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=========================================   Thursday, May 31, 2001

Q & A and IQ

Hello everyone,

I would like to start by congratulating the VegasUSA contest winner for May.  Misha H from Canada cashes $1000 bonus just for opening a real account in VegasUSA and wagering.  The promotion continues in June.  A Let's Talk Winning customer is guaranteed a bonus of $1000, when you open a VegasUSA account following the link:, send the account name to and wager with real money.  The result of the draw will be announced at the last newsletter of June.

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The REWARD Roulette system that's been out there for a month has received excellent feedback and comments.

Here are some to share:

"I've been running some tests on Reward and it is a winner.

Here is a breakdown using $10 units.  {Not $30 units} 
1025 hands played.
Maximum bet is $680
Drawdown is $1230
Amount won is $3010

This is all from "72 Days at the Baccarat Table"” Jack B

"It's the best system I have ever seen."   Don K.

"I was very successful using Reward.  It works starting with 1 unit as well.  This way, you don't use such a big bankroll."  Sheela R.

Sheela is right.   You can start betting with any amount you wish and REWARD will work just as well.

Click here to read more about REWARD Roulette system for even money bets.

A mathematics professor in Germany has calculated the win probabilities for REWARD.   He has calculated it for several numbers of spins.  For playing only 10 spins the win probability of REWARD is 97,53 %, for 20 spins 99,65 %, for 30 Spins 99,94 %, etc.  This is calculated for Roulette with one Zero. Zero is calculated as a loss. "So now I believe you that REWARD can win every game if you have waited for several Zig-Zags, and you are playing in CCC."  LM

CCC stands for Caribbean Casino Corporation.  And it is the only site that has NO-ZERO Roulette.  Imagine playing Roulette with better odds than Craps, Baccarat and Blackjack.  

175 people signed up so far and winnings of $6800 have been paid out.  Any Roulette system you can purchase at the Systems Gallery  will have a great performance at CCC, since you would be playing with 0% house edge.  No strings attached.

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By the way, there is a special going for the month of June.  Some of you may have received a coupon for it by mail.  If you purchase both Repeating Numbers and the REWARD system, you will get the Best Basic System as a free bonus, saving $25 to $30.

This special is valid for the ones who have already purchased either the REWARD or the Repeating Numbers Roulette systems.  Upon your purchase of the second system, you will receive Best Basic system for free.

Click here to read more about Repeating Numbers, and here to read more about  the Best Basic system.

A couple of questions I’m asked frequently are:
What is the probability of hitting a number three times in a row at Roulette?
And what is the probability of getting 9 Reds lined up?

Answers: To calculate the probability of the same number hitting three times in a row at Roulette, you multiply the probability of each event occurring.   The probability of any number winning in an American double zero wheel is 1 out of 38 or 1/38.  The probability that the same number will hit three consecutive times is 1/38 X 1/38 X 1/38 = 1/54,872.   That means the odds that this will occur is 54,872 to 1. This is pretty high.  That’s why you don’t see the same number hitting on three consecutive roulette spins that often.  Or if you have seen, that means that statistically it has not occurred for 54,872 spins.

As far as 9 Reds lining up is concerned, the probability is calculated the same way.  The probability of the next decision being a Red is nearly 1 out of 2, or more scientifically 18 out of 38 on a double zero wheel and 18 out of 37 on a single zero wheel.  Let’s take ½ for simplicity.  Therefore, the probability of a Red hitting 9 times in a row is ½ multiplied by itself 9 times, or ½ to the power of 9, giving 1 out of 512.  That means that statistically you should expect 9 Reds or Blacks or any even bet lining up in sequence 9 times once every 512 spins.

Working this backwards, Reds lining up 8 times in a row is 1 out of 256 spins.
7 times in a row is one out of 128 spins.  6 times in a row is one out of 64 spins.
5 times in a row is 1 out of 32 spins; 4 times in a row is 1 out of 16 spins, 3 times in a row is 1 out of 8 spins, twice in a row is 1 out of 4 spins.  This will give you a win expectancy when you use the system Winning Parlays.

Click here to read more about Winning Parlays for Craps, Baccarat and Roulette.  This is one system, where you risk not more than 1 unit per 3-4 spins and your winnings can escalate to 2, 4, 8, 16 units.

Magic Oasis Casino  is legally licensed and fully insured. They offer a safe and secure gaming environment, using the most secure payment system and gaming technology on the net.

Magic Oasis was audited and certified by the leading online casino supervisory authorities.  They got audited and certified by and received PLATINUM rating in April 2001.  

