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================================================    Thursday, June 2, 2005
DND Sports and IBS

Hello everyone,

I have been evaluating a sports service for quite some time now and I have been extremely happy with this service and the quality and accuracy of their selections.  Michael from DND sports approached me last year and asked if they could provide their services for LTW customers.  I have become very skeptical from all sports services that I encountered so far.  Therefore, my first reaction was to refuse.  As a second thought, I would have nothing to lose, if I just would evaluate the quality of their services for an extended period of time.   I replied Michael and told him I could be interested if their performance exceeded 60% accuracy in average over the entire year.  Michael agreed and sent me his picks for a full year.  Since the performance did exceed 60%, I decided to present his services to you.

DND sports also have a money management system, where you bet a percentage of your bankroll.  With this money management system, even if they are correct 50% of the time, you still make profit. 

I myself have been using my IBS system for the entire year with DND sports selections.  The highest bet amount never exceeded 9 units and the system hasn't failed even once.  During the year, there was a period, where only 37.5% of all bets were won and IBS still generated 5 units for that period, which consisted of four weeks.  In fact, here is the log for that time:

Date Sports Game % Win/Lose IBS
December 9, 2004 NBA San Antonio/Houston OVER 171 5% L 1 1
December 10, 2004 NBA Washington -4.5 over NY Knicks 5% L 1 1 1
December 11, 2004 NBA Cleveland +11 over San Antonio 5% L 1  1 1 1
December 11, 2004 NBA Boston/Seattle OVER 205.5 5% L 1 1 1 1 1
December 12, 2004 NFL New Orleans +7 vs Dallas 5% W 1 1 1 1
December 12, 2004 NFL Detroit/Green Bay OVER 41.5 5% L 1 1 1 1 3
December 13, 2004 NFL K.C. -1.5 over Tennessee 5% W 1 3
December 14, 2004 NBA New York Knicks -3 over New Jersey 5% W End of run
December 15, 2004 NBA Detroit -2 over NY Knikcs 5% L 1 1
December 16, 2004 NBA Milwaukee -2 over Chicago 5% L 1 1 1
December 17, 2004 NBA LA Lakers -5 over Washington 7% L 1 1 1 1
December 18, 2004 NFL Washington -6.5 over San Fran 5% L 1 1 1 1 1
December 19, 2004 NFL Jets -6.5 over Seattle 5% W 1 1 1 1
December 19, 2004 NFL Baltimore +&.5 vs Indi 5% L 1 1 1 1 3
December 20, 2004 NFL New England/Miami OVER 42.5 7% W 1 3
December 21, 2004 NBA Dallas -2.5 over Knicks 7% W End of run
December 22, 2004 NBA San Antonio -4.5 over Orlando 5% L 1 1 
December 23, 2004 NBA Phoenix -11 over Memphis 5% L 1 1 1
December 24, 2004 NFL Green Bay/Minnesota UNDER 55.5 7% L 1 1 1 1
December 25, 2004 NFL KC/Oakland UNDER 59 7% L 1 1 1 1 1
December 26, 2004 NFL Detroit -6 over Chicago 7% P 1 1 1 1 1
December 26, 2004 NFL New England -1.5 over NY Jets 10% W 1 1 1 1
December 27, 2004 NFL St. Louis -3 over Philadelphia 10% W 1
December 28, 2004 NCAA Oregon St -4 over Notre Dame 10% W End of run
December 29, 2004 NCAA Oklahoma St. -3.5 vs Ohio St. 5% L 1 1
December 30, 2004 NCAA California -11 over Texas Tech 5% L 1 1 1
December 31, 2004 NCAA Florida +4 vs Miami -FLA 7% L 1 1 1 1
January 1, 2005 NCAA Michigan +7 vs Texas 7% W 1 1 1
January 1, 2005 NBA NY Knicks -4 vs New Jersey 10% L 1 1 1 3
January 2, 2005 NFL NY Jets -3.5 vs St. Louis 10% L 1 1 1 3 3
January 2, 2005 NFL Seattle -6 vs Atlanta 7% L 1 1 1 3 3 3
January 3, 2005 NBA Golden State -2 over Philadelphia 7% L 1 1 1 3 3 3 3
January 4, 2005 NCAA USC PK over Oklahoma 5% W 3 3 3 3
January 5, 2005 NBA Phoenix -3.5 over Houston 7% W 3
January 6, 2005 NBA Seattle -2 over Washington 10% L 3 3
January 7, 2005 NBA Boston -1 over Detroit 10% W End of run
January 8, 2005 NFL San Diego -6.5 over NY Jets 10% L 1 1
January 8, 2005 NBA New Orleans +9 vs Sacramento 10% W 1
January 9, 2005 NFL Denver +10 vs Indianapolis 10% L 1 1
January 9, 2005 NFL Minnesota/Green Bay OVER 51 10% L 1 1 2
January 10, 2005 NBA Boston -3 over Orlando 7% W End of run

As you can see, there were 15 wins and 25 losses for that period (December 9-January10) and IBS generated 5 units (each End of run is the closure of the run with 1 unit profit).

