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==============================================   Monday, June 1, 2009
IBS6 - the Infallible Baccarat System Version 6.0 by Izak Matatya

Hello everyone,

If you believe in lucky numbers, the number 6 is the one to go for now.  It's the beginning of June, Month no. 6,  IBS6 is ready, it took 6 years to come up with it after its first version, it beats all 600 Zumma shoes, makes 600 units twice, the maximum bet and the session bankroll are both 6 times less than its predecessor, and it goes for $160 only

That was the executive summary of the very exciting news I have for you today.

IBS6 - the Infallible Baccarat System - Version 6.0 is by far the most powerful gambling system ever designed until now.  And this is accomplished with extreme simplicity and elegance. 

What had to be even more improved from the quasi perfect system IBS5?  Fulfillment of customer requirements based on their feedback.  This is what improves most products.  Understanding what the client wants and try to meet and if possible exceed those wishes.

What were those requirements?

Here they are:

- to have a simple bet selection;
- to reduce the amount of session bankroll needed
- to reduce the maximum bet required
- not to try to beat every single run with a huge bankroll, but to abandon some runs with an accepted small loss and move on
- to have straightforward rules and not allow any subjective strategies
- to win short term and long term with open ended profits

Well, I’m happy to say, that all of those above requirements have been met with IBS6. After all, if a system is very complicated to use and requires a lot of bankroll, it becomes impractical, prone to mistakes, nerve-racking and too risky, discouraging many of using it.

You will see now how each item has been taken care of and how the system is made even more effective generating lots of consistent profits.

And yes, this time, we do have some abandoned runs, but those do not drag down your bankroll nor your accumulated profits of hundreds of units.  Those amounts are very limited between 11 to 19 units. 

The system has been fully tested for the 600 Baccarat shoes of the Zumma tester, 72 Days at the Baccarat Table by Eric St. Germain, completing 13,441 runs with a win and abandoning 861 runs.

Following are the exact statistics:

Number of winning runs: 13,441 with 1 unit profit each, totaling 13,441 units with no commissions.

Number of abandoned runs: 861

Exact breakdown of abandoned runs:

Number of runs abandoned with -19 units: 131, totaling a loss of -2489 units
Number of runs abandoned with -15 units: 274, totaling a loss of -4110 units
Number of runs abandoned with -14 units: 192, totaling a loss of -2688 units
Number of runs abandoned with -13 units: 18, totaling a loss of -234 units
Number of runs abandoned with -12 units: 7, totaling a loss of -84 units
Number of runs abandoned with -11 units: 239, totaling a loss of -2629 units

Total number of units lost with no commissions: -12234 units

Units won with no commissions: 13,441 – 12,234 = +1207 units

This is achieved with a maximum bet never exceeding 8 units.

Some of you may say with commissions, that should be less.  Well, I have another surprise for you.  IBS6 has a very special way of handling commissions.  It's not just handling commissions, but has a special strategy of gaining extra profit, due to commissions.  So, you end up winning not just a bit more, but 2.5 times more.

How is that possible?  It's all explained in the document.

You will see that by betting a little extra to cover commissions in a special way, we will gain 42.25% more on our winning runs. We will need to invest about only 8 units for our session bankroll of 19 units, bringing it to 27 units and our maximum bet will be adjusted to 12 units from 8.

With this low bankroll and maximum bet requirement, one can use a relatively larger unit size, such as $100 units,  thus increasing one's profit overall.

So, with commissions, the exact statistics become the following:

13,441 completed runs would gain us 13,441 X $100 X 1.4225 = $1,911,982.

Abandoned runs would cost us $1,619,500, using $100 units. 

So our total profit for 600 Zumma shoes becomes: $1,911,982 - $1,619,500 = $292.482, or $487.50 per shoe, playing with $100 units.  Playing with $20 units, this will be reduced 5 fold to: $97.50 - about $100 per shoe, not bad for a low budget system.  Playing about 5 shoes a day, one can easily make $500 a day with $20 units only.

The system is more dynamic than its previous versions.  One ends up betting on 90% of all decisions.  So there won't be any problem to take a seat at a Baccarat table and be active most of the time. 

The IBS6 system document has 25 pages of easy reading.  The system has been so simplified, that it will take you only a few hours to understand it and a few more hours of practice to master it.  It's now extremely straightforward, has just a few finite rules to follow and absolutely doesn't allow any type of guessing or ambiguity at all. 

The IBS6 document has been written in a totally independent manner of the previous versions of IBS.  Therefore, if you do not possess any previous versions, you can totally understand the document and use IBS6 fully on its own.

IBS6 is priced at $750, being officially the best system in the market today.  A Baccarat shoe takes about an hour to play.  When you make at least $100 per shoe, say with $20 units, and playing not more than 5 shoes a day, you can easily generate $500 profit per day, every single day of your play.  The system price will pay itself off within minutes of your play. 

If you need a printout, you can have the system delivered to you by first class mail for only $20 extra.

With your purchase, you will have unlimited post-purchase support.  You can email me at webmaster@letstalkwinning.com any time and I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have on the system.  You are welcome to ask any question prior to your purchase as well, either by contacting me directly or posting your questions publicly in our great discussion forum at: http://letstalkwinning.com/forum

Click here to order for an email delivery of the system.  You will have buttons for new purchasers and for previous owners.  You will receive the system document in zipped MS-Word format, and you will receive also an Excel spreadsheet simulation for 41,004 Zumma decisions, documenting each bet line by line. 

The simulation is 80% automated. If you wish to further test the system with your own Baccarat shoes, you will be able to do so very easily, as the IBS6 scheme will fill itself mostly.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed.  You have a totally unconditional money back guarantee.  If the system's performance is not to your liking, for any reason, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, and, as you all know, I always honor my guarantees.

Here are the two performance charts of IBS6:

the first one being for Zumma decisions 1-32000 (because of Excel limitation) and the second one for Zumma decisions 32001-41004. 

The electronic version of the 600 Zumma shoes was graciously offered by a loyal Let's Talk Winning customer, who has verified its accuracy against the actual Zumma tester book.  So, the decisions in the simulation are totally certified.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,


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