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==================================================   Saturday, May 5, 2001

Do you Have a Good Control over your Bankroll?

Hello everyone, 

No matter if you are betting using a system or not, it is absolutely necessary to have a good control over your bankroll.

Here is what John Brokopp has to say about the subject:

 “Exactly what do you expect to get from a trip to the casino? To be sure, the ultimate goal should be to go home a winner, but you should have fun no matter what the outcome. The key to enjoying yourself is knowing where your bankroll stands and never betting beyond your means. And the best way to do those things, as we shall see, is wise money management.

 First and most important, you must stick to the amount you have budgeted. If you deviate from your original plan by tapping into your cash reserves, you're asking for trouble with a capital "T." Always remember that come what may, there's always a next time.

If you have a winning session, savor the feeling! Don't be in a hurry to rush back in an attempt to win more. The stark truth about casino gambling is that it's darn hard to win. Making an impulsive decision to go for a repeat performance of your winning session can result in a quick loss of your winnings and perhaps a quicker loss of your whole session stake.

The vexation of "beginner's luck" can be a recreational gaming enthusiast's worst enemy. A quick strike, such as a slot jackpot, or a fortuitous run at the blackjack table, can quickly lull you into the false assumption that "it's an easy game." Take my word for it, no casino game is easy! Winning is hard enough to accomplish in one session, let alone consistently session after session. When the victories come, learn to enjoy them, avoid taking them for granted, and realize how fortunate you really are. 

The key is this: You must learn to put a priority on keeping your gambling ventures fun (and hopefully profitable) by not doing anything to hurt yourself. With your session bankroll firmly in place in your pocket or purse, always enter the casino with a positive mental attitude. It may not have any scientific or even practical basis, but it certainly isn't going to hurt you. A positive, upbeat attitude can only help. 

OK. You're in control of your bankroll and you have a winning outlook. Now it's time to set a goal. Barring the cruel possibility that you will lose, will you be happy with breaking even? Coming out a few bucks ahead? Doubling your money? Hitting the jackpot? 

if you desire to be a true recreational gambler who enjoys the games for the fun of them and the prospect of winning more often than not, you should resign yourself to striving to come out ahead even if only by a modest sum. If the big hit or a slot jackpot comes, so be it. But never expect it and never chase it. 

Turning a toothpick bankroll into a lumberyard of greenbacks is very hard to do. The much-publicized winners of megajackpots are few and far between. The tens of thousands of people who sat down to play the machines to pump up those megajackpots but went home broke don't get their pictures in the casinos' brochures or on the billboards. If you want to make a pleasant pastime out of casino gambling, going for the progressive jackpot every time you play will ultimately cost you your gambling bankroll. 

Let's put our strategy to work. Say you've brought along $100 with which to play. Your first goal should be to pull ahead by $50. If you do, take that money and immediately set it aside and forget about it. If the fortunes turn against you and your original $100 bankroll evaporates, you'll still have your $50 "nest egg" tucked away to assure that your session is not a total wipeout. 

Your next goal, after getting $50 locked up, should be to double your money. If that happy situation develops, be sure to put a lock on your original investment and play only with your winnings. Your continual goal, even with your winnings, is to be sure that you set a loss limit for yourself. For example: Say you've successfully doubled your money and then won another $30 surplus. Leave the table or the slot machine when (or if) that $30 is gone to preserve your winning session. Always be sure to capitalize on your success. Don't give it back. 

Once the money is in your pocket, it's your money.  Don't fall prey to the popular notion that whenever you win you are playing "with the casino's money," which can give you license to be more daring. Sure, there are times when such strategy can work in your favor. But in just as many cases it leads to recklessness and, ultimately, failure.

When the casino wins, do you think they regard it as "your money"? Of course not! It's theirs-to have, to hold and to increase their profit margin. Be a smart casino player, and more important, a thrifty one: Use winnings to increase your profit margin, not the casino's.

 An enjoyable evening out needn't cost a fortune ... and once you're in a casino, it's sometimes very tempting to spend more than you originally intended. So you'd be wise to determine how much you want to spend on an evening out. And to make sure not to bring more than that amount with you.

 And you needn't feel awkward about retiring from play when you're winning.

 Set modest goals for yourself and let the big hits come when they may. Be happy with small gains. They add up to big winnings over the course of a year, no matter what your level of play That's why it's important to keep accurate and documented records of your visits to the casino.

