
Let Big Bets ride for 3 active rolls then regress to Little Bets.
Little Bets start at $5 - 5 and 9, $12 - 6 and 8.
When a Big Bet wins - press.
When a Little Bet wins on 5 or 9 - press one unit starting with 2nd win.
When a Little Bet wins on 6 or 8 - press one unit on each win.
When a point is made or lost - reset whole cycle except as follows:
When 1 point is made - Big Bets will only ride for 2 rolls.
When 2 points are made in a row - Big Bets will only ride for 1 roll.
When 3 or more points are made in a row - skip Big Bets, go to Little Bets.
When any 7 is rolled (natural or otherwise) start Big Bets over with 3 rolls.

Casino Hop System

This system is designed for players whose intention is to sightsee the casinos rather than play in them for an extended period.

Your buy in is for just four bets of your choice. Your goal is to win 50% of your buy in. Say you want to make four $6 place bets on the six and eight. Your buy in is $24 and your goal is to win $12.
Hopefully you'll win your first two bets and you can move on to the next casino.
You can make one or two place bets at a time.
You can leave them working or take them down at any time.
You would keep playing until you win 50% or lose 75% of your buy in.
You can make any type bet you want. I use the six and eight as an example.
You can adapt this system to any casino game.
Using what's outlined above, $100 will allow you to gamble in five different casinos.
If you win 50% at all five casinos, you'll have a $60 profit.

Craps: A Winning Strategy

The strategy in a nutshell is as follows:
1. After the shooter establishes a point, make a place bet on the 5, 6, and 8 and a field bet that is one-half of the payout of the 5, 6, or 8. If you bet $10 on the 5, $12 on the 6, $12 on the 8 your field bet will be $7 because the payout for the 5,6, & 8 is $14.
2. Make 2 bets per shooter. Once the shooter makes two rolls of the dice, remove all bets and wait until the next shooter.

Full Court Press - Pass Line, Place 6 & 8, continuous Come bets

Progression/regression on inside Place bets. Objective is to get 2 wins between 7's.
All bets down after 2 wins / 2 rolls no wins / 5 rolls 1 win.
Bets double if lost with no collection.
Bets increase 50% if lost after 1 collection (double if on minimum bet).
Bets decrease 50% if removed after 1 win and total bet.
Bets decrease to minimum if removed after 1 win and total bet.
Bets decrease 75% if removed after 2 wins and total bet.
Bets decrease to minimum if removed after 2 wins and total bet.
On first win, take down either 5 or 9

Inside Numbers & Field

My goal is for 300 a session. A session will have three hits and the place bets will be off after each hit and wait for the next come out.
Session bet- 5 & 9---$ 60
6 & 8---$ 150
Field----$ 30
Field bets do not count as a hit , but, removed after a place bet hit.
Why use a Field Bet ? While I am waiting for a hit on the inside place bets , I can pick up some change on the field bets and it reduces the loss of a 7 out before
a hit on the place bets.
Place bets are on (5-6-8-9) until a hit on any I then ask the Dealer to " Put place bet on off". I do not play the field when Place bet are on off. I have the dealer put Place bets "On" after the next come out roll and a point is established. After a hit this session is over and I take all bets down.

I have three of these sessions. Sometimes if the table is choppy I will only have one or two sessions.

There are times when a 5,6,8, or 9 just will not show. I limit my hits on the field bet to four. I then put the place bets on "Off" and wait for next come out roll.

The hardest part to do is watch the 6s,8s, and 9s show when your place bets are on off. You say to yourself, I am losing all this money. This is true in the short run. In the long run you will be ahead taking little winnings at a time.

If you seven out with no field bet hits, It takes 3 or 4 hits to be even.

Inside Play

First have a decent bankroll to make decent money.  I walk in the casino with $2000. I don't break it down into sessions, I don't split it three ways or bet one hour.

I take $160 inside, or $80 in if I feel unlucky, and I keep track of my winnings. If I lose without a hit on an inside number,  I have to recoup 2 units. If I bet $160 in and hit once for $70, then I am only down about $90. That is how you have to look at it, once you put your money down on the table, it is the house's money until, you pick it up.

When I place $160 down, I know I just lost $160. I am looking for the shooter to hit 2 inside or 3 inside numbers, and then I come down with a profit. If two shooters seven out before I hit one number, I walk out. If a shooter, throws 5 outside or craps numbers, I play the odds and pick up the place bets and I wait for the next shooter.

Watching place betters are funny, they never pick up a profit, never. It would be like going up to a black jack table and pressing your winnings no matter what until you lost, and I have never seen a blackjack player do that.

I have been known to stay at tables for hours to days. Now, if I hit 5 numbers and have $350 that I didn't have before, I walk out. I once stood at a crap table for exactly 55 seconds before walking out with $350. That's discipline. If I do that every day for a work week, that's $1750, for about 10 hours of driving and maybe 1-2 hours of actual playing.

Iron Cross

Buy in at a $5 table for at least $200. Make a $5 pass line bet. Whatever the point, back it up with double odds. If the point is 5,6,or 8 place a double unit bet on the other two numbers, then a single unit bet in the Field. You will win on any number except the 7. After 2 hits on any of the no-field numbers, take everything down except the Pass Line bet with odds. You will now have at least a $5 profit (depending on how many field #'s hit) and a Pass Line bet with double odds working. Let the dice roll until a decision is made, then start over.

If the point is 4,9,or 10 just place the 6 & 8, take 2 hits and take them down. This gives you a $13 profit even though the tough Pass Line bet doesn't hit. If it does, so much the better.

Play this way if the table is warm or hot. After two losing rolls in a row, or if you're $100 down, drop to single odds and come down after 1 hit on your place numbers. Play this way until you get 2 winning rolls in a row, then return to your original play. Four losing rolls in a row, end that session.

Once you're $100 ahead, press your odds a unit. If the 6 & 8's are hitting, press them a unit and regress to 12, then 6 then off.

If the Field numbers are coming in, continue to play the field after removing your place bets. This is where your observation and your skill as a craps player come in.

Have fun with it, just remember to drop to single odds and one hit after 2 consecutive losses or you go down $100 and start over.

This method keeps you busy raking in your wins, and allows you to stand at the table with a Pass Line bet even after you removed your other bets. I think it is hard (and boring) to stand there with no action. It also uses the best bets on the table.

Reno Reach

After a day of consistent and fast losing at the tables in Reno, I tried to come up with some method that might stem the tide. I normally don't bet the pass line or don't pass line so I really don't care if the shooter makes the point or not. I just want to win a bet before that seven shows.

I came up with a variation of the 7 Method described above.  I use it for 6 and 8 place bets, but you can use it for 5 and 9 or any other combination that you'd like.

You make a $6 place bet on the 6 and 8. You leave the bets working till one of them is hit. Then you take them down and wait for the end of the roll.
After the next point is established you make 2 more place bets on the 6 and 8 and add 1 unit to the number that last won.

For example: You start by making $6 place bets on the 6 and 8. The 6 is thrown, so you take both bets down and wait for the end of the roll. After the new point is established you would make a $12 six and a $6 eight place bet.

You would repeat the process every time you win a bet. You would need to win three or four times before you would recoup your initial $12 bet and start turning a profit.
This method is good for a choppy to semi hot table. One plus to this method is that if you do reach the higher levels, your profit coming off the tables greatly increases with every win in relation to your initial $12 outlay. Also, if the table turns hot, you are already betting at a way higher level and you can truly take advantage by letting the bets work for the life of the roll.
The downside, as with most systems, is an early seven.

I hope you have enjoyed those free systems. 

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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