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===========================================      Thursday, January 16, 2003
Alhambra Casino in Aruba

Hello everyone,

I just got back from a wonderful but short vacation.  My family and I were in Aruba Island on the Caribbean, located about 17 miles north of Venezuela, where 7 day sunshine was a guaranteed gift escaping the harsh and cold Canadian winter.

The small island has 17 casinos.  Not that I gamble during vacation, as gambling for me is work, but I could not resist checking out one of them that was next to our resort.  It was the Alhambra casino.  A small place but very warm and with a pleasant atmosphere.  People go there mainly for fun.  Almost everyone I saw had a drink in their hand, laughing and chatting outloud.  No one seemed to concentrate on the game. 

The place had Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Let it Ride, Three Card Poker and Craps tables.  No Baccarat.  I approached one of the Roulette tables, where one seat was still available.  3 ladies and 2 gentlemen were playing and chatting.  As soon as I sat down, they involved me in their conversation.  I really wasn't used to this, as when I play, I'm usually very quiet and fully focused on what goes on at the table and at other tables.

Oh well, I took it as another challenge, talking to people and keeping track.  I noticed large stack of chips in front of almost everyone's seat.  I was wondering if they were all winning that much.  It happened that those chips were $1 chips and every time one would lose them, they would simply buy a new stack of $70 chips.  I thought with this low betting amount, one could try out all kinds of new strategies without risking too much. 

When I stepped into the casino, I was prepared to play PowerPlay Baccarat Level 4, but since they had no Baccarat table, I thought of applying the system to roulette.  Then when I saw that one could play with $2 minimum outside bet and $1 inside bet with up to $300 maximum bets, I thought of combining the KISS system's betting selection with PowerPlay's money management and march progression.  That was also initiated by the fact that I had to chat and play at the same time and KISS, as the name implies, is simpler to identify where to bet.  Moreover, the tables had no scoreboards I could observe.  So, I had to keep the outcome in memory. 

KISS takes advantage of streaks and chops.  The last 2 spins were Red, so I placed $2 on Red and Red came.  One of the ladies jumped and said "you won, you won, would you like me to give you your chips?"  I said, "No thanks, let it ride", as the march progression implied.  Next spin was also Red, so I had 8 chips of $1, or 4 units of $2 on the Red.  I took one unit out and left 3 on the Red and Red came again.  The lady next to me said:  "your lucky red again".  I smiled and nodded.  She had no idea  I was catching a streak.  I took my winnings and replaced the Red with 4 units and Red hit again.  Imagine the excitement of the lady.  I have made 10 units and that requires a reset back to 1 unit.  And that's when Red lost, as a zero came.  After that I caught a chop of Reds and Blacks, which gave me another 10 units or 20 chips.  I cycled out of that strategy and decided to try a different one.

The next one I played was a cute Danish system, that catches repeating numbers right up front as they happen.  Since there were no scoreboards and the betting amounts consisted of $1 chips on the inside numbers, I went for it.  The strategy is very simple.  You bet one chip on the last number that showed up.  If it loses, you bet one chip on the last 2 numbers.  If it loses, you bet one chip and the last 3 numbers and so on.  If your investment does not exceed 35 chips, you keep betting 1 unit.  If it exceeds it, you start increasing your bets to 2 units, always to yield a profit when one of the numbers finally hits.  If you don't hit for 18 spins, you may abandon this strategy.  Usually, according to the law of two thirds, one of the numbers will repeat before that.  A much more sophisticated system is documented in Repeating Numbers, where different ranges of repeat areas are explored.

Number 32 came and I placed my chip on 32.  Then 16 came and I placed one chip on 32 and one chip on 16.  14 came and I placed one chip on 14, 16 and 32.  Then 11 came, I placed one chip on 11, 14, 16 and 32.  Then 0 came and I placed one chip on 0, 11, 14, 16 and 32.  Then 14 came that was a repeat, and I cashed 35 chips on that number.   The investment so far was 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 chips and profit 36 - 15 = 21 chips. 

I did this again, starting over completely.  The repeating number hit the sixth time this time.  The investment was 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21 chips and profit 36 - 21= 15 chips for this run. 

By now I had won 76 chips, 40 chips from the combined KISS and PowerPlay and 36 from the repeating numbers.

Then I felt like playing Peak Profit, a strategy based on single repeating dozens, which gave me another 16 chips.  Having won 92 chips, I decided to quit.  It was fun to win that much.  Too bad, they were only $1 chips.  In Montreal Casino where I usually play, I use $50 as a unit value.  92 chips would have made a $4,600 profit.  At Alhambra, I could use this value, but it would have attracted too much attention, where everybody else was there to socialize, have a drink, have fun and play with $1 chips.  For me, it was simply a good exercise to be able to talk to people and concentrate on the game at the same time.  Not too many people even noticed my 92 chip winnings, except the lady next to me, who told me how lucky I was.  I told her it was because of her charm, confidence and excitement.

Then it was time to retire to my resort and have a few Caribbean drinks to celebrate.   System play indeed gives you an edge and it's a great feeling to have confidence that the strategies will work.

Wishing you all the best,
Until next week,


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