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================================================    Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Craps - Betting for Success - Playin' Tough - A Book by Marvin Goldstein

Hello everyone,

This week I would like to introduce you to Marvin Goldstein, who is called "Dice Trakkr".  Dice Trakkr is a retired business owner and retired dealer.  A professional dice player, for the past 14 years, Dice Trakkr offers his personal knowledge about the game of craps: table trends, patterns, dice randomness, and the most effective ways to approach the game.  In his book "Playin' Tough", being announced today,  there is no get rich quick schemes.  Beating the game consistently requires due-diligence, an adequate bankroll, table discipline and willingness to release old ideas, concepts and to do what works.

For most dice players, it's tough just breaking even and "bad days" occur with all too much frequency.  But it is possible for profitable days to become the norm and bad days to be the exception when players are educated about what to look for and how to exploit advantageous situations. 

Actually, there is more science to the game of craps than most people imagine.  The information presented in Marvin's book can actually turn the tables on the casinos and put the odds in favor of the player.  Knowledge of the game and experience are factors beyond the casino's control and these are the keys to every player's gaming success.

I have read and re-read Marvin's book and I find the numerous craps strategies being of great value and I'm sure you will find quite a few that will suit your betting style. 

I will let Marvin introduce you his book:

"Though many have diligently tried, very few players have been able to solve the mystery that is the game of craps. It’s an intriguing game that gives the impression to both the novice and experienced player alike that it can be beaten on a consistent basis. It has some of the best odds of any casino game and incorporates the only bet in the casino that pays correct odds. 

But alas, over the last century thousands of systems have been devised by knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable players, but, none have proven successful over the long term. System developers have expended enormous amounts of time and effort (not to mention money) testing every progression and every theory of bet selection known to man, but to no avail. And in almost every case, eventually comes their declaration “the game can’t be beaten”. 

But what if there is something
system developers have missed?

There is one huge factor that has contributed greatly to the System Developers’ lack of success. They have, by and large, closed their minds to the fact there might actually be some rhyme and reason to the game. They never considered that there might actually be some element of predictability.

Most players have resigned themselves to losing in the long run even though they keep hoping for the big win. But what if that was all changed? What if every time you walked up to any craps table any where, no matter what the conditions, you knew in your heart you were going to win? Think of how it would feel to know the secrets of what is happening on a craps table and how to take advantage of favorable situations that occur with almost every shooter! Wouldn’t it be great if a craps table was no longer a mystery

My name is Marvin Goldstein, alias, “the Dice Trakkr.”

I am telling you craps players the “so-called” experts have led you astray. The game of craps can be beaten on a long term basis and there are professional players who consistently beat the tables day in and day out.

My book on craps Playin’ Tough will open your eyes to aspects of the game that most have never seen nor considered. It is the culmination of my many years of experience as a dealer and professional craps player.

My experience as a dealer gave me knowledge and insight from the perspective of the casino. I came to understand the mindset of the dealers as well as how the supervisors think. I also learned some little tricks the casino uses against players; especially when someone is having a hot roll.

When I moved to the other side of the table, my experiences as a craps player the first couple of years were not all good. I had some wins but I really had my share of frustrating losses. Lack of knowledge, no discipline and poor money management almost resulted in my total demise.

Fortunately, because I was willing to keep an open mind concerning the game of craps and I was willing to do what was necessary to win, I eventually began to develop methods that allowed me to succeed. Add to that some valuable insights I learned from other pros and my fortunes at the tables improved greatly over the years.

In my book Playin' Tough, I don’t just give you some supposedly “sure fire winning system” that ultimately proves to be worthless, but I convey little known information and insights that every player needs to be a long term winner.

Yes, I do give you several highly effective methods and approaches to the game that myself and others have used very successfully, but I also give you knowledge and insight of which only a select group of pros are aware.

There is a lot more to beating the game
long term than just learning a craps system.

Have you ever noticed how some craps dealers can often tell you exactly what’s going to roll before it happens? Or, they seem to know when a player is going to have a good roll. It is not because they are psychic. It is, because, as I stated previously, there is rhyme and reason to the game of craps. 

