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==============================================   Wednesday, June 13, 2012
RAD - Repeat Alternations Dominance System by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

I'm proud to present you my latest system - RAD, that stands for Repeat Alternations Dominance, for all even paying games.

A decision can either repeat (from P to P or from B to B in Baccarat, R to R or from B to B in roulette), or it can alternate (from P to B or from B to P in Baccarat, from R to B or from B to R in roulette, for instance). 

Following the last decision is referred to as FLD and betting the opposite of last decision is referred to OLD.  

A lot of players decide to bet either FLD or OLD as a strategy that they set to themselves.  Then they expect the shoe to follow the player's decision, whereas there is absolutely no reason for the shoe to follow the player's decision.  It should totally be the opposite.

Players should be following the shoe and bet accordingly to the direction that it's aiming to.

RAD will identify the path that the shoe takes and makes sure the players are following it, rather than the other way round. 

For instance, if by the end of the shoe, there were, say 8 more repetitions than alternations, RAD will make sure the player was betting FLD most of the time.  And also for the other way, if there were, for instance 11 more alternations than repetitions, RAD will make sure the player was betting OLD most of the time and thus be in profit, no matter which direction the shoe goes.

Even if the shoe changes direction a few times within the shoe, RAD will successfully follow it and will guarantee profits for the player on the long run.

Every game or performing art has its own special technique to develop and master.  When we see two professional dancers dancing the Argentinean tango, we see them both moving in harmony with each other.  We know the man leads and the lady follows.  However, if the man would make abrupt moves, ladies would have a hard time to follow his steps.  The special technique that men (or leaders) use is to give ladies (or followers) the intention for the direction of their move and only when ladies go to that direction, that men finally make their step.  So, it's really the men then who follow the ladies. And since men know exactly which direction the ladies are going, since they are the ones who sent them there in the first place, they both move very smoothly in regards to each other.

RAD uses a similar technique.  The shoes are the leaders and will show the players the direction into which they need to move and they will synchronize their moves accordingly. 

Zumma shoe 1, for instance, has 42 streaks and 28 chops.  RAD generates 41 wins and 28 losses for this shoe.  Couldn't be more synchronous.  The technique it uses is so perfect and so neat, that it really looks like tango danced by professionals.  If the shoe had 42 chops and 28 streaks instead, RAD would also generate 41 wins and 28 losses.  Absolutely amazing! 

Like any performing art, once the technique is mastered, it will look extremely easy.  Only the path to get there took me 11 years of experience in system development.  Perseverance only paid off.

RAD can be used aggressively with high amount of units or on a very low budget with bets not exceeding 27 units.  With both high and low budget, RAD beats all tester books, the Zumma 600 and the Zumma 1000 shoes.

The system comes with 7 simulations for all tester books with low and high budget, giving you full test results detailed for each decision.

Here are the titles of the simulations, that contain the results with the maximum bet required:

- RAD - Zumma 1K shoes - first 500 - lowest budget - max bet 27 units - profits 629 units

- RAD - Zumma 1K shoes - first 500 - max bet 56 units - profits 2220 units

- RAD - 600 Zumma shoes -  low budget - max bet 59 units - profits 884 units

- RAD - Zumma 600 shoes - low budget - max bet 59 units - profits 528 units - shoe by shoe basis

- RAD - 600 Zumma shoes -  low budget - max bet 51 units - profits 366 units

- RAD - Zumma 600 shoes - highest profit - max bet 391 units - profits 13438 units

- RAD - Zumma 1K shoes - first 500 - high profit -  max bet 395 units - profits 9088 units

All those profits are with Banker win commissions taken into account. 

Low budget options profits less units overall, but your unit size can be larger.

The system is very dynamic.  One bets almost on every single decision with very small exceptions. 

The bet method is a hybrid of flat betting and occasional pressing of the bets. 

The entire system is documented in 20 easy to read pages with numerous examples.  Full simulations provided to you as attachments show you every aspect of the system and how each parameter is used efficiently.

There are special concepts in the system, which are totally unique.  The system is not of a grind type.  One could generate up to 22 units per run. 

Here are some typical results, taking the very first 5 shoes of the Zumma 600 shoe tester book:

Shoe 1 makes 24.98 units.

Shoe 2 makes 46.81 - 24.98 = 21.83 units

Shoe 3 makes 48.72 - 46.81 = 1.91 units

Shoe 4 makes 90.95 - 48.72 = 42.23 units

Shoe 5 makes 111.91 - 90.95 = 20.96 units, thus already 111.91 units just for the first 5 shoes.

Here is the performance chart for the first 32,000 decisions, where each shoe is played individually: 

No matter at which point one starts to use the system, the player ends in profit using the system continuously.

With RAD, one can also transport results from shoe to shoe and play them continuously and still generate lots of profits on the long run.

The system goes for $250 and this is negligible next to the profits it will generate for you.

As an early bird special, you can have 50% off (not a misprint) if you order the system until the end of June 2012 and have it for $125 only.   With $10 extra, you can have a printout of the system document delivered to you by first class mail.  Email deliveries are preferable and faster, as you get the 7 Excel simulations.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not, you can have a totally unconditional full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Click here to order.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya
email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com 

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