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=================================================    Thursday, October 23, 2003
Eternity Newsletters - Part 2

Hello everyone,

Last week's newsletter covered some of Joe's winning ideas.  This week we'll cover part 2 of Joe's newsletters.

"Hi everyone, here is the second edition of my newsletter. I hope you all enjoyed the first one and I thank everyone who sent a donation in for my time and efforts. This newsletter will hopefully be another one that will send some good ideas out to you all.

If you would like to donate any money, you can send it to me using paypal. My account with paypal is moninja2@pacbell.net . Any donations are appreciated.

This newsletter will contain the following:

1) Tips on being a successful gambler – advice given to me over time

2) Fun Dozens – being able to see the table evolve

3) Catch-up-keeping tabs – putting the “laws” on your side

4) Hot Dozens – Double street play

Each section will be displayed as a title and then a brief summary of the section will appear followed by the details.


During my research and developing of systems, I have talked to many types of gamblers. Some of them test systems looking for that one that will make them rich, some try to develop systems [like myself], and a few actually play and make a living from gambling. Below is the best advice I have gotten from everyone I have ever talked to about gambling, and I must also say that it was their experiences that happened to them that made them realize that you need to know what to do and what to expect of yourself beforehand.  Below is the advice given to me throughout the years in no particular order:

1) Be patient – in order to be a successful gambler, you need to be patient. You won’t win every session and sometimes the winning streak you are waiting for may take hours to come around. If you can’t wait or don’t have the nerves to grind it out, then gambling is not an option. Waiting for a key opportunity to play is crucial and sometimes it may take an entire day just to find that one instance of player advantage.

2) Profit Lock – once you get ahead you can stay ahead by locking away some of your profits. I’ve witnessed people sit there at the tables and be up 200 dollars and not stop gambling because they wanted a little more. Even if they put away 50 dollars in their pockets they would have walked a winner but instead, most people tend to keep gambling until it is all gone. This is fine as long as you are prepared to lose a fortune.

3) Know Multiple Strategies [Always have a Plan when you are playing] – Don’t go to the tables unprepared and not ready to execute some kind of plan. Having a plan of play is much better than having no plan at all. Playing a martingale on a certain pattern is better than just betting wildly. Also, the hardest thing to realize is when one system or method may be performing better than another and this is a key thing to note while playing. While I’m at the tables I keep tabs on 2-3 methods at once and when one is slowly starting to under perform and another one is starting to pick up a little bit, I switch playing methods. It doesn’t work every time and sometimes I go straight into a cold series. It happens, but always be prepared with the knowledge of knowing multiple strategies in case the one you happen to be playing starts to go bust. It leaves you with alternatives at the table instead of just an empty pocket.

4) Be Very Disciplined – This is like being patient and is necessary to successful gambling. If you have a win goal and hit it, either profit lock or STOP! If you have a loss limit and hit it, STOP! During my recent trip to Las Vegas, I saw a fellow family member turn 700 dollars into 1500, but you know what? They lacked the discipline to be happy with what they had so in turn, they kept gambling and what happened was they went bust. Gave it all back to the casino… plus some more! If you are the type of person who will get up and want to play knowing you can’t stop, I suggest you don’t gamble. If anything, bring a “gambling buddy” [always important] who will just watch you play and make you stop when the time comes. Tell them before hand that if you get up to X amount stop you or if you lose X amount to stop you. It helps, trust me, I’ve helped a lot of my buddies out this way.

5) Follow The Trends – Never bet against a trend is a very valuable lesson. Black has hit 5 times in a row, what do you do? An obvious answer would be play a martingale on red and even though the chances or red and black coming out are still the same, don’t break away from the trend. Black may be playing “catch up” in the scheme of things, it may be a freak accident that it comes up another 10 times, who knows… just stay with the trend and ride it out until it loses, then you can bet on the new trend that picks up. One of my first gambling experiences ever was seeing 4 players come up in a row and I looked at the shoe and said, “What do you think the chances are that another 3 will show up?” To make a story short, I played a 3 step martingale on banker and 3 more players came up plus an additional 2 after I lost my 3 step progression.

