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================================================    Friday, July 23, 2004
FAQ on Aikido and Special Offer

Hello everyone,

I would like to start first by thanking you for your interest in Aikido - The Sports Betting Day Trading System by ProBettor announced last week.  This newsletter, we will be answering some frequently asked questions about the system.  Before we do, ProBettor has an important message for you:

"As you know I started the sales of “ProBettor’s Day Trading SportsBetting System Aikido” a week ago through the LTW website and before you read the FAQ about this system, please take the time to read this unique offer.

I realized that a lot of gamblers want to have a system that will teach them on how to bet on sports, with an easy to learn system, which has a positive mathematical expectation, such as my e-book Aikido.  The problem is that they don’t like to pay the price of $600, because they're probably afraid to pay such an amount for ANY system or ANY e-book, even if it’s a money-making machine.

Yes - I have great testimonials from top bettors and no doubt that the system is really unique. But when I put myself into your position, I understand that without positive testimonials from ordinary bettors, I have low chances to share with you my confidence at such a “high” price in your opinion.

People hate to pay for any system or e-book $600 even if this system is the best one possible on market and the most deeply  researched on technical handicapping until now.

Izak and I believe that a price as low as $600 for such a product is not high, but on the other hand, I am personally in role of the system seller and also without several testimonials there will be very few sales. That is the psychology and reality of the matter.

I will be launching my own website within a couple of months and also want to stimulate some future sales.  That’s why I'm proposing a unique deal to all of you who believe that the system works but are not willing to  to pay $600, because you're under the influence of thoughts such as “it’s too expensive” or “why should I pay such an amount for an e-book” or because you have 1-2 K$ and 0.6K for the purchasing of a winning methodology will be a serious strike for your gambling budget.

ONLY 15 people from all those of you who want to make constant income on sports betting can receive this system at an absolutely low price:

The first 5 copies – for just $200
The next 10 copies – for just $250.

Click on the PayPal button below to order.

This offer is valid ONLY until August 1st, and all purchasers MUST provide as little as 200 words of testimonial/feedback within maximum one month after purchasing it (after they read and master the system).  A second testimonial will be required after 3 or 4 months of usage. These testimonials will be not moderated on whether they are good or bad.  I know that the e-book is the best investment you can make and you will win with this system.  That’s why I'm very confident and am not afraid of getting any negative feedback.

If you do not provide your feedback within the two required time frames, the e-book may be disabled.

This huge discount is only for those of you who really need this system and most importantly for those who will use this system in practice. As you see, there are no “free lunches” in this offer at all!

I think it’s a fair deal. You must write what you think about the e-book honestly and you will have to use it in practice and you will also certainly easily cover its cost.

For those of you who don’t want to provide any testimonials and don’t want to have to do some work,  we offer also 5 additional discount copies for only $350. This offer is also valid till 1st of August!

Your testimonials will be first published on Izak’s forum, and then on my website and of course in those newsletters.

No hidden catches with this offer: 15 copies for testimonials means only 15 copies and everyone will be able to see real testimonials from people you know on the LTW forum. It may be you who will take this offer (I would say the zero risk offer) or it may be your friend at the forum. If your friend or person you know from the forum will master my methodology – then he/she will provide us with his opinion. And if the opinion will be good (I know it will be so) – you will believe him (not Mr. ProBettor) and will be able to purchase this system for $850, the regular price but without the fear that you are purchasing a “cat in the bag”.

“So when the mountain doesn’t walk to Mohammed – Mohammed walks to the mountain.”

It’s a very honest and pragmatic offer for both sides.

Sincerely yours

P.S. Please, prior to your purchase, ask Izak first about the number and the kind of promotion by email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com, as this offer is limited."

And now we come to the frequently asked questions on Aikido answered by ProBettor:

Q: Hello,
Is your e-book based on arbitrage betting? I would hope not. I purchased an e-book a year or so ago promising a guaranteed way to make money on sports betting.  Yes, arbitrage is a guaranteed way to make money, but finding good arbitrage bets is extremely time consuming and not feasible for one person to track. I would hope for $600 there is something very unique, something not as time consuming as finding arbitrage wagers, as well as some sort of money back guarantee? Thank you.

If my e-book was based only on arbitrage betting it would cost up to $100 2-3 years ago; now a fair price for such an e-book is about $30-4, because there's lots of of free information about this procedure on the web.

Now it's hard to make money on arbitrage only, because of the following three main reasons:

1) time consuming (at least 2 hours daily)
2) you need to have a lot of money (at least 5K per bet)
3) low profitability - up to 10 -15% monthly

My system researched arbitrage very deeply - there are several Excel spreadsheets with thousands of arbitrage bets inside but - all these spreadsheets are just a basis to another system - Aikido...Saying "just a basis" I mean "just a basis" :)

But actually the forecasting system Aikido is based on the research of:

1) the character of odds compiling.

Coincidentally, nearly 10 days ago, I talked to the director of our domestic bookie and there were some absolutely unknown things for 80% of the professional gamblers.  I was even silent about relaxed bettors.   For instance, "betting on big favorites with the best odds on the market has a value" was proven after I showed it in my e-book.  This information is new, unique, shocking somehow - but it's not all that Aikido contains, it's just a very small part.

2) the character of the overall market tendency (and yes - the system uses a deep knowledge of arbitrage but it's not arbitrage itself!)