Dealers see thousands and thousands of dice rolls and even though they may not be consciously aware of what they are seeing (in terms of patterns, cycles, etc.), subconsciously they are picking up on what is actually going down on that particular table at that point in time. They don’t know how they know what’s happening, they just know because they have seen it so many times.

One of the great revelations in my book is how you can consciously learn to see what is happening on the table and make the appropriate plays to take advantage of it. You can actually begin to see the rhyme and reason behind the rolls.   

As you study Playin’ Tough, you will begin to see the game of craps from a new perspective and you will realize why all those other craps systems failed. The fact is they never really had a chance to work because they were developed from a flawed perspective.   

A truism of gambling is that you can never force an event to occur. This is especially true with craps. My book will teach you how to go with the flow of events and how to be on the right side of the trend more often than not. When you know what to look for, it won’t matter to you whether the table is hot, cold, or choppy. You can actually turn the odds into your favor by placing the right bet at the right time.   

The topics covered in Playin’ Tough represent knowledge gained over 12 years of part time and full time professional play. I go into almost every aspect of the game in detail. Some subjects covered are: The Misleading House Percentage, Dice Tracking and Craps Insight, to name only a few. In addition there are many dice strategies used by myself and other pros. Also included are graphic illustrations regarding table trends, several live dice sessions, tracking sheets that can be used in live casino play and much more.   

Imagine the profits you could make if you knew the strategies and methodologies of the world’s greatest craps players!  Well, in my book Playin’ Tough I share powerful methodologies used by one of the best craps players in the world, Mr. Gene Franiak, Las Vegas Tournament Champion, and my first dice instructor. I also show you special strategies that made Mr. Franiak a champion player.

In addition, Mr. Stuart Hallmark, “the Gambling Guru,” my peer and frequent advisor, opened my eyes to many things I had failed to see. You could say that his insights were the last piece to the puzzle which resulted in my “Playin’ Tough,” and beating the game consistently.

Besides revealing little known or understood aspects of the game and in addition to the strategies and methodologies used by the best pro players, I also included in the book forms for copying and printing allowing you to do some homework on your own. And naturally I provide contact information in case you ever need further assistance.  As a matter of fact, you can reach me at email: mag1702@comcast.net any time and I will be happy to answer your questions before and after your purchase.

“Playin’ Tough” and dice tracking (hundreds of hours of live dice rolls which I have personally recorded) are available now for $175. As a very special introductory bonus for those who order “Playin’ Tough” within the next ten days, the price is $140 on one computer CD.  Included are the 950 Pages of dice tracking, which are excellent aids not only for study of the game but for practice as well.

 For those who want 8.5”x11” hard copy printed pages, three-hole punched and placed inside a three-ring binder, the price is $225 – as an introductory offer, for the next ten days, the price is $180 and also includes 950 pages of dice tracking on a separate computer CD.

Please note that this book cannot be emailed as its size exceeds 48MB.  It can be sent only on a CD (the entire package) or as a printout of the book with a CD containing the dice tracking, shipped to you by first class air mail directly by the author.

Beating the game of craps long term does require study, practice and determination.  But the rewards are great for those willing to pay the price.  Imagine the satisfaction you will experience when you can consistently walk away from any craps table you play with more money than when you arrived.  And don’t be surprised if you overhear a dealer say, “That guy was really Playin’ Tough’!”    

So, here is your opportunity to discover little known facts the pros have learned and kept to themselves. You can consistently extract money from the casinos on a daily basis if you know how.

My book contains the answers and is available now; it is worth its weight in gold for the serious craps player. 

Get your copy before your next craps session!

You will not regret it!

Click here to order with the secure on-line form,

or click on the appropriate PayPal button below:

$175 for a CD with the entire package:

$225 for the printed book and a CD with dice tracking:

Thank you,
Marvin Goldstein

Playin’ Tough

is the most elaborate book you could buy
for winning Craps

CRAPS: Betting for Success!

Tough Players do not merely recognize changing table conditions.  They take advantage of them! By putting analysis into action, "Tough Players" become "High-Performing" Winners!

"Beating the craps tables on a consistent basis is not easy, it requires dedication and hard work, but with the knowledge and techniques revealed in my book, most anyone can be successful!"

What you will learn from Marvin's book is different from anything you have ever seen before!

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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