6) Keep emotions in Check – If you are playing and you lose some money, don’t bet more or bet bigger because you want it back. If you get nervous, tired, or feel any emotion while you are at the table for that matter, you should just get up and take a break. Leave the casino and come back a little later. As I said before in being disciplined, my fellow family member got mad when he lost a few bets and continued placing more and more on the table, I couldn’t even stop them and you know what happened to them… Basically when you are at the table, you got to be a robot if you want to be successful, it is hard to do but is possible. If you can’t be a robot, be as positive and confident in your plays as you can be, it will work out the same as being emotionless.

7) Stay at the winning tables while you are winning and leave when you are losing – If you are not winning at a particular table, stop and go try out another one. A method might not win at one table but at another table it will. It is a hard thing to do, leave when you are down, but sometimes that is all it takes to turn things around. If you happen to lose again, perhaps it is time to call it a day and wait until the next day when you recoup from what just happened. Now, when you are winning just don’t walk away because you may continue to win for another several hours, who knows… nobody. Keep playing and when you lose just a little bit, then you can leave the casino.

8) Flat bets or use an extremely conservative progression – the bigger your negative progression, the longer you will win, but when you lose, BAM! It hits you really hard. Try to bet the same amount or better yet, try to bet MORE when you are winning and LESS when you are losing. That is what gambling is all about and being successful at it. I guess the hardest part though is the define a situation that is deemed favorable in order to get this all accomplished.

9) Bet relatively large units [win a few and you'll be happy with the win at a larger level than with a few at a lower level...] – I’ve gambled many a time and I’ve won 4 units at the low limit levels. Though this isn’t a lot of money, I’m happy with it and leave because this alone pays for a few meals or even some entertainment. For most people though, winning small just doesn’t cut it so if you want to win big, you got to play those bigger units.

I am sure there are other pearls of wisdom out there so if you have any, send it to me and I will send it out in the third newsletter.


The idea of Fun Dozens is just to show you how something simple could possibly be used at a table in multiple ways. I know that this system is not particularly good, but it gets across the point I tried to say above about knowing multiple strategies. In order to make this work well, you need a big bankroll and a good sense of what the table is trending towards. I don’t guarantee it to work nor do I guarantee any other system I write up. Take a look at it read it over and you will get a sense of well if the table does this, then I can do that or I can do this when the table does that…


Bet on all 3 dozens.  When you get a hit, you stop that dozen, then play the 2 that are still going.  When you hit there, you go to the last dozen, and when the last dozen hits, you walk away...

While you are betting, you follow the progression given and then you can't really go wrong.


You bet on the dozen that last showed up and you bet with a progression that goes up to 7 to 10 times.


You bet on the two dozens that didn't show up with the following in mind:

1) bet every time

2) bet after a dozen repeats 2 times

3) bet after a dozen repeats then it goes to a different dozen


Start a bet on the dozen that just showed up, then you bet on the next dozen that showed up.  If the third dozen shows up, then you bet on 2 dozens following the progression...


Keep in mind all of the above systems and see how the table is playing.  If the dozens are rotating a lot without repeats, then play system 1 or 3. If the dozens are repeating a lot, then play system 2 or 4, it is that simple... there you go, you have the ultimate guide in winning at roulette in this one page =)

The above system descriptions are very simple.  Below are more elaborate descriptions:


Bet on all 3 dozens.  When you get a hit on a dozen, you stop the progression and only remain betting on the dozens that haven't hit.  When another dozens hits, you continue the progression for the last dozen and if you win before the progression ends, then you are a winner =)

Here is the progression that you use:

spin number / amount to wager / amount won (in units)

1 1 2

2 1 1

3 2 2

4 3 2

5 4 1

6 6 1

7 9 1

You can go to 10-12 in spin number, but you can figure that out if you really want to go that far.

You can play this system any time, you should be aiming for a quick 3-5 unit gain and that is all.

You start when you see the table trend in the manner of rotating between all 3 dozens, meaning they are switching a lot and frequently.

Remember: you play the above progression on all 3 dozens, when you win, you stop and bet only on the remaining dozens until they get a hit themselves.


You bet on the dozen that just came up and hope for one dozen to repeat within the progression. if you get a hit within the progression then you win. If not, oh well, that is how life is.

The progression for this system is identical to the one in SYSTEM .  The only difference is that you are not betting multiple dozens, just the last one that came up.

You should play this system looking for a quick 1-2 unit gain, then do something else.