They have also been entitled to carry the official seal of approval of the Electronic Gaming Commission.

Magic Oasis Casino deposits $20 OR 20% FREE into your player account once you start playing for money. You can get $20 OR 20% FREE easily with a $100 deposit. The maximum bonus amount is $200.

You also run the chance of winning a luxury 32 ft yacht.

250x250b.gif (29441 bytes)

Click here to go to Magic Oasis Casino.

AceKingClub casino is operated by Secure Services Ltd. in Kahnawake, Canada. AceKingClub is fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

The goal of AceKingClub Casino is to provide players worldwide with the best and most realistic games available. To achieve this, they rely on the secure and technically advanced gaming systems created by Swedish developer Boss Media.

It is important that players feel safe placing bets, especially while playing games conducted through a computer network. Some may fear the threat of Internet fraud and game manipulation, but AceKingClub Casino prides itself on fair play and guaranteed security.   

To address any problems that may occur AceKingClub Casino offers 24-hour support   so players can always get live assistance.

acekingclub_468x60_10a.gif (9325 bytes)

Click here to access their games.

If you are playing on-line and don’t wish to miss any phone calls, Internet Call Manager provides the solution.  Click here to get a free demo.

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Don’t forget to check out the new links provided at Links and Things at the menu above,  and the best on-line recommended casinos at Playing Online menu item.

I’d like to leave you with the following entertaining quiz:

Whether you're playing online or on board, the bottom line is still the same: you play to win. And in order to win, you need to know a little bit about the game.

So, pull out a sheet of paper, take out your lucky pen and put yourself to the test. How much do you really know about gambling? Besides, what have you got to lose? (The answers are at the end of the quiz.)

1. Why should you avoid playing until you're the only one left in the casino?
a. You'll only piss off the pit boss.
b. Because the 'lonely guy' act only works for Steve Martin.
c. Because you don't really want to go home with the cleaning lady, do you?
d. Because losing is inevitable if you stay too long.

2. What is the Wire Act?
a. A law that now prohibits high wire acts at the circus.
b. A law that threatens to put an end to 'hot wiring' cars.
c. An act that prohibits circus publicity stunts, like the one that killed Karl Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas.
d. The Wire Act of 1961 prohibits the use of phone lines or "wire" to place bets in other states. Though, the jury is still out on whether or not this applies to the Internet.

3. If a slot machine is "hot", what's going on?
a. It's probably on fire.
b. There's something wrong with the circuitry.
c. It's going through menopause.
d. Lots. This machine is paying out BIG time.

4. You're playing craps, but the bet is "off." What does that mean?
a. Like sour milk, this game has expired.
b. The player next to you hasn't showered in weeks and smells a little ripe.
c. It's just not right.
d. It means the bet isn't working, but your money is not at risk.

5. What does RNG stand for?
a. Really Nice Guy.
b. Really Naïve Guy.
c. Roulette's No Good (unless you are using Izak's systems)
d. Random Number Generator.

6. What is "scared money"?
a. Money that won't come out at night.
b. Money that is fraught with insecurity.
c. Money that doesn't answer the phone when it's home alone.
d. Money that should have gone toward things like rent and food (and NOT gambling).

7. Why do dealers "clean" their hands?
a. To help stop the spread of E. coli bacteria.
b. Because it looks good for the customers.
c. So they don't mess up the cards.
d. For security reasons; to show the cameras they're empty-handed.

8. When the casino manager tells the dealer to "take care" of you, what can you expect?
a. To have your head blown off in the alley.
b. To have your ass kicked for being a wise guy.
c. To lose all your money.
d. Free drinks, complimentary meals or a free room.

9. What is the most common casino scam?
a. Free alcohol.
b. Cheating.
c. Cheesy lounge acts.
d. Simple theft.

10. If someone accuses you of being "tight", what's wrong with you?
a. You're not putting out.
b. You're being cheap.
c. You're stuck in the '80s (hey, nice pants!)
d. You're not taking any risks. And if you were a slot machine, you wouldn't pay out.

Scoring: for every "a", "b" and "c" that you've marked, give yourself no points. For every "d" that you've marked, give yourself 3 big points.
If you marked "c" in question 5, give yourself 5 points.

0-9: You will need to read many more Let's Talk Winning newsletters.
10-18: Maybe you should spend a little less time watching other people play and more time watching your own game.
19-27: Practice makes perfect! But keep an eye on your bankroll.
28-32: Go for the gold, my friend. By this time next year, you could be very rich.

Until next time,
Best regards,


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