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=========================================   Thursday, November 15, 2001
Relaxed Roulette

Hello everyone,

It was a Sunday afternoon on October 28 when I was playing European Roulette in a multi-player environment at my favorite on-line casino: Sands of the Caribbean.
I had deposited $200 and received my monthly bonus of $50.  Playing with $5 units, I had won 5 units very quickly and my bankroll rose to $275. 

The first thing I did was to cash back my initial deposit of $200 and was left with $75 casino's money as a bankroll to play with.  Playing with $5 units again, within 2 hours of play, the $75 rose to $225.  I decided it's time to cash my winnings.    I went to Cashier and found that I was eligible to cash out $0.  I was wondering what was going on.  I called customer service and I was told that in October cash out wagering conditions were $1500 and that I had wagered not more than $725.   So, in order to cash out my bonus, I needed to put in action another $775.

I said "No problem" and went back to work, using the same strategy.  Within another hour and a half, I wagered another $775 and my winnings rose to $325.
This time, the cash out balance was indeed $325.  Sands' software does this automatically with no intervention from casino operator. 

Within 3.5 hours of play, the $75, which was the casino's money in the first place rose to $325.  You must be wondering by now, what system I was using. 

The system I was using is becoming one of my favorites now and it belongs to a Belgian collegue.  His name is Edmond Petitjean.  Edmond has been writing to me and saying that he has developed a system, which surpasses anything else he has seen and that he had decided to keep his secret to himself.  Or if I wanted to purchase it from him, I would have to pay him $10,000.

For weeks, I was intrigued by Edmond's system and I had a very hard time convincing him to have his system available for sale from Let's Talk Winning.
He finally gave in and I was extremely happy and grateful to his kindness to have agreed.    So there we go.  Edmond Petitjean's wonderful system is called Relaxed Roulette and it's now here for you.

As the name implies, Relaxed Roulette lets you play in a very calm and relaxed fashion not only because you can be confident you are going to win, but also if you happen to lose a run, the system has a built-in strategy on how to get it back.  It's actually part of the system.  So, you never really lose.  Edmond says, you deliver this money to the casino only temporarily in order to just get it back at a very easy pace.

Believe it or not, this system doesn't set a loss limit, only a profit limit.  The loss limit that you may set is irrelevant.    Edmond's own style does not allow him to set a loss limit.  He says he never had to.  The system wins so frequently that any loss you may have during applying the system is easily gotten back at another session in a very relaxed manner.

So, I had to try it to believe it.    Edmond sent me his documentation early October, and I have been applying it to as many permanences as possible in Hamburg Spielbank and to my amazement, it kept winning and winning.

It made me wonder what it is that makes this system win so often.  I sat down and analysed it for days and discovered the ingenious way this system was engineered.  I even added a few pages to the system to show the results of this analysis and various other ways you can win using Relaxed Roulette.

You will just love this system.  There is no waiting and tracking of the wheel for a long time before you start betting.  In fact, I had to track not more than 2 spins before I started betting.  You bet on most of the spins.  If you don't bet, it's because there are certain interruptions built in to the system to make it work absolutely perfectly.  Those interruptions do not last more than 3-4 spins tops.  So you can remain at the same table until you have accomplished your profit limit.

The results you will get are very quick.  You complete a run within not more than 9-10 spins and at times as quickly as one spin. 

The system has a few rules.    You have to apply the instructions exactly as specified in the document, in order for the system to perform the way it should.  The rules are very easy to learn.    After practicing for a while, you should be able to use Relaxed Roulette as easily as walking on the street.  It's helpful to use a piece of paper and a pen to keep track of your score and how you will place your next bet. 

A lifetime bankroll of 100 units are sufficient to play the system efficiently.  The system comes with an excellent money management strategy and a method to build a solid bankroll gradually until you play risk free, as you secure your bankroll.

The system is $70 and you will see, it's worth much more.  It will be delivered to you the fastest way: by email.  Add $5 if you would like it to be sent by first class mail.  The price includes continuous assistance and support of the system by the author Edmond Petitjean, that you can reach by email at: or myself Izak Matatya reachable at:

Following are the conditions for the money back guarantee:  30 days limited with a record of minimum 100 spins of the sessions showing a non-performance of the system as documented.

Click to Order

Thank you.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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