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=========================================   Thursday, May 9, 2002
Mike Perkel's Dozens and Columns Roulette System and the New Forum

Hello everyone,

I wonder if you know Mike Perkel? 

Mike has quite a few systems and has been very successful with them.  One day, Mike approached me and asked me to take a look into his Dozens and Columns Roulette system.  I gladly accepted his offer, as research and testing systems is mostly what I do.

Mike's approach to winning Roulette by betting on Dozens and Columns was very interesting and effective.  We started to conduct extensive tests on this system.  We explored many different variations and came up with the optimal system that takes full advantage of the nature of columns and dozens. 

Some of those variations, Mike has been using for over 15 years now and has been constantly winning.  Mike provides quite a few winning ways that you can adapt based on your budget, style and level of aggressiveness you would like to use the system.

After what I saw in the test results, I felt comfortable to have it available for you at Let's Talk Winning.  The system will produce for you profits session after session.  After all, Mike is a professional gambler and gambling is his only source of income.

I'm sure you will have quite a few questions about this system.  Putting myself in your shoes, I have asked the most frequently asked questions about any system and here are their answers for you:

Q: What is the win/loss ratio?

A: 98% is the winning rate.

Q: With the above win/loss ratio and winning rate how many units in average can one make on the long run?

A: A losing session will amount to -38 units.  And this would happen 2% of the time.  98% of the time, you will gain steady 1 unit profits per session.  So within 100 sessions that may last about 20 spins of play each, you will make 98 units minus 2 X 38 = 76 or 22 units. 

Q: What is the bankroll required?

A: You should be OK with 76 units. Through the simulations and 15 years of play, Mike or myself have not encountered 2 consecutive losses in a row.

Q: How long is a session?

A: A session should take not more than 20 spins.

Q: How many sessions can we play per day?

A: As many as you like, considering a session to be around 20 spins and one spin taking a minute in half-crowded table.

Q: What are your stop win and stop loss limits?

A: I quit after I make $150 per day using $5 units.  So you're talking 30 units for stop win.   I would stop if I would lose a session of 38 units, but there will be lots of winning sessions before that ever happens.

Q: What is the maximum drawdown?

A: The system uses controlled progressions.  The maximum drawdown would be when the entire session is lost at -38 units.  Winning sessions will occur with a drawdown much less than that.

Q: How much is your buy-in?

A: 40 units.

Q: How risky is your system?

A: Very little.  Even if you have to lose an entire session of 38 units, you end up losing much less for a day if ever, because of the numerous other winning sessions.

Q: How confident are you with your system?

A: Well, after 15 years of live play and constant success, one can only be extremely confident.

Q: Why are you selling it?

A: Why not?   I want others to take advantage of it, too.

Q: Do you play every spin?  Is there any tracking involved?

A: There is some tracking, but you will start playing almost immediately if you have Roulette scoreboards showing you the results of the last 16 spins.

Q: Do you need a notepad?

A: No, you can use the scoresheets given to you by the casino.

Q: Can you play it on-line?

A: I don't see why not.  Izak recommends the Sands of the Caribbean, as you can perform the necessary tracking there by hitting the Spin button without putting money.

Q: Is the system good for single and double zero wheels.

A: I have been playing it all the time with double zero wheels, as where I play, there are no single zero wheels.  It should perform even better with single zero wheels.

Q: How did you test the system, over how many spins?

A: 15 years of live play is more than enough testing.  Izak has tested it over hundreds and thousands of spins using his simulators.

Q: How easy is it to learn the system?  How long would it take?

A: The system is easy to learn.  It would take about an hour for each variation.

Q: Can we reach you by phone additional to email? 

A: Sure, you can reach me by email at:, and call me anytime at: (702) 362-4681 Las Vegas time (it's the same as Pacific time).

Q: And most importantly, what are the terms of your money back guarantee?

A: You can return the system within 30 days of your purchase should you have 3 consecutive losing runs of 38 units, with a record of your spins.  As simple as that.

Now, those were the questions I thought of asking, based on previous questions people normally ask about any system, but should you have any more inquiries, you are welcome to call or email Mike or myself at or phone:
(514) 487-1066.

Mike Perkel's Dozens and Columns Roulette system is $300 by email delivery and $310 by first class air mail delivery.

Click to order.

Thank you,
Mike Perkel,
Izak Matatya 

NEW!  You can now pay with PayPal, which accepts any mode of payment.  Click on the appropriate button below to access PayPal payment:

click for email delivery

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I'm happy to announce that Let's Talk Winning now has a brand new discussion forum opening today.  In order to protect it from intruders, the new forum is now fully moderated. That means, when you post your inquiry or question, an email is sent to the moderator who will approve it prior to its being posted.  This is a means to filter out the profane and  insulting messages and postings that violate intellectual property rights.

This may delay the appearance of your postings, but it will keep the forum civil and related on gambling issues only.  When you post an inquiry, only relevant and appropriate replies will be approved.

The moderator will be available during daylight of Eastern Time zone, or North American East cost.

The forum will be limited for Let's Talk Winning customers only.  The very first time you access the forum, you will be asked to register your name and email address.  A password will be sent to your email address, with which you can log in to the forum.   This will ensure the forum will be accessed by people with valid email addresses only and will avoid people pretending to be others.  By registering to the forum, if you are not already a Let's Talk Winning newsletter subscriber, you will receive the free weekly newsletters issued every Thursday. 

The link to the new forum is:  You can create a bookmark for it and erase the previous one.

This forum was setup by the courtesy of LightWood Consultancy Ltd. by Chris Newman, my good friend, partner and the author of the system and software On-Line Cash, which provides you the best means to take advantage of casino bonuses.  Chris at LightWood Consultancy Ltd. provides excellent web host services as well.

I greatly appreciate Chris' help and extremely fast and devoted service.  Thank you!

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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