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=========================================   Thursday, June 14, 2001

On-Line Cash

Hello everyone,

I'm very excited to introduce you Chris Newman, the author of this week's system: On-Line Cash.

On-Line Cash is by far the best system I have ever seen to take advantage of on-line casino bonuses.  It's a proven system for making money from on-line casinos and your profits from on-line casinos will be guaranteed.

Here is how it works:

Online casinos give away free playing money to encourage new players to gamble at their casino.  The system explains how best to take advantage of that free money without abusing the casino’s hospitality and forfeiting your right to the bonus. 

For instance a casino may offer to add $20 to your initial deposit of $100 providing you agree to gamble a minimum amount of money there.  The initial deposit bonus always looks tempting because it is $20 that cost you nothing, but I don’t blame you for being dubious.  The key is in spotting a good deal at 40 paces and making an elegant getaway.

The system involves reducing the house advantage to such a level that you can expect to make money in every session.  This is known as positive expectation play.

You can occasionally find video poker machines in some casinos that are marked as positive expectation.  However the positive expectation on those machines is calculated over a large number of plays and includes every payout including the royal flush jackpot.   Even then, the payout percentage isn’t really worth writing home about.

For instance there are video poker machines in the Stratosphere, Las Vegas set to a “10/6” or “9/7” payout – the numbers represent the payoff for full house and flush wins respectively – which are heavily promoted as “Over 100% payback”.  Whilst these are genuinely positive expectation machines, the actual payback is around 101% over a long period of time.  Because of the natural ups and downs of playing any game of chance and the fact the jackpot forms a significant part of this payoff you would need an enormous bankroll to be sure of making enough play to benefit from the favourable payout percentage.

A positive expectation of 101% is good by casino standards but we are looking for something much better.  101% payback requires you to put at stake $1000 to make $10, and over the short term the variance (a mathematical term for the ups and downs of gambling) would be so high that you wouldn’t be able to tell that you actually had any advantage.

This system has such a high positive expectation that even over a small amount of play you can expect to make money.

However you should be aware that at the end of the day, to win money you have to stake money and know that to do so always involves an element of risk.  Many strategies are documented that help keep the odds in your favour as far as possible, but these all have long-term negative expectation.  They do reduce the house advantage giving you more play for your money, but over time the casino will always win out.  Otherwise, let’s face it, there would be no casinos left!

Play this system correctly and the roles are reversed.  You will be the one with the advantage and, providing you keep the odds in your favor, you will be the one that continues to make money.

This system works over a finite short term only, for any one casino.  As such you will not be raking in millions - if millions is what you want, go play the lottery.  What you will find is that you can make reasonable returns on fairly small investments when you play a large number of different casinos.  The more casinos you can find, the more money you can make.

Play correctly at enough casinos and the favourable odds will soon pay off.

From my experience and that of the people who have already benefited from this system, three figure sums are easy to get and four figure sums come with a little patience.  Personally I have made around $6000 clear profit in the past 4 months, and I never stop finding casinos with good bonus schemes.

There were about 800 on-line casinos about a year ago.  This number has now doubled and keeps increasing at an exponential rate.

If you do enjoy casino play then you’ll love the feeling of being the one with the advantage!

The system is $49 for an email delivery and $54 when it’s delivered to you by first class mail.  Upon your purchase you also receive access to an on-line odds calculator, which will tell you your expected profit and the number of hands you need to play, based on the casino’s bonus cash-in conditions. The odds calculator is extremely simple to use and it will give you the results in seconds.

Click to Order

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Those links are updated on a daily basis.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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