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==============================================================   Friday, June 22, 2012
Free Gambling System of the Month

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

I was at the casino yesterday.  As I mentioned earlier, every time I go, I get new ideas on how to win.  I'd like to share one of my ideas with you this newsletter as a free gambling system. 

The idea is  similar to the ones within the Cluster System, which is a more sophisticated and elaborate version.

Rather than following a certain pattern, it simply looks for a pattern that has already repeated a few times and that its likelihood to continue is very low. 

This time I was looking for patterns of four decisions, so I could use a simple 4 step Martingale (or Grand Martingale) to bet against that pattern.

For this, you simply have to look around the electronic scoreboards of multiple Roulette or Baccarat tables. 

A four decision pattern can be anything of the nature: R R B R, or B B R B, or B B B R for Blacks and Reds in Roulette or E E E O, O E E O, etc. for odds and evens in Roulette or B B B P, P B B P in Baccarat, etc.

The Cluster system explains many more ways of identifying such patterns. 

In any event, looking around for not more than 5 minutes, I finally saw a table that had the following last 19 decisions displayed:


You can see different patterns being formed.  The one that struck me was the R R B R that has already repeated 3 times.  They don't have to repeat consecutively, by the way.  They could repeat with a few decisions in between, but close enough, which they do in this case. 

And notice the last 2 decisions R R.  If the following two decisions will be B R, that would mean that R R B R would have repeated 4 times.  Having determined that this is very unlikely, I decided to bet against that.  Thus my next two bets would have been placed on the opposite of B R, that is on R B. 

Using a 4 step Martingale with a unit size of $50, I placed a $50 bet on R.  Well, the bet lost.  So, now I placed a $100 bet on B.  That bet lost, too.  This made the R R B R pattern really have shown 4 times. 

We can see that as a failure of the system.  We can also see that also as a new opportunity.  How?  Well, will the pattern repeat 5 times? 

I didn't think so. 

I immediately bet that the R R B R will not repeat for the 5th time.  So I bet against it and placed a $200 bet on B and it won right away.  Total profit of $50 within the 3rd step of the 4 step progression: $50, $100, $200, $400 (1, 2, 4, 8 in units).

So, we can see here multiple aspects of playing: 

- You could bet from the beginning of the run, for the 4 pattern decisions not to repeat, that is to bet on B B R B any time.

- You could bet in the middle of the run after one or two decisions of the pattern, like the first two bets I have placed.

- You could reset after one loss and start a new run, whether the loss was the loss of 4 bets or just 2.

- You could use the new opportunity as a recovery routine, like the third bet I have placed and continue the progression another 2 steps until one of the 4 steps are won.

Whichever way you chose to play, remember always to limit your Marty not to exceed 4 steps.  This way you risk not more than 15 units for any full loss of the 4 steps, whether you're betting at the beginning of the sequence, in the middle or as the continuation of the previous run as a recovery.

I hope you enjoyed this idea.

The new RAD system continues its success and positive feedback.  Do not forget to take advantage of the super 50% off deal until the end of this month.

And the sophisticated Cluster system is still priced at $50, where you find numerous opportunities to play for multiple hits and runs, never overexposing yourself nor the system to the casino.

Click here to order.

Wishing you all the best,
email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com 

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