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==============================================   Friday, July 10, 2009
FAQ on IBS6 - the Infallible Baccarat System Version 6.0 by Izak Matatya

Hello everyone,

There have been quite a few questions on IBS6 - the Infallible Baccarat System - Version 6.0 launched last month and I would like to share my answers with you this week in an FAQ.

Q. G'day Izak,

Thank you for your advertising of IBS6, which I received today. As usual I expect that this system applies to all 50:50 games including roulette's outside games.

Can you tell me how many units might be won per hour - i.e. how long does it typically to play a shoe of Baccarat? It seems to me a normal roulette table with about 4-8 players will have about 25-30 spins per hour and an empty table with only one player might get up to 40 spins per hour. And on a dealer spun wheel of Rapid Roulette with 25 seconds to place your bets I think you get about double that - i.e. about 60-80 spins per hour.

How does Baccarat compare, hence how many units per hour does IBS6 expect to win?

Incidentally I am finding that on a normal table I win about 6-8 units per hour with IBS5 and on a Rapid Roulette table I am winning about 12-16 units per hour. Do you have any comparable figures for this and for IBS6?

I am interested to see the parameters of IBS6 in particular maximum bet size and bankroll required - and whether it is still a cancellation method as are the other IBS systems.

You said it can be prone to mistakes to have high units when the pressure is on etc. - I had an example on Saturday night when playing Rapid Roulette - I had the maximum bet out $370 and meant to put it on Black but left it on Red where recall had placed it, forgot that it was a chop and Black came so I lost the bet!! I worked really hard including splitting bets, waiting for double wins and betting from the left for quite some time to get the losses back - and did so successfully - i.e. I got the one unit win and the run was resolved.

I expect to buy IBS6 before the deadline and welcome as always your usually prompt responses to my questions.


A. Thank you for your interest in IBS6.

IBS6 is designed mostly for Baccarat, as it takes advantage of Banker streaks that occur more frequently than Player streaks. However, it is so solidly built, that I don't see any problems with it applied to Roulette or any other even chance game. And you won't have any hassles with commissions calculations.

In Baccarat, excluding commissions, the system makes 2 units per shoe extremely consistently. With commissions it makes 5 units, because we bet extra to cover commissions and gain profit on every fluctuation of wins and losses. 2 units in Baccarat is made in one shoe, that takes about 50 units. On a roulette table, if it's not crowded, it would take about 1.5 hour to make this sum. But because of low bankroll, one can use higher chip denominations, such as black or purple chips and each hour can profit at least $200.

IBS6 limits the highest bet to 8 units and requires a session bankroll of 19 units commissions excluded. With commissions coverage (commissions, of course, applying to Baccarat Banker wins only), the highest bet becomes 12 units and the session bankroll 27. So, for roulette the former parameters are the valid ones.

The reason it is still called IBS, it's because it has a very similar structure to the previous IBS versions, that use an enhanced cancellation method, but even more advanced than its predecessor IBS5.

In IBS6, there are no ambiguities, no special betting techniques, no splitting of the bets, no waiting for double-triple wins, just a few basic rules to follow. IBS6 made all those techniques no longer necessary to profit on the long run. It has a different concept to tackle winning. It's not ambitious to win every single run, like IBS5, but accepts some very small losses (between 11 and 19 units) at times, to abandon a run and move on with fresh runs, that close so much easier and faster, not mentioning the fact, than one ends up betting on 90% of all decisions/spins. Runs are resolved now between 1 and 7 spins in average in most cases.

Hi Izak,

Congratulations to your new system IBS 6.0, before I decide to purchase it, please answer my following questions:

(Q1) What is the minimum bankroll required to play with IBS 6.0? (How many units)

(A1) Your session buy in is not more than 27 units. A lifetime bankroll of 90 units are sufficient.

(Q2) What is the highest wager requirement (how many units)?

(A2) The highest bet you will ever make is 8 units and some extra to cover commissions, thus never exceeding 12 units.

(Q3) What is the improvement of bet selection method? If I bet in flat without progression, what will be the winning rate by using this bet selection method? The winning rate is above 50%?

(A3) It surely wins over 50%. I would say about 54%.

(Q4) According to the introduction on your website, the test results are not so encouraging since many runs abandoned with huge loss. The loss total 12234 units and total winnings 13441 units, the percentage is about: 91%, that means you will give up more than 90% of the winning by abandoned some runs! I do not think it is a good idea!

(A4) As long as a system generates more than it loses, it is good idea. The fact that it's close is because of the very low bankroll requirement. With more bankroll, the winning rate increases, but so does the risk.

(Q5) Since this system only bets 90% of decision, is it suitable for online play? In online play you have to bet every decision?

(A5) Absolutely, 90% is very frequent betting. For the remaining 10%, one can simply bet flat with IBS6's bet selection and gain 54% extra.

(Q6) Is this system also suitable for other even bet games such as roulette? Did you test it for roulette? Any results?

(A6) It's mostly suitable for Baccarat. However, purchasers have reported to have used it for Roulette and Craps with great success.

"Look forward to hearing from you soon. As your old customer, I purchased your IBS 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, and I will be certainly glad to purchase this new version of IBS provided it is really a good winning system."

Thank you all for your valuable questions and great interest. 

IBS6 is only $750.  If you need a printout, you can have the system delivered to you by first class mail for only $20 extra.

With your purchase, you will have unlimited post-purchase support.  You can email me at webmaster@letstalkwinning.com any time and I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have on the system.  You are welcome to ask any question prior to your purchase as well, either by contacting me directly or posting your questions publicly in our great discussion forum at: http://letstalkwinning.com/forum

Click here to order for an email delivery of the system.  You will have buttons for new purchasers and for previous owners.  You will receive the system document in zipped MS-Word format, and you will receive also an Excel spreadsheet simulation for 41,004 Zumma decisions, documenting each bet line by line. 

The simulation is now 100% automated. If you wish to further test the system with your own Baccarat shoes, you will be able to do so very easily, as the IBS6 scheme will fill itself completely.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed.  You have a totally unconditional money back guarantee.  If the system's performance is not to your liking, for any reason, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, and, as you all know, I always honor my guarantees.

Wishing you all the best,


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