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=========================================   Thursday, May 16, 2002
How to Increase One's Bankroll - Another Idea for a Winning Strategy

Hello everyone,

A friend of mine came to me last week and said:  "Izak, next time you go to the casino, please take me with you.  I want to see how  you play and if you can teach me any one of your strategies, I will be very happy."  I gladly agreed and I told him to meet me there on Tuesday morning at 10:30 am.  Since I've been laid off for almost a year now and my gambling has been given me sufficient income to make a living, I did not bother to look for another job and Tuesday mornings are quite quiet at the casino.   My friend is still employed but managed to take a three hour lunch break for an important business meeting.  He told his company he was about to meet a senior consultant for a future business opportunity potential.  He wasn't lying.  He just didn't provide any details.

When we met, I told him I brought $2200 to play with and that the first thing we are going do is to increase our bankroll to $2700, as there are some strategies that require 27 units playing with $100 chips.  His eyes opened very widely and said: "Whatever you say, I'm just watching for now".

I took him to a high roller single zero Roulette table.  Out of 5 tables in the area, one was completely free and the croupier was waiting for players.  The scoreboard was off.  There was nothing to track.  Before we started playing there, I quickly explained what I was about to do a few meters away from the table.    "You see those line bets on the table covering 1,2,3 or 4,5,6 all the way to 34,35,36.  We call them street bets, too.  They pay 12 for 1.  That is, you place one chip on that street.  If you win, you get 12 chips back.  If we bet on only one street, your chances of winning are a bit lower than 1 in 12 because of the zero.   You'll make a profit if you hit within the next 11 bets, but you may have to bet maybe 20-30 times until you win.  So we won't do that.  Instead, we are going to cover 11 out of the 12 streets.  Now your chances of winning is 89% for every spin, as you are covering 33 numbers out of 37.  We will cover 11 streets with a $100 chip on each street and we will leave out one of the streets.  Which one?  Doesn't matter.  We will pick one randomly.  So we'll put $1100 on the table. And the croupier will give us $1200 back after every spin when we win.  Are we going to win?  Well, with 89% chances, most probably.  But we'll do it only 5 times, as if you keep playing, the croupier will eventually hit the street you left out or a zero will hit."

My friend nodded, but he was shaking from nervousness.  I told him to relax.  If we lose the  $1100, we'll have another $1100 to try it until we get it all back or we try something else.  I have done this so many times, that I don't care if I lose this $1100.  He said:  "OK, it's your money after all".

So, we approached the table.  I bought 11 black chips.  There was still no one else at the table.  I put one black chip on every street, leaving out 31,32,33.  The croupier threw the ball.  After a few revolutions and jumps, the little ball landed on 27.  My friend who almost ate all his nails jumped up and said:  "We won, we won, let's get out of here now".  I replied, "Take it easy, remember we want to do that 5 times?".  He said: "OK, but I'm afraid to look". 

I put 11 black chips on 11 streets again, this time leaving out 4,5,6.  The croupier threw the ball that landed on 17.  I looked at my friend and raised two fingers indicating we have completed the second step out of 5.  He looked a bit more relaxed now.

Third time, I left out the same street: 4,5,6.  No reason at all.  I believe in randomness of the outcome, particularly after only 2 bets.  This time the ball landed on 32.    We won our third $100.  One thing to note here is that 32 belongs to the street I left out during the first bet.  It could have hit then, making us lose $1100, but it didn't.

Well,  we won our 4th and our 5th bet.  After having made $500 in 3 minutes, my friend started to get real excited now and said:  "This looks real easy.  Why don't you keep on doing it?"  I replied, "We will.  As a matter of fact, we will keep on doing it until we lose.  But we are not going to bet with $100 units any more.  We are $500 ahead.  Now we are going to use the exact same strategy, betting on 11 random streets, but at another table with lower table limits,  using only $10 chips.  This way we cover 11 streets with $10 chips, putting only $110 on the table.  When we win , we profit $10 only per spin.  If we lose, we lose $110 instead of $1100.  But we are $500 ahead.  When we will lose our $110, we will still be way ahead."

Now, he had a big smile on his face and said:  "Let's go for it".

We came to lower wager table and bought 22 $10 chips.  We said, if we lose right up front, we want to give it another chance.  If we lose twice, we will still be ahead by $280 and then we would quit.

My friend was the one betting this time.  It was going well at first.  At his fourth bet, a zero showed up.  He was left with $220 + $30 - $110 = $140.  He looked at me wondering what to do.  I said, "keep playing until you lose once more".  He kept betting the same way.  I told him I want to walk around to look for "opportunities". 