 Record-keeping serves two purposes: One, you'll be better prepared when tax time arrives if gambling winnings is taxable in your country and you have to report them, and two, you'll have a much better perspective on just where you stand on the win/loss ledger as the year progresses.

 My suggestion is to purchase a notebook or set up an accounting system in your home computer. Every time you go gambling, make an entry in your journal noting the date, the casino you went to, the time of day, the amount of money you gambled, the games you played and your net losses or gains. Make special note of anything unusual in the way of wins or losses, and be sure to keep in a special envelope any receipts from parking, dining, cash advances, etc. By knowing exactly how much money you're ahead, or how much money you're down, you'll be in a better position to budget your gambling dollars for future visits and, at the same time, get a handle on where you stand before things get out of hand and you start to wager beyond your means.

 Any profits you may have gleaned from a successful casino outing can be gobbled up quickly by a couple of disastrous ones. Unless you maintain accurate records, you often remember only your big wins, and ignore, your losses. Keeping records is a truth check.

 Every casino is capable of providing its patrons with various kinds of player tracking records. If you play table games, you can ask a pit supervisor to "rate" your play when you sit down. The amount of your buy-in will be noted, along with your average bet and how long you played.

 If you don't play table games, no problem. Slot players have perhaps the most accurate and convenient method of record keeping: players' club cards. Almost every casino offers a players' club program now. All you do is apply for one at the casino's promotions booth, using the information found on your driver's license, and you'll receive a card on the spot. Every time you play a slot machine, just place your club card in the reader in the machine and your play will be tracked electronically.

 If you make sure the casino tracks your play every time you go gambling, all you have to do is make a request in writing for a statement that will reveal your profits or losses during the course of a year. This information can be accessed by the casino only if you have been rated at the tables or you used your players' club card.

 Your personal records will also reveal certain trends that you can pick up on that would be easy to miss if you didn't document them. Some of this information could be helpful for planning your next visits, some of it could just be interesting. For example, you may fare better at a particular casino town, or you may discover which casino game generates the most success for you. You may even discover that you've had better luck at certain times of the day, or on certain days of the week.

 As you play you'll notice that the casinos have different record-keeping policies for different games. Hit a Double Diamond slot machine for the top award of $1,600, and the casino representatives are Johnnies-on-the-Spot with an IRS form for you to sign. Play high-stakes blackjack, roulette, or craps, on the other hand, and the story is quite different. You can see players bet the table max and win thousands of dollars, yet nobody scurries over to them with forms to fill out. What gives?

 As it turns out, this is government policy and not the casinos'. The only time documentation is required for table-game players is when they convert $10,000 or more in cash into casino chips, or when $10,000 or more in casino chips is converted-into cash money.  At the time of the transaction, the patron is required by law to fill out a form called a Currency Transaction Report. It's not filed for the purposes of taxation, by the way. It's required as a matter of record in any business for all cash transactions of $10,000 or more. Of course, there's an easy way around it: Buy in or cash out for amounts less than $10,000.

 So you can't blame the casino the next time you hit a slot machine for $1,200 and suddenly you're descended upon by casino reps, while that guy a few feet away from you just won $2,000 on a single hand of blackjack. It's the law. But keep this in mind: You can win a slot jackpot on a bet of a dollar or two, while much larger stakes must be put at risk by table- game high rollers to win similar amounts.

 As is often the case in gambling, how much money you have is not as important as how you choose to use it.”

 I hope you will find the above information useful. I did and never deviate from those concepts.

 The best on-line casino has gotten better:  Sands of the Caribbean  with its new software version 4.0 has added the following features: 

Version 4 works as a brand new casino, meaning you can run it alongside Version 3.02 on your system, even playing both at the same time. What are some of the great features now available?

 Five Progressive Jackpot Games - someone already won $235,661.88!!
European Roulette now available.
New 'real casino' game floor -- see other players and dealers.Blackjack and Let it Ride Poker offer table seat selection.
Enhanced graphics and 3D sound.
Enhanced live web content.
Embedded real-time chat.
Select a character to reflect your casino appearance.
Smaller initial download -- only 400k!
"Phone Me" feature promises a support phone call within 10 minutes!
Gaming and E-cash logs track every transaction.
Video Slots with five reels and a bonus game.
Seamless Sports Betting interface.
Merge your accounts to get balance and Comp points from your old accounts.

Self-restricted measures to assist you have better control of your bankroll.

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That’s all for this week.
Have a good one.


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