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==============================================   Thursday, June 20, 2002
FBRN Feedback - Daily Gambling News

Hello everyone,

The Flat Bet Repeating Numbers Roulette system announced last week is doing great.  Three customers provided their feedback:

"I purchased and read the Flat Bet Repeating Numbers System today.  I also played a few sessions on my Hoyle software.  The results after about 4 sessions were surprisingly successful, not because I won but because I won so soon."

I presume this was a positive comment, as winning so soon must be much better than winning eventually.

"I purchased the above system today. I've had so far 9 winning series totaling 117 units."

As you can see, this is not a grind system for winning 1 unit at a time per session.  You can easily win about 15 units per session of not more than 20 spins.

"I recently purchased your flat bet system for repeating numbers and inside bets.  It works very well.  Congratulations on developing this system. You are turning a craps guy into a roulette aficionado with this and your suggestions for dozens bets."

Well, all this has been very encouraging.  I thank everyone who provided their comments.

I wonder if you had a chance to visit the new Let's Talk Winning page on the latest gambling news.  This page searches the entire web for gambling related news and displays the headlines, on which you click and access the news.  This is performed automatically every day, bringing you the latest events in the world of gambling, all concentrated in one page.  The most recent news of the last 3 days are kept on the page.  Now you can come and visit Let's Talk Winning every day, to read the most recent gambling news from all kinds of various sources. 

Here are some excerpts:

June 19, 2002

Casinos 'strongly support' new tax revenue in Nevada

The Nevada Resort Association, the main lobbying group for big Las Vegas Strip casino resorts, said it recognizes state revenue needs to increase but is reiterating concerns about tax equity in Nevada.

"Nevada is experiencing funding deficits due to its narrow tax base and growing demand for state services," the NRA said Tuesday. "The gaming industry strongly supports efforts to raise new revenue as long as taxes are equitably distributed, broad-based and measure taxpayers' ability to pay."

"The gaming industry, Nevada's largest taxpayer, stands ready to pay its fair and proportionate share of any new taxes in the same manner, and to the same extent, as any other Nevada business," NRA President Bill Bible said. "These new taxes, however, should not be aimed at any individual citizens, and appropriate safeguards or exemptions must be put in place to protect Nevada's small business owners."

Philippines may open up for Internet betting
By Paul

The Philippines may be the next preferred destination for offshore casinos and sportsbooks, after the holder of an exclusive Internet gaming license lost out,

according to a report on www.gamblinglicenses.com.

Apparently, state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) granted Sports and Games Entertainment Corp. (SAGE) exclusive rights to operate all forms of Internet gambling for Philippine and foreign gamblers in 1998, with a contract that runs until 2005.

Now, however, PAGCOR has stripped SAGE of exclusive rights, due to its failure to immediately put up an online betting system.

In February, then-PAGCOR president Rafael Francisco wrote to SAGE informing it of the board decision to revoke the exclusive license However, SAGE disputes the decision, insisting PAGCOR could not entertain other operators until after the expiry of its license in 2005. PAGCOR said that as the agency solely authorized to grant gaming licenses, it could revoke these permits if it sees fit.

Another sports book operator, PhilWeb has submitted an application to PAGCOR, which the licensing agency is considering. Philweb was recently appointed the exclusive partner of Next Generation, Inc., an Antigua-based gaming company specialising in Internet sports betting.

PhilWeb also wants to operate Internet sports betting for the horseracing industry, specifically the Manila Jockey Club and Philippine Racing Club (PRC).

Flamingo´s New Facelift Seems Promising
17 June 2002

Flamingo Hilton Resort and Casino's are trying to attract and embrace a more extensive customer base introducing a free brouhaha tequila perk and hot young woman to go along.
Along side the new hyped facelift at Flamingo, the Las Vegas strip mega-resort awaits for Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville to open a bar restaurant and a live music stage.

The creator and executive producer of the show "Baywatch", Michael Berk has embarked on a new themed venture leasing more than 10 acres of Flamingo's pool area for his new designs. The designs entail two year- round restaurants, a seasonal outdoor luau show and "Baywatch Nights" nightclub. Mr. Berk says, "We expect to have the most attractive women and guys in the city." The project will be completed and unleashed by Independence Day on July 4. Flamingo's magnitude, spot and cost friendly enticement could be a big success with the appropriate marketing tactic.

Those were just 3 excerpts.  There are more than 30 exciting headlines updated on a daily basis, waiting for you to be read .  Click here to access your daily on-line gambling newspaper.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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