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==============================================   Saturday, March 13, 2010
FAQ on IBS8 - the New Infallible Baccarat System Version 8.0 by Izak Matatya and Super Trial Offer

Hello everyone,

The new IBS8 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 8.0 launched last week was received with great enthusiasm and there were quite a few questions about the systems it offers and I'd like to share my answers with you.

Q. Hi Izak,

Congrats on the new release. Just have a quick question.

I think I was a purchaser of IBS 5, and although it was great on the whole, the problem I had with it, was the "special circumstances that you needed to alter the strategy" on certain conditions. Unfortunately you can't tell when those special conditions are going to come.

So does IBS8 allow you play the same mechanical way, without any alteration, starting from the first bet to the end run? (Basically a one dimensional machine with blinders).

A: IBS8 does not have any special conditions, where you may have to make your own decision. It follows strict set of rules, that are not alterable.

Q: Are we talking winning every single shoe in the 600 Baccarat tester?

A:  No, we're talking coming out ahead by 957 units at the end of 600 shoes. Not every shoe is won, as there are abandoned runs with a certain accepted loss amount.

Q:  Flat bets?

A) With flat bets, it comes up ahead by 125 units. However, this does not take commissions into account. It can be used for Roulette, though.  With commissions into account, IBS8 does not win with flat bets.  IBS8 is not designed for flat bets.  IBS8 bet method is designed to match the bet selection perfectly.

Q: If not maximum bet?

A:  Maximum bet is 49 units.

Q: How many bets to get to this maximum bet?

A:  It depends on what goes on on the table. It could take about 15 decisions or more.

Q: Most losing hands in a row?

A: We need to define "hands". If we're talking full runs, sessions, or simply losing decisions. If decisions, then 2 per cluster. However a new cluster can start also with 2 losing hands. Maximum consecutive losing hands would be 6.

Q:  In IBS7 although the highest bet requirement was like about 39 units, we still had to occasionally be willing to bet more, highest unit bet with this system?

A:  In IBS8, it's 49 and, unlike IBS7, we do not exceed this amount.  If, say, a bet requires 23 units, we place it.  If the next bet requires, say, 51 units, we do not place that bet, as it exceeds the maximum of 49, where we accept a certain loss and move on by resetting and starting a new run.

Q: OK, for baccarat, if we didn't win every shoe, then how many were won/how many were lost?

Most # of shoes lost in a row? / Most # of shoes won in a row?

Most units lost in a shoe? / Most units won in a shoe?

Do you play every decision, at least until you either win a certain amount or hit a stop-loss?

If the 600 shoes were played consecutively, what was the maximum draw down?

In the past you've been able to provide line graphs, do you have one for IBS8? If so can I view it?

A: There is no such thing as losing a shoe. Tests are performed for 41,004 continuous decisions. If a run does not end at the end of the shoe, it continues to the next shoe.

You probably need to know how many runs we abandon with a certain accepted loss and that's 154 for 600 shoes. So once every other 4 shoes in average you may abandon a run.

To give you an idea for Zumma, for instance, one wins the first 3 shoes and makes 61 units for those 3 shoes. Then there is a loss in shoe 4 of 66 units. One goes to -5. Then by Shoe 11, one is up 61 units overall, etc. Most units won on a shoe is about 21 units.

Most units lost in a shoe depends on the loss limit we put. For IBS8, we have set it to 99 units, but this amount is not reached. It's just the upper limit.

You don't play every decision. You identify clusters within which you play every decision, where wins are more frequent. Then you don't bet until the next cluster.

There are strategies, however, that you switch bet selection from one to another. Then you place bets within the other clusters as well. This way, you bet on every decision and double your profits, too.

When all shoes are played consecutively with no breaks, then the largest drawdown is -96 units.

Here are the charts of IBS8 performance, first chart for the first 32000 decisions and the second chart its continuation from 32,000 to 41,004 decisions:


Q: In order to generate $800 per day profit, what unit value would one have to use in baccarat as an example?

A: If we're talking Baccarat, IBS8 is able to generate 957 units without commissions and 160 units taking commissions into account for 600 shoes.

This has been tested for both Zumma and random decisions.

Thus the average profit on the long run is 160 / 600 or a quarter of a unit.

Using $100 as a unit value, one would make $25 a shoe. Thus one would need to play 32 shoes to generate $800 profit per day in average.

Using db and thus doubling the profits, one would play then 16 shoes a day. Using two strategies simultaneously and db, the number of shoes to play per day would reduce to 8, which is quite feasible.

The above is valid for IBS8, which is the 5th strategy provided in the system document.

Using the other strategies, either on their own or combined, one could generate up to 24 units a day. Thus to profit $800, one would use a unit size of $800 / 24 = $35.

Q: Can you elaborate on how one would lose 797 units to commissions? That's 83% of your profits being eaten up by banker commissions. I find that difficult to understand.

A: If the method is not proper, or the Banker win commissions handling routine is not in place, one could lose even more to commissions.

Imagine a flat bet system, that makes 900 units on 600 shoes, having bets on Player and Banker decisions without taking commissions into account. This means that within 41,004 decisions, there were 900 more wins than losses in total. Let's assume that 53% of all bets went on Banker and 47% on Player. Assuming again that one placed bets on only 50% of all decisions, thus having placed a total of 20,000 decisions. If 53% of the bets went on Banker, there must have been 10,600 bets on Banker and 9400 went on Player.

Distributing the amount of 900 wins equally between Player and Banker, you will have 450 wins on Banker and 450 wins on Player.

Thus, out of 10,600 bets on Banker, you would have 5075 wins and 4625 losses.

Out of 9400 Player bets, you would have 4475 wins and 4025 losses.

The wins on Player decisions would give you +450 units profit.

4625 losses on Banker are -4625 units. 5075 wins on Banker give you 5075 X 0.95 = 4821.25 units in profit. Subtracting the losses, Banker wins provide you only 253 units instead of 450.

Thus, betting flat already reduces your profits by about 200 units.

If you have a certain progression, then commissions paid for Banker wins will be much higher. It could even lead to a negative end result, which is usually the case for mediocre systems.

The simplest case would be to look at a Martingale progression: 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128, etc.

If your progression ends say at the bet where you were placing 64 units on Banker, you will have to pay 64 X 0.05 = 3.2 units on commission only, where your final goal was 1 unit in the first place. So, despite the fact that you won the progression, you end up at a negative amount.

IBS8, however, comes out still profitable taking commissions into account, which is a great achievement.

Q: How did IBS8 do with the Zumma 1000 shoe Big Bac book?

A: IBS8 tested on the 1000 Baccarat shoes yields +501 on the first 500 shoes and -329 units on the second 500 shoes, totaling a profit of 172 units.

This is achieved with maximum bet of 35 units and a session bankroll of 80.

IBS8 is very flexible and meets different budgets and styles.

On an alternate bet selection and a session bankroll of 900 units, and max bet of 500 units, for instance, the first 500 shoes generate 3704 units and the second set of 500 shoes generate 3734 units, totalling +7438 units.

But we want to keep the bets as low as possible, so I recommend the optimized parameters for the least amount of bankroll required.

Q: How does IBS8 differ from its previous versions?

A: IBS8 is quite different than all other previous versions. It has new concepts. It's a much stronger winner.

Click here to order the system.    You will be receiving the 54 page system document and 11 simulations for different strategies, and for IBS8 with a special commissions handling routine and without commissions for Zumma shoes and randomly generated decisions to compare results with.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,


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