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=========================================   Thursday, October 18, 2001
Feedback on Magic Five and Maximum Streaks

Hello everyone,

It's been three weeks that Magic Five has been out there and feedback has been great.  I was going through the discussion forum the other day and someone has posted the following:

"As promised, I am posting my testing results, as I run it through my 700,000 LIVE ROLL, PERSONALLY RECORDED OVER 9 YEARS, DATABASE. So far, the results have been startling to say the least. I am winning at the stated win rate claimed by Izak. If the results continue at this rate, this will prove out to be the most significant breakthrough in gaming history."

Those were the results of tests run over 70,000 spins.  The system has performed at a 17 to 1 winning rate for 70,000 spins.   Well, this is extremely encouraging.  This is equivalent to 35,000 hours of playing!

Walter M. has been up by $1000.  He plays to win 5 units per day.  If he loses 5 units, he stops for the day.  The same way, if he wins 5 units, he quits for the day.  He says, he's been winning 2 days more than he has been losing, which brings him up by 10 units of $100.

Another customer has won 21 units in one day's play.  Here is his testimonial:

"I won 20 or 21 units yesterday. I played 4 sessions as my friend and I were at the casino for 10 hours.  I stopped after each win of 5 units and either took a break or played craps or black jack (my friend is an excellent blackjack player and when I play it is with him). I won at everything!!!  Unbelievable day."

He also had his own modification of the system for money management:

"Today if we lost the first bet, we bet 2 units so if we won that we were a unit ahead.  If we lost the second bet, we did not continue.  This technique did not work every time but the results were quite good."

This suggestion was a replacement to play until you win 5 units or lose 5 units.  With this modification, you play 1 unit, if you lose, you play 2 units and if you lose that run, you are down by 3 units and you stop then, rather than at -5.

He even wanted to parlay his winnings the following way:

"We won so many bets on the first try that I wonder if it would make sense to parlay the first win once if you win on the first try.  In other words, if you win the 1 unit bet you have 2 units.   You stop betting but at the next betting opportunity you bet 2 units and if you win you will be up 3 units instead of 2.  What do you think?  Today it would have made us a great deal of extra money." 

My reply was:

"Parlaying your bet with this method could be a good idea, but I would do
it  only if I won a couple of units up front.  This way, if you lose in the middle of your parlay, you will still be ahead and won't feel sorry that your winnings are gone.
Maybe then a 3 way parlay can be beneficial.  That will give you 7 extra units.

Another effective way of parlaying, as the customer suggested was the following way:

"Your idea of a parlay of 3 is intriguing.  However, after winning the first parlay you have four units.   I think for the next parlay I would only bet my profit and take back the unit I invested.  If I won two in a row and lost the third I would not want to be down a unit.  Hence, the profit my way would be six."

This further improves the parlay method and ensures to keep your initial profit.

Click to read more about Magic Five.

Here is a story that Johan K. wanted to share with us:

"Hi there Izak,

You probably forgot about me or if you did remember, you probably wondered
what happened to me.

Well I sort of went out of the roulette / casino scene for the bulk of this
year for varoius  reasons , being time, work commitment and a really bad year financially having to support  my daughter through university financially and otherwise.   So my ready cash for gambling was a bit in short supply as I don't believe in taking household money and applying it to gambling.

Me and my spouse did however visit the local casino close to my home called
"Ceasers" (next to Johannesburg International Airport ) as we watched one of
the local musical performers in this country called Steve Hofmeyer doing a tribute to the great popsinger Neil Diamond.

So afterwards we went into the casino itself as we were with a few " rich" friends who
frequently play blackjack but know very little about roulette.

I was rather caught a bit unawares bout this not expected to gamble that night and between me and my wife we scratched up some money for a bit of gambling!

So here I am at the roulette table (cheap one the r5.00 table (more or less worth half a US dollar) and I'm raking my brain to remenber the details of the "superior
" system,  which I ordered from you earlier this year.  OK eventually the main strategy came back to me and i started placing my bets.

Well what can i say! I did remember what you  frequently preached in your
newsletters to check for the correct "opportunity" so I did that, selecting a table that
was "right".

Well to cut a long story short I didn't double my money, I allmost tripled it !!  to the amazement of my "rich" friends, I must add though that my bankroll was
completely inadequate should I encountered a bad losing streak but fortunately
the pattern at the table more or less hold out for the whole 2 hours i sat there !!!

Over christmas I'll probably have some more spendable income so ill give it
a few more shots!!

In the meantime I'll keep on practising using the "Sands of the Caribbean"

Thanks for "superior" gambling advice in your newsletters

                    Johann K.

Thank you Johann for sharing your story with us.  If you would like to read more about Superior Roulette, click:

And now to our second subject of the newsletter. 

We all see those streaks coming up in Baccarat, Craps or Roulette.  A sequence of 7-9 Reds, or a streak of Banker bets, etc.  Sometimes, we have a tendency to wait for a long streak of a certain decision and start betting on the opposite one, hoping to hit a win.  But we all wonder how long a streak can last before the opposite decision happens. 

There has been certain maximums recorded in the gaming history.  In Roulette for instance, the longest streak ever seen in the last 250 years was 32 consecutive Reds in a Brazilian casino about 40 years ago.

