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==================================================   Thursday, March 8, 2001

Usage of Systems and Straight-Up Roulette

Hello everyone,

Going through the messages on the chat forum, I came across the following posting about usage of systems, which I found very good and informative. I asked Bob, the author, if I could publish it in the newsletter to share with the rest of you and he told me to go ahead. Thank you Bob for your permission and great contribution:

"It’s possible that the word System alone is frightening to some. If it makes it easier, you could substitute it with the words method, plan, procedure or a host of others.

Let's look at a good definition of System: An organized and coordinated method; a procedure. Here's the definition for the word Method: A means or manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something. These two definitions really sum it up.

Whether you realize it or not you use systems everyday in your own life. How many times have you taken a shortcut to get past some heavy traffic at rush hour? What you probably didn't realize is that you had to think of all the ways to get around it. You spent time mapping out in your head what streets to take and which to avoid to meet your goal. If you just started driving around aimlessly do you think you would meet your objective or would you just end up wasting more time than if you would have stayed in traffic?

Gambling systems are no different. If you walked up to the Roulette table and just started throwing down your money with no plan, method or system, how long do you think your money would last? Just by the very nature of Roulette there are better selections to make than others. A good system will allow you to make better selections then just arbitrarily picking a spot on the table. A good system will also allow you to stay in the game longer and give you a better chance for making a profit. Do you think The Baltimore Ravens had a system for winning the Super Bowl? You bet they did, and so does every other team out there. Some systems are better than others. What one has to realize is that no system is infallible, but it does provide a significant advantage to the player then going into any contest blind."

Good luck to all.

Just to let you know that Bob is coming up soon with his own web site at and he can be reached by email at:

And you can find a collection of good systems in our System Gallery at Every system has a short description of its features and how you can benefit from using them.

This Wednesday through Sunday CyberSportsBook has a great promo for you to start the March madness. All deposits of $200 or more during this period will receive a 15% bonus.

You must wager 200% of your deposit before any withdrawal of the bonus.
For example, if you deposit $200 you must place $400 worth of bets in the Casino or Sportsbook before you withdraw the bonus. This applies to deposits from Wednesday March 7th and Sunday March 11th, 2001.

You will be notified by email when your bonus has been credited on Monday March 12th.

I recently spoke to the Roulette Lord, the author of the Straight-Up Systems, and he has an interesting trip report to communicate to you:

"Everything was great! We were enjoying our trip to the Vegas area. On this trip we were going to meet up with my wife's family who lived in the Northeast. But on this particular morning, I sat at my favorite "locals" casino in Henderson, Nevada, playing a version of "Straight Up Systems". I was tracking the numbers, for no apparent reason, as I usually play the same number(s) all the time. But today, something compelled me to write down the numbers as they hit after each spin. Recalling some ideas from a progression system I was experimenting with at home regarding columns/dozens, I noticed that the wheel alternated dozens very consistently. "Hmmm" I thought. "I think I will test things out a little." So, I began playing the dozens in addition to my favorite numbers "Straight Up". During the next 30-45 minutes, luck ran wild and I was on a roll. Hit after hit with the dozens, hit after hit with "straight up". The chips were mounting in front of me and the eyes of the pit boss soon watched in anticipation. My wife sat down at the table and my brother in law soon met us there and he too followed our lead. About fifteen minutes after he joined us, something seemed to change. The dozens were not alternating any more. In fact, as I noticed that the second dozen had not appeared in eight spins, I began to get a bit worried. I was now "in" for 5 progressions at spin 8 and only dozen number one and three were hitting. "This could get scary", I thought, but figured that dozen two would surely hit in the next couple spins. About ten minutes later, I was out of the game -- completely, with the exception of my straight up numbers, that appeared from time to time -- keeping my bankroll in check. You see, after those fifteen minutes or so, not 20, not 22 not even 23 spins had gone by since dozen 2 hit. It took an amazing 24 spins for the second dozen to show. I have never witnessed a streak of a dozen or column not showing for 24 spins! Rather remarkable and certainly in the category of "RARE". And after my 12 step progression of wagering on the second dozen -- I had reached the table limit. It would have been foolish for me to chase dozen two any further even by playing the limit, for I never would have recovered even a modest portion of my investment. Had dozen number two hit during any point in my 12 step progression, I would have had a pocket full of chips and a very big smile on my face. However, on this particular session, luck was not on my side, nor the other three or four players that were playing dozen two for such an "eternity". I continued to play one of my systems that I have outlined in "Straight Up Systems, A Roulette Profit Strategy", because my time tested methods work. Now, I know as well as anyone that no system will work all the time and every time. However, I found that my play with "Straight Up" this particular weekend, not only kept my bankroll in tact (despite my horrendous streak with dozen two), but I managed to win consistently for fun and profit. If you like to play the inside numbers "Straight Up", you have to check out the systems I have outlined in "Straight Up Systems -- A Roulette Profit Strategy". No matter the size of your bankroll (from the 25 cent minimums to the high roller), you can find a system designed for you. Using the strategies I have outlined in detail for you, you will capitalize on your lucky number(s) when they hit. During my three day visit to Las Vegas two weeks ago, it never failed to amaze me how many people play roulette with no apparent strategy. They toss chips all across the board, sometimes making huge stacks on nearly every number on the board. They leave the table usually in a matter of "minutes" compared to my marathon sessions of 4-8 hours. And from what I have observed, most of these average players buy in for about the same amount of money that I do. The only difference is that they leave the table with no money and in about as much time as it takes to drink a cocktail, where I seem to be there through the various shift changes and when I leave, it's with money in my pocket! If you play roulette, you owe it to yourself to hear about the exciting and potential profit opportunities awaiting you with "Straight Up Systems".

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That's all for this week.

Until next time,


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