So overall you will likely:

1) go on the odds comparison site
2) will make your own forecast with the knowledge of character of odds compiling (such as: "I know that this event will happen with a 20% probability. That's why when I see the odds of+450 (or 5.5)" I will
3) place X amount of money from my bankroll using money management Y and will know what will happen over the long run

And yes, from one perspective, the basics of system are not too hard, but I spent years to develop it.  And I can't say that it was easy for me to have made it.  On another perspective, it's a really unique system.  I never heard or read that someone ever developed a system that can beat soccer, tennis, MLB, NBA, NHL in such a manner.

You may look at it as some sort of hedging - without being hedging itself. T this is a unique forecasting system and you will place risk bets whenever you like and wherever you like when the system tells you to do it

So - it's not arbitrage, it's not time consuming (you can work at it from 30 minutes to several hours daily) and it's very unique... In some angle, it's a split between certain things bettors can't explain and even authors of deep research can't explain - like favourite-longshot bias or why you can earn money on all odds - from shortest to longest or how bookmakers calculate value in reality and why...

I hope I answered your question but if you have additional questions - please don't hesitate to email me.

Q: Hello again,
I think I understand what you are touting. I'm sure your last letter will explain expected results, but
let me ask you, if I paid $600 for the system and I had a $600 bank left over, how long would it take, based on your research, to recover my investment of this program? Also, is there any sort of guarantee? I personally have not paid this type of money for a system, and if I did, I would like some assurances that this is worth my time and money. Thank you.

A: Your question is great, thank you! Somehow I am trying to say what I did, but forgetting about what people like and want...

So, if you will pay $600 for this system, I think that it will be not good to have a bankroll of $600, I am more then sure about it. You wouldn't want to spend half a year or even a year paying money on the Internet just to pay for Aikido.

This system is for those bettors who have over $1000 bankroll because of many reasons and even if this system would cost you nothing - I would still say that your bankroll must be over $1000.

Now you received the third email with more detailed data about the performance of the system. Also I will not account on such things like transaction costs, number of bookmakers - just money and achievements.

I want you to think professionally.  In the real world a capper who risks more than 7-8% percent of his/her current bankroll is called a loser. You would risk an average of 1%-1.5% of your bankroll on each bet and your bankroll would be more or less solid.  I will call it "low risk hobby bankroll"=2-4K$ (only for my system - because it's not a system for fun!). But with a bankroll of $600, it's likely that you would risk more and could prepare yourself for a bigger drawdown in percentage to your bankroll. To make things simpler: it's easier to lose $400  from a $600 bankroll than $2000 from a $4000 bankroll.

So, your average advantage over the line will be 4% from the turnover and with such a low bankroll such as $600,  you will consider Aikido betting as fun. I know it and will risk 3-4% of the bankroll. That's why you will make 150 bets per month and will earn 150*(3.5%)*4%*$600=$126  and this will be some kind of an approach to it.  it's likely that you will not receive $126,  because of low standard deviation.  So having huge risks,  you will spend 5 months to pay for this system. Yes - you will learn to remove money from bookies and exchanges, but the problem is that these amounts will be tiny.

Going further - you consider your $600 like money you can afford to lose. You know - after you will learn the system, I can guarantee you that this amount will be increased in times, because you will understand that chances to go broke are virtually zero. This is the nature of Aikido itself - it uses weaknesses of

1) odds compiling
2) overall market laws - theoretical and empirical

So you can have a bankroll of $600 just for learning and testing purposes, but with such a bankroll you will likely not pay for this system even after several months of betting (I exclude luck for sure). But consider this: first - your launch will be great. You pay for the education and the system with flat bet advantage.  Second, you will have the ability to test this system on a low budget. And I am more than sure that when you realize the power of Aikido system - your lifetime bankroll will be much higher by your own wish - not because I want it.

I recommend the lowest bankroll of $1000  and the optimal bankroll is $2000 and more. Also, you must note that by bankroll I always mean lifetime bankroll - it's very important.

I will give you one tip for thinking because you're former arber...You have arb 1.4 (1 bookie) - 4.0 (2 bookie)...Zero risk situation - you will never lose! But - did both bookmakers make a mistake or one of them? :)

Q: Hello,

I got an email from Izak about your Aikido betting system.

First, I do not know anything about sports betting and I work full time to try to make a living.  So, at least for the moment, I cannot devote more than a few hours a day to undertake your methods.

My question or questions are: If I spend 2 hours a day 7 days a week, how long before I understand your methods and am able to use them to actually make bets on the Internet? Also, about how much start up money would I need to spread between the different bookmakers to start?

Also, if I have questions after buying your methods, can I email you?


A: Thank you for your question...

This system was written from the beginning to let anyone learn it even if a person knows nothing about sportsbetting at all.

You can learn this system after you read it - and then if some information will be not understood - you will just reread it and understand.

I don't know how fast you read and think, but for the majority of people, 5-7 days*1-2 hours daily will be enough to learn it very well step-by-step: it has easy to understand roots.

And I recommend you to have as low as $000 bankroll (optimal start up bankroll is $2000-$3000) and I think that 7-10 betting organizations will be also enough. Although you can use one exchange like www.betfair.com and 2-3 best bookmakers and this will be also enough for the start. By saying bankroll I always talk about lifetime bankroll - so this is bankroll with no second entry - it's all money you have for the investments.

The most important thing for all new buyers is that they must know: I am in sportsbetting  for a long time and I already 3 years in this area.  So this is not a situation when you purchase the system and do whatever you like - good bye. Absolutely not!

There will be updates of the e-book 2-4 times yearly and constant daily email support.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to email me (probettor@agpsports.com)

Best regards

Wishing you all the best,

Until next week,


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