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===================================================== Friday, June 30, 2000

Florida Casino Cruise

Our roulette man, Izak, is in Florida from where he sent this report:

I just came back from a casino cruise where I used your short-run video poker strategy described in last Friday's newsletter. (Yep, Izak is playing video poker!) and I cashed my winnings four times.

I'm at a conference in Orlando right now, but have a free weekend, so I searched for a casino. There aren't any land-based gambling places in Florida, only casino cruise boats that take you far enough out into the Atlantic Ocean where it becomes legal to gamble. A nice thing about them is that the cruises include free food, drinks, music and dancing. A nice way to spend your day, even if you don't gamble. There is no one checking your activities.

I opted for the Sterling Casino Line cruise that left at 11a.m. from Port Canaveral. We had to be at least 3 miles off shore to be able to start wagering. At first I was not too interested in Roulette as it was a double zero wheel. Later something happened that made me decide to play Roulette after all.

In the meantime I tried Video Poker (Jacks or better). I wasn't doing too badly, for a beginner, keeping my bankroll at +50 units, going up and down.

Once the machine dealt me a Flush. Because of lack of experience, I pressed the Draw button again instead of holding all 5 cards. Consequently my 35-coin Flush disappeared. I was so upset about my stupidity, that I quit and cashed my credits.

After I calmed down, I went to the same machine again. I noticed no one else had touched it in the meantime. I figured, if the machine gave me a flush just like that, it must be in a paying mood. And sure enough, after a few hands, I had several straights, three-of-a-kinds and a few full houses. I was at one of those "game-within-a-game" machines where, after a full house, a little slot started rolling. I had to press hold three times to get some additional bonus. And my credits multiplied by 20 after getting three bars. I was so pleasantly surprised, it made me forget my flush throw-away stupidity.

After some hands of Blackjack and Baccarat, the weather started to turn stormy. Black clouds approached, the wind started to cause high waves and the ship began to sway from one side to another, making some people seasick.

As I watched what was happening, while playing Baccarat using Superior Roulette tactics and betting schemes, I thought of something fantastic: Many gamblers say that the best way of winning Roulette is to play on a biased wheel (they probably haven't seen my systems yet). Nevertheless, if one can find a biased wheel, I do not deny this fact. A biased wheel is caused by a slight defect or deficiency of the wheel causing one sector to show up more than others. Guess what? You are on a ship that's bouncing around on high waves, tilting from one side to another. If that doesn't make a Roulette wheel biased, I don't know what does.

I started to look at the scoreboards, and recorded about 50 spins on 2 tables. The little white ball fell on one half of the wheel 86% of the time. That was my clue. I played 20 spins and won 15 of them covering 12 numbers that are next to each other according to the wheel's layout and according to the results I recorded.

So, this became another Dozen system, as 12 numbers constitute a Dozen and they pay 2 to 1. Winning 15 out of 20 spins with 12 chips on the table gives you 24 X 15 = 360 chips minus the 5 lost spins at 12 chips = 60, an overall profit of 300 chips at $5 value or $1500.

I was not satisfied just with that. I had the urge to apply a couple of my systems as well. While playing at one table, I noticed that the other table had Dozen 2 repeated 6 times. According to my thousands of spin statistics, a Dozen seldom repeats 7 times. Anyone playing Peak Profit would have made a lot of money with those repeating Dozens. I concluded if the Dozen stops repeating now, it's time for the alternating (Sparkling Dozens) strategy. I went for a hit and run and placed $500 on each Dozen 1 and 3 and number 8 showed up. At the admiration (or jealousy) of everyone, I stacked those huge piles of chips and went straight to the cashier.

$2000 for 25 minutes of Roulette play was exhilarating.



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