People have also their own experiences.    A friend of mine has seen a Dozen not showing up for 23 times.

This week I ran a simulation over 100,000 spins and recorded some maximums that I would like to share with you.  This will give you an indication of what kind of streaks you can expect in real play.

The longest time that a number on a Roulette table has slept before showing up was 281 spins.  So, if you are playing straight-up on a number, it may not be sufficient to wait for 38 or 76 spins, before you bet on that number.

The longest streak that any Dozen or Column not showing up was 35.  This is again once over 100,000 spins.  You can take a good average and rely on a figure such as 18.  If a Dozen doesn't show up for 18 spins, you can bet on it with a progression of 50% pressing of your bets from bet to bet.

On the other hand, the longest time that a Dozen or Column repeated before it changed was 13 times.  I usually feel safe on betting on the two other Dozens or Columns after 7-8 times, that that Dozen or Column repeated.

The longest streak that a Dozen or Column did not repeat, or that alternated was 25, so beware if you are betting on a repeat Dozen or Column.  A surer bet would be to wait for about 12 changes.

It seems that one can take half the maximum peek and apply it to his/her strategy.

The longest streak of an even money bet (Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Banker/Player, Pass/Don't Pass) was 22, that happened once in 100,000 bets.  This shows a Martingale can kill you had you started to bet after 7 same decisions.

The Roulette Trend Analyzer (RTA), that you can read about at: gives you those statistics.  I have now extended the Roulette Trend Analyzer to include street bets, double street bets and the four sectors of nine numbers in roulette.

You can find that over 100,000 spins that the longest streak of a quarter sector not showing up is 41.

The longest streak of a single street out of 12 not showing up is 130.

The longest streak of a double street out of 6 not showing up is 67.

It is good to have the Roulette Trend Analyzer as a companion and have it open while playing on an on-line casino.   You record the number that just came up every time.  Every now and then, RTA will give you an indication of where is the best place to place your bet, as it keeps track of streaks in every single possible bet in Roulette.

This is an advantage of on-line casinos versus brick and mortar ones, as the latter will not allow you to bring a computer to use as a tool.

The Roulette Trend Analyzer is only $75.  You can use the secure order form here to place your orders.

The best on-line casino, Sands of the Caribbean, is getting even better.  The largest jackpot of the history of on-line casinos was won recently on September 3, 2001: $414,119.22 was granted to player with the nickname: BOBO.

Sands has now more than 120,000 customers.  The more customers, the larger become the jackpots, as jackpots are a portion of the amount players wager.

The Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino & Sportsbook is a name people have
known and trust since 1997 now with over 40 games. If you play for real
money, you'll receive a $50 bonus EACH and EVERY month! Their games are
audited by Price WaterhouseCoopers and average a payback of over 97.7%. They
also have six progressive jackpot games - largest winner was "BOBO" who won the current world record jackpot for online casinos! Here are some other facts about The Sands of the Caribbean:

Games: 40 games overall including Single and Multi-Player Baccarat, Single and Multi-Player Blackjack, Break the Bank, Single and Multi-Player Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Single and Multi-Player European Roulette, Keno, Single and Multi-Player Bonus Let it Ride Poker, Paigow Poker, Red Dog, Single and Multi-Player Roulette, 11 Types of Slots, 3 Types of Video Slots, 8 Types of Video Poker, and Sportsbetting.

Multi-Player Games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Bonus Let it Ride Poker, Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, and European Roulette.

Software: Free Download or Multimedia Enhanced CD ROM.

Deposits:Visa, MasterCard, Check, ECP and Bank Wire Transfer

Options: Free Play or Real Money.

Special Features: 3 Comp programs from which to choose.

System requirements: Windows95/98/2000 or NT.

Claims: A name you know and trust offering a $50 monthly bonus EACH and EVERY month! Celebrating their 4th Anniversary during the fall of 2001. Over 97.7% average payback percentage. Huge progressive jackpots.

Casino Player Magazine's "The Best of the Web" year 2000 survey:
  • Voted #1 - BEST Video Poker
  • Voted #1 - BEST "Payout / E-Cash Program"
  • Voted "HONORABLE MENTION" in each of the following categories: Best Overall Online Casino, Best Sign-Up Bonus, Best Game Selection, Best Craps, Best Roulette, Best Multi-Player Games, Most User-Friendly Casino, Best Sportsbook Software, Best Sportsbook Wagering Selection, Best Sportsbook Reputation, Best Sportsbook Payout System

Gambling Online Magazine's 2001 reader poll:

  • Winner - "Best Reputation"
  • Winner - "Best Casino Payout Percentage"
  • Winner - "Best Rewards Program"
  • Honorable Mention - "Best Sign Up Bonus"
  • Honorable Mention - "Quickest Payouts"
  • They also earned 82% of the votes for "Online Casino of the Year" in a poll conducted by the Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) who is a watch dog site for the sports betting industry.

    So, unquestionably Sands is a good place to play.  Click: to get there.

    You can now also play at their sister casino at: 49er Casino at: and get the same benefits.

    If you go to the page where the best reputable recommended casinos are listed at:, you will find at the second position a banner that displays the actual up-to-date jackpots of 49er Casino that are currently active.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Until next week,


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