You start using this progression when you see lots of repeating dozens going on, or like the above system, you can just go to a table and go cold (knowing nothing about the tables trend).

Remember: play the above progression only on the last dozen that got hit.  So if first dozen hits, bet that dozen with spin number one above. If dozen 2 hits next, then use spin number 2's wager amount on dozen number 2 etc...


This system is a bit more complex, but still is easy to use. You have to know how you want to bet, so here are the three possible ways to bet.

1) bet every spin

2) bet after a dozen repeats twice

3) bet after a dozen repeats, then goes to another dozen

Here is the progression for this system:

spin number / amount to wager / unit gain

1 1 1

2 3 1

3 9 1

4 27 1

5 81 1

You can actually go past this spin number to probably 7 or 8, but you can figure out what to wager (just multiply by 3.

The best time to start using this system is when the table is rotating between dozens a lot.  So if the trend is extremely strong, you should probably look for a 1-4 unit gain then book and leave.

Or, like the other systems, you can go for it right off the bat not knowing anything about the table and risking your shirt.

(Izak - this progression is used when one bets on two dozens simultaneously - I presume, this is what Joe meant)


Start a bet on the dozen that just hit. If a different dozen his than the one just prior, then bet on that dozen as well as the previous dozen.  If the third dozen comes up, then bet on the third dozen plus the dozen that just came up previous to the third one.

Here is the progression:

spin number /  wager amount / unit gain

1 1 (for first dozen) 1

2 2 (on each dozen) 1

3 5 (on each dozen) 1

4 16(on each dozen) 1

5 48(one each dozen) 1

You can actually probably go to spin number 7 or 8 with this system as well... but I will not calculate that for you, you can do it on your own.

You should start this system if you see that the dozens are repeating a lot. If the dozens repeat within 1 or 2 spins, then you should use this system.

Remember: your first bet is only on one dozen, from there on, it is two dozens.


Keeping in mind all of the above systems, you now know the basics. So go to a table and see how it is trending and use one of the above systems.  Suppose the table is repeating a lot (meaning a dozen repeats within 1 to 2 spins) then you should use systems 2 and 4, but if the table is the opposite and the dozens are constantly changing, then you should go ahead and use systems 1 and 3 because you are hoping that the dozens will change and not sit on the same one for a long period of time.

You now have the knowledge to win at roulette.  The systems above are very simple yes, and they do work.

Remember: SYSTEM 1 and 3 are based on ROTATING DOZENS, SYSTEM 2 and 4 are based on REPEATING DOZENS.

For very sophisticated and elaborate winning systems based on dozens play, you should seriously consider the following three:

- Dazzling Dozens - based on single dozen play
- Sparkling Dozens - based on double dozen play
- Peak Profit - based on repeating dozens


The idea behind this system was to try and find when the table balances back out, because it always does, you just don’t know when! There are rules that govern casino games such as the law of big numbers, law of the third, and other little things that though they are not written in stone, do exist and can be seen throughout hundreds of thousands spins of the wheel, throws of the dice, and hands dealt.

I originally had written this system for the double streets and found later than it can be applied to just about any bet in roulette, craps, and even baccarat. Below is the system I wrote up for roulette, but just remember that if you take the concept behind it, you will be able to apply it to other table games as well.

The concept written up in this document is perhaps one of the important concepts you will learn throughout your gambling experience but as always, there are many lessons to be learned when it comes to gambling [so this is just one of the many to come!].

The odds for a double street bet is 5:1, this means that for every 6 spins, a double street is expected to come out once. But as you and I know, this doesn’t happen. Sometimes it comes out more than once and sometimes it doesn’t come out at all! So what we are going to try and do is take advantage of its return and hopefully catch a few more wins than what we would normally want.

Keeping tabs on double streets can be extremely easy. What we will do is make groups of 6 spins. Now, when we see a hit in 6 spins we will write down 1/6, if we see 3 hits we write 3/6, and so on. If no hits are encountered, we write 0/6. What we are looking for are these 0/6 spin hits because we know now that when it does it, perhaps it might wake up and have 2/6 hits or maybe 3/6 or 4/6 etc…

Let me take you through some spins to show you what I mean about this double street tracking system…







DS 1 = 0/6

DS 2 = 1/6

DS 3 = 0/6

DS 4 = 1/6

DS 5 = 1/6

DS 6 = 3/6

As you can see, 3 of the double streets hit only 1 time in the 6 spins [as expected], 2 of the double streets slept and didn’t want to show up, and the last one hit multiple times. What we can now deduct is that eventually, DS 1 and DS 3 will hit MORE times than they should in the expected 6 spins [we just don’t know when] and that DS 6 will NOT show up eventually for 18 spins [it may or may not be consecutive, but we know it will happen at some point in time].