I scrolled around the casino observing different games, scoreboards, people who were betting and using no strategy, except for one here and there with a notepad of his own.

I came back after an hour and my friend was still there at the same table.  He looked at me with bright eyes, saying that he has won 37 times in a row cashing $370 on top of the $140 he was left with.  I looked at him and said: "Look, you started off with $220 and ended up with $510.  If I were you, I would collect my chips and leave at this stage.  You have been very lucky."  He replied:  "Let me try a few more, I don't care if I lose $110 now, I will be still way ahead."  I said: "Fine, as you wish, but if you lose once, you promise to get up, OK?"  He said:  "Yes, yes, I promise!".

I kind of felt his loss was due and just around the corner.  Some people say, nothing is due in Roulette, but after so many years of play, I just start to get a gut feeling when a loss will occur. 

My friend tried the strategy another 7 times until finally he lost the $110, when a number he left out hit.   It wasn't that bad, as he won $60 and lost $110, losing only $50 after we spoke and he was still ahead by $460-$220 = $240.  The good thing is that he kept his promise and stood up converting his color chips into value chips.  His face was all red.  He looked at me and asked:  "What do we do next?".  It was noon.  He had to go back to work in an hour.  I suggested:  "How about lunch and we discuss our next strategy for another time while eating?"

He agreed.  We had a pleasant lunch at the casino.  Casino of Montreal has 3 fine restaurants.  I told him that I prefer to have lunch this way and pay for our meals from our winnings, rather than getting comped based on one's losses.  During lunch I explained that I will stick around for another hour or so and use Sparkling Dozens system 3, which requires 27 units.  I explained to him how the system works and promised we will apply it together the next time we meet.   He wished me good luck and went back to work. 

I walked around until I found a table favoring the conditions I needed for Sparkling Dozens.  I have used this system for so long now, I did not need to prove it to myself.  I knew it would work.  The moment I joined the table, I  won my session at the second bet, cashing $100 unit profit.

Within 20 minutes, I found another table presenting a similar opportunity and won another session. 

After 3 winning sessions, I took a break from playing and started to walk around again.

It's funny the amount of ideas I get while walking around in a relaxed manner.  Winning a few sessions does make one relax. 

I looked at 2 roulette tables that were side by side.  The electronic scoreboards showed the results of the last 16 spins at each table.  The results of the two tables were quite different.  One had a few chops, the other a couple a streaks then some alternating blacks and reds and so on.  What I wanted to build upon was the fact the the results of the two tables were different most of the time.  How could they be the same?  Two different croupiers, two different speeds of the wheel, two different speeds of the little ball and so on.

I said to myself, I'm going to bet on a table the exact opposite of what showed up on the other table using a 5 step Martingale.  It would after all be incredible if the results of the two tables were the same.  So I was prepared to bet with a $50, $100, $200, $400, $800 progression since the table minimum is $50 and maximum is $1000 at the Casino of Montreal on a single zero Roulette table on even money bets.

Red showed up in the first table.  I placed $50 on Black at the second table.  But Red came and I lost. 

Red showed up again in the first table.  I placed $100 on Black at the second table.  But Red came and I lost again.  Was I getting nervous?  Not really.  I was kind of confident I would hit a winning bet within 5 bets, unless I was extremely unlucky.

Black came in the first table.  I placed $200 on Red at the second table and this time I won profiting $50.

I smiled and I said, I'll do it once more. 

A zero came up in the first table and of course I did not place any bets.  Someone at the second table noticed I was looking at the other scoreboard before I placed my bets and gave me a funny look, thinking there are all kinds of crazy people around.  I gave him a little grin and went on watching the other game.  Maybe he thought I had torticolis and could not move my throat.

A Red came up in the first table.  I went for a Black in the second table and I won.  I didn't expect to win that fast. 

I tried it once more and this time I won at the fourth step. 

With $500 wtih the bankroll increase strategy, $300 for 3 winning sessions with Sparkling Dozens, $150 using this brand new idea and a good lunch for two from winnings, I had enough for the day and decided to take the leave.  On my way home I thought I could do this on-line having opened two casino software running simultaneously.  Guess what, this could also be an algorithm to check if the casino is honest.  Imagine you losing 5 times in a row because the outcome of one casino table is the same as the other?  Very unlikely.  You can deduce your conclusions accordingly.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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