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=========================================   Thursday, July 12, 2001

Repeating Patterns - Questions and Answers

Hello everyone,

The interest that generated Repeating Patterns Roulette System announced last week was overwhelming.  There were many inquiries that Karl and I have received and feedback has been very positive.  In this newsletter, I'd like to share them with you.  A dedicated Frequently Asked Questions section will be added to the page informing you on Repeating Patterns.

"Hello Izak, Karl,
I read with great interest your commentary in the special newsletter edition introducing your Repeating Patterns Roulette system. I would appreciate your answering the following questions for my clarification.
Thanks in advance for your time and expert analysis."

Q. what constitutes a session of play as referred to in your newsletter?

A. A session or a run as referred to in the newsletter consists of a sequence of not more than 4 to 5 bets, which either ends up in a losing session or a winning one.

Q. If the system is able to handle all types of patterns, what type of pattern causes it to lose?

A. None.  This is the strong side of Repeating Patterns.  Any pattern you can detect can be integrated into the betting mechanism.

Q. What is the win/loss ratio over extended testing and live play?

A. As per the session definition above, a losing session happens once or twice in average within 100 spins.  A losing session costs 15 units only.  A winning session can vary between 1 and 11 unit profit.

Q. What is the worse scenario encountered (losses and drawdown) in your testing and live play?

A. The worst scenario that I ever encountered was 3 losing sessions in 100 spins, rather than 1 or 2.  This amounted to a loss of 45 units, but was compensated by the other winning streaks and winning sessions.  Overall, I was still ahead by 5 units.  The best scenario was not to have any losing session within 100 spins.   That resulted in 53 units.

Q. Could one use the pattern detection of this system to play the Reward system?

A. Definitely.  For one thing, you know Reward hates zig-zags.  Repeating Patterns provides an elegant solution for it.  Thefore, should you use the zig-zag pattern detection mechanism and apply it within Reward, you would solve the Reward weekness of losing bets on zig-zags.

Q. Is the system as effective playing on the internet and what if any are your specific experiences with regard to losses /profits and estimated net per hour?

A.The system is as effective playing on internet casinos, as similar pattern detection techniques apply to the concept of random number generators used by on-line sites. The 20 unit profit in 100 spins would reflect 20 units per hour on a land casino, since every spin takes an average of half a minute.   On an on-line casino, this is much faster.  If a spin takes 10 seconds, your profit will triple per hour, that is 60 units per hour.

On an on-line casino such as Caribbean Gold (at:, you can click on fast spin option to get results in a couple of seconds.  Then 100 spins can be played in 500 seconds and your profits can jump to 12 times or 240 units per hour.

Q. In your expert opinion, if one were to play 3 to 4 hours per day about 3 day's per week, would the system hold up and continue to produce excellent profits after 20 weeks or so?

A. Karl has had positive results even after 10 years of play, with some fluctuations here and there.  At certain points, you need to accept losing sessions that will cost you 15 units.  But overall, you should expect positively increasing profit charts.

Q. Is the system 100% mechanical in bet selection? (You indicated in your newsletter there are rules for pattern detection) i.e. will 10 people select the same bet using the system's rules?

A. There are rules for pattern detection, but the betting is not 100% mechanical.  At certain points you need to make a decision on which pattern you would like to go for.  This will be determined by the pattern detected within the last 3, 4, 6, or 9 bets.  The system will guide you into making the right and best decision.  10 different people may select 2 or 3 different trends.  A couple of them may be wrong.  The illustration in the documentation shows also what happens when one is wrong.  All the above does not disturb the 20 unit profit per 100 spin average.

Q. Do you place a bet on every decision based on the rules?

A. Yes, you can place a bet on every spin from the very second bet on.

Q. Can it be used on baccarat since it is based on even money?

A. Yes, it can definitely be used for Baccarat, as similar Player-Banker patterns to Reds and Blacks can be detected.

Q. How long is a session?  Or is it 100 spins that you mentioned about the method?

A. A session as described in the newsletter consists of a winning one or a losing one and it takes a maximum of 4 to 5 Roulette spins.   If a Roulette spin takes half a minute in average in land casinos, a session would last 2 to 3 minutes.

Q. What is the percentage of winning session to losing sessions?

A. A losing sesssion costs 15 units.   A winning session profits variably between 1 to 11 units.  The percentage of a losing session to occur in 100 spins is once or twice in average.  Taking all winning and losing sessions into consideration, within 100 spins you are likely to gain 20 units in average.

Q. Have you tested the system against Spielbank-Hamburg Casino for several consecutive months or any tester book?

A. I have not tested the system at Spielbank Hamburg. I have used numbers (Permanenzen) from Spielbank Bad D_FCrkheim, Germany for many months. I also used numbers from Spielbank, Bad Bentheim, Germany, and from Spielbank, Berlin.  We have here in Denmark more casinos: Munkebjerg, Odense , Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Q. Do you have to switch tables or you may play for as long as you want on one table?

A. You may stay at a table or switch table as often you want.

Q. Is it possible to have 8 consecutive losing sessions with the system?

A.  We don't think it's possible to have 8 consecutive losing sessions in a row.  You may have 2, 3 or tops 4, but never 8.

Q. On average how long does it take to learn to use the system?

A. Just to learn it, 30 minutes would be sufficient.  I would recommend to practice it for a few hours before applying it in a casino.

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Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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