Lets see the next group of 6 and see what happens:







DS 1 = 0/6

DS 2 = 0/6

DS 3 = 3/6

DS 4 = 1/6

DS 5 = 1/6

DS 6 = 1/6

As we noted above, we can see DS 3 hit more than it was expected in this next group of 6 spins, DS 4,5,6 hit once as they were expected [though we expect DS 6 to eventually have some 0/6’s] and then DS 1 hit 0 times yet again which means we expect it to eventually have either multiple 2/6 hits or perhaps one big streak of 3/6 hits. Which one? We don’t know.

Now we know how to track which is very important to our ability to play, because if we didn’t know how to track, then what can we expect to do? Yeah, just sit there and watch numbers keep rolling by? What we now do with the information we collect is try and win by flat betting on those DS’s that are due.  But there is an exception to this rule. And that is not to play a DS until it hits at least one time. If you think about it, a DS has the ability to sleep for 40 spins or more, which brings us to the conclusion that when it does hit that once, it is expected to hit several more times, be it in the same group of 6 or in other groups of 6’s.

One more thing to look for is the fact that a DS may hit over and over in each group of 6.  So it is showing you that it is a constant hit, always keep an eye out for these too, they are more likely the plays you will want to make, but the sleepers waking up are a great way to go, too, if you notice them.

Always stop when you are positive. Or, if you are positive, and think things might go really hot, profit lock some units, and then if you happen to lose, you can stop and leave with some of the casino’s money.

I’m not keen on covering more than half of the table on any one spin, but sometimes you will realize it is a good way to go. The only time I will start playing a large portion of the table is when I notice that the winning runs against the smaller portion coming up or long and infrequent. This will be explained in a different newsletter in the winning runs system.

Below is a session that was played by myself while I was in Las Vegas.  I did use a progression [shame on me] but it was rather conservative so I believe it to be alright. The progression I used was 1-1-1-1-1-2-2-2-2-3-3-4 which meant I needed one hit to win.

Before I played I was sitting at the table recording spins and basically just seeing if there was any truth behind the idea of dealer signature and low and behold, I found extremely interesting things to be true about it and to make it short… I believe in dealer signature 100% after tracking 5 different croupiers for about 30 spins each. But anyways, I don’t want to deviate from the session, it is below…

32 - 6

26 - 5

1 - 1

4 - 1

35 - 6

10 - 2

DS 3's and DS 4's were absent…

14 - 3

31 - 6

7 - 2

8 - 2

19 – 4

14 – 3

DS 3 hits 2 times [1 more as expected]

DS 4 hit once, we still expect a makeup hit.

DS 1's and 5's were absent in the first run, but one hit twice in the second run, so the 0/6 was expected and DS 5 hit once above, so we expect it to hit again within another 6]

9 - 2

17 - 3

33 - 6

17 - 3

29 - 5

30 – 6

DS 1 and DS 4 didn’t hit. So let's compile our notes:

We expect DS 4 to hit twice more than expected, because it didn’t show up in the first group of 6 and we expect DS 1 to have a make up hit as well. DS 5 also needs a make up hit within a group of 6 spins. We also note that DS 6 has hit in every single group of 6 spins we have recorded so far.

Knowing this information, we are going to do the following:

We will play a progression on DS 6 hoping that it continues to make its presence known, and also if DS 1 hits, we will flat bet it until it hits at least 1 time to show a profit.

-- I started play here

10 – 2 We miss 1 unit bet on DS 6…

7 – 2 We miss 1 unit bet on DS 6…

19 – 4 We miss 1 unit bet on DS 6…

36 – 6 We hit the 1 unit bet on DS 6 leaving us with a 2 unit profit [so now we just watch and see if DS 1 hits]

19 – 4

3 – 1 DS 1 did hit but that was the end of our group of 6 so we make no play.