DND Sports is very strong on MLB.  Following is their most recent log with two thirds of all bets won:

Date Sports Game % Odds Win/Lose IBS
May 11, 2005 MLB Washington-Arizona OVER 9 5% +110 L 1 1
May 12, 2005 MLB Cincinnati - Phillies OVER 9.5 7% +110 W 1
May 13, 2005 MLB Baltimore +130 vs Ch.W. Sox 7% +130 L 1 1
May 14, 2005 MLB St. Louis +115 vs Mets 10% +115 W End of run
May 15, 2005 MLB Minnesota vs Texas 7%  -125  W End of run
May 15, 2005 MLB Boston vs Seattle 7%  -115 L 1 1
May 16, 2005 MLB Angels  vs Cleveland 7% +115 W 1
May 17, 2005 MLB Pittsburgh vs Chi. Cubs 7% +140 L 1 1
May 18, 2005 MLB St Louis vs Philly 10% -120 W End of run
May 19, 2005 MLB Arizona/Houston - UNDER 7.5 7%  -115 W End of run
May 20, 2005 MLB Baltimore  vs Philly 7% +145 L 1 1
May 21, 2005 MLB Angels vs Dodgers 7% +140 W 1
May 21, 2005 MLB Yankees vs Mets 7% -150 L 1 1
May 21, 2005 MLB Pittsburgh vs Colorado 7% -145 W End of run
May 22, 2005   no picks        
May 23, 2005 MLB Florida vs Philly 7%  -160 W End of run
May 24, 2005 MLB Baltimore vs Seattle 7%  -155 W End of run
May 25, 2005 MLB Seattle vs Baltimore 7% +155 L 1 1
May 26, 2005 MLB Minnesota vs Cleveland 10%  PK W 1
May 27, 2005 MLB Seattle vs Tampa Bay 7%  -110 L 1 1
May 28, 2005 MLB St Louis vs Washington 7%  -160 W End of run
May 28, 2005 MLB Seattle vs Tampa Bay 7%  +115 W End of run
May 29, 2005  

no picks

May 30, 2005 MLB St Louis vs Colorado 7%  -150 W End of run
May 31, 2005 MLB Texas vs Detroit 7%  -125 W End of run
June 1, 2005 MLB St. Louis vs Colorado 7%  -155 W End of run
      wins: 16 units won with IBS
      losses: 8 12
      perf: 66.67%  

IBS generated 12 units within the last 2.5 weeks and the bets did not exceed 2 units.

If you join DND sports, you will get a full month of service free and I will give you 50% discount on your purchase of IBS.

Here is Michael's message to you:

"DND Sports is a conglomerate of major betting services.  Unlike traditional handicapping services we do not cap games ourselves. You can read more about us on our home page: www.DNDsports.com

We have over 30 major groups under our management. We buy the plays, look at the general consensus, follow who's 'HOT' and pass them along to you. This greatly increases our chances of avoiding too many losses in a row.

Normally our full VIP Internet service is $349/wk or $1000/month. LTW members can receive our full VIP service for $900/month with a second month included at no additional cost. To top it off, MLB is a gold mine and our most profitable sport.

Our VIP plays also come with our Money Management System. Although our plays have a win rate of over 60%, our system enables a person to come out ahead at even 50%. Preservation of capital is our main priority so we don't have any 'double up' type of methods.

Anyone interested may contact us with any questions at admin@dndsports.com  (Please type LTW in subject box in order to benefit from the special rate) or call 1-877-253-5659.

DND Sports - www.DNDsports.com   Tel: 1-877-253-5659

We’re aware that there are thousands of ‘handicappers’ out there. What sets us apart is the fact that we are a sports service, not handicappers. We provide information on games. We do not handicap the games ourselves. We treat this as a business, not so much as gambling. We receive plays from several services that we pay TOP DOLLARS for. Everyone goes through streaks. We look for who's winning and follow them.

DND Sports was started by myself Michael & Tony DiPaolo several years ago. We now have several others in the DND operation and have expanded dramatically. This has really given us many edges needed to come out ahead.

For years we have made money in all types of investments: Real estate, Forex, commodities and in
stocks. Believe this, we have definitely lost our fair share of money in these various ventures while we were learning.

About 4 years ago we did extremely well with a couple of investments and decided to take time to look for additional avenues to generate profit. Finally, we came across sports betting and figured the best way to go about it.

Neither my brother nor I have ever been big into sports betting, however that really didn't matter. We simply treat each play as a 2-6 hour, short term, HIGH YIELD investment. This system has done more for us than all of our past investments combined!

VIP INTERNET CLUB - $999 per month or $349 per week.
We will email you with ALL of the best plays for that month/week. That means 1 play per day Monday thru Friday and up to 3 plays on Saturdays and up to 3 plays on Sunday. You will receive your plays via EMAIL.

As you read on our home page, we receive plays from over 30 different groups. You can pay upwards of $200,000 to receive plays from all 30 groups and decide which games to play. Or you can simply use our VIP service. Our job for our VIP members is to act as the middle man. We evaluate and track who is HOT and those are the plays you get.

In addition to this however, we will provide you with our money management system which, if followed
correctly, will GUARANTEE you will NEVER lose your bankroll. We will tell you exactly what percentage of your bankroll to risk on that given game. As your bankroll goes up or down, so do your bets respectively.  This is the exact money management system we use ourselves to insure a consistent profit in the long term.

If you're here just to bet on games, this club isn't for you. We play for PROFIT only. If there's no
profitable play, WE don't play. It's that simple.


After you join DND sports, you can purchase IBS and save an additional $500 on this great system, that hasn't failed with DND sports selections.  Just ask Michael for his confirmation that you joined.  He will do so by emailing me at webmaster@letstalkwinning.com and you will have your 50% discount.

I will continue to use and evaluate DND sports services and will keep you in the loop.  I will also provide you full assistance in using IBS, should you decide to use it as your money management system rather than DND sports'.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,

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River Belle - The Greatest li` ol` Riverboat Casino

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