Overall, I ended this session with a 2 unit gain but with the progression I used, I was willing to risk 23 units, not my idea of a good way to go, if you know what I mean. I was happy with 20 dollars so I stopped and kept tracking spins just for dealer signature purposes.

I hope this system brings insight towards some new things you should look for while at the table. While tracking you can take note of instances where a bet doesn’t come up as expected or too much or frequently. Just keep your minds open to everything when you play or at least try to. It will help you down the road.


I believe that clumping does occur [which is basically a take off of what I was talking about above]. So, this system again focuses on DS clumping but tracks it in a different way. What we will use as an indicator are the dozens.

I have developed a new system that is slowly progressing along. It bets double streets. I suppose you could even bet the 6 numbers + zero if you wanted to get that "extra" protection. It hasn't been perfected yet and is still in the works. There are times you will get hits that are within 3 spins very frequently! 3 spins out of the normal 6 that is expected is always a good thing right?

So here is how it works. Each double street is independent of the next, because each one has its own little HIGH/LOW deal going on within it. You'll see what I mean in a little bit. So there are two outcomes, SAME and SWITCH. You will notice that the dozens behave like even money bets after you read a little bit further.

We will bet  that the following pattern will continue to happen, so we either bet SAME or SWITCH. When multiple hits come around, hopefully we will be on the right track. Below is a sample of what I am talking about:

Dozen 3 [X - miss, 5 = double street 5, 6 = double street 6]


So when you see an X it means another double street came up besides 6 and 5 and 6 and 5 mean double street 6 and 5. So first of all, we do not bet until a dozen shows up [in dozen 3's case it is double street 6 and 5]. Now, when it does show up, we bet for 3 spins only and after a loss of 3 spins, we stop our "attack". If the street repeats, we will bet for it to repeat, if it switches, we will bet on it to continue switching [as I said above, 2 basic patterns].

Lets analyze the line now piece by piece [play by play]:


Double street 6 hits then misses then hits [we start betting according to this information for SAME]. We get a hit right away +5 units. Now we continue on betting double street 6 but we lose, because double street 5 came up, so we are now in switch mode. We bet 3 more times and lose so now we are at +0.


Double street 6 hits and we are in switch mode from above, we bet double street 5 and we get a hit +5 units. Now we bet 6 for 3 spins and lose 3 times. +2 units.


Double street 6 hits and we are still in switch mode, so we bet on double street 5 and win +7 units, now we bet double street 6. We miss, then double street 5 shows up, so we lose this bet as well, but now bet same. We bet double street 5 and now we lose twice before double street 6 comes up which puts us back into switch. We lose 2 spins and get a hit on double street 5. We then bet double street 6 and get another hit right away. Now we bet double street 5 and miss then get a hit and miss 3 times. +11 units at this point.


Double street 6 comes up and we are in switch mode from above, so we bet double street 5 and miss, then 6 comes up, which puts us into same mode. We bet double street 6 and lose to double street 5. Then we bet switch and lose again and miss b/c DS 5 comes up, so we are back on same once again. Now we miss twice.  Then 6 comes up, which puts us into switch mode. We lose one spin and get a hit on DS 5 followed by a hit on DS6, then miss 3 times. +8 units at this point.


Double street 6 comes up and we were in switch mode, but because 6 hit before last time, it puts us into same mode. We then get a hit on 6 and lose our next bet to 5, which puts us into switch. We lose on 5 again, then go to same mode and lose on 6 followed by 3 more losses [we are now in switch mode again] +7 units at this point.


5 comes up and we are in switch mode. We bet on 6 and 5 comes up again, we are now in same mode. We bet DS 5 and win, then miss, then win 2 more times then lose 3 times. +17 units at this point.


Double street 6 comes up and we bet double street 5 for 3 bets because the 6 was preceded by a 5, which means switch. +14 units at this point.


Double street 5 hits so we are now still in switch mode, so we bet DS 6 and win.  Then we bet DS 5 and lose, then hit, then bet DS 6, then lose, then win, then lose 3 times. +24 units at this point.

I hope you understand the angle I'm coming from with this approach and it works the same for each dozen [each is independent of the other]."

With the hope that you have enjoyed Joe's system ideas.  And there will be even more to come.  If you wish to donate some money to Joe so he can continue his research, you can do so by sending to his PayPal account: moninja2@pacbell.net.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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