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=================================================== Thursday, January 4, 2001

Repeating Numbers and $100 an Hour Bonus Systems

Hello everyone,
I'm proud to present you this week my newest system "Repeating Numbers"
for playing inside numbers in Roulette. I consider this system as the
best one ever devised for inside numbers, as it is the most sensible and
logical one taking advantage of certain characteristics of Roulette and
how numbers come up on the wheel.

Playing inside numbers in Roulette does not consist of guessing which
number is going to come up next. No one can predict in which slot the
little ball is going to land. If the wheel is biased one can tell that
the ball will fall into a specific sector of the wheel a certain percentage
of the time. Repeating Numbers is not about biased wheels. It is based
on statistical features of 38 different numbers being drawn in random,
which is exactly the case on a Roulette wheel outcome. That is why this
system will work well both in brick and mortar casinos as well as for
on-line internet based casinos, as random number generators use the same

If we are to draw 38 numbers from a bag, by drawing them one after another,
and placing the number back into the bag after each draw, what are the
chances that each 38 number will be drawn only once within the next 38
draws? Yes, almost none, or one in millions! That means that at least one
and many more numbers will be drawn repeatedly. And by the time all 38
numbers will be drawn, we will have to draw the numbers a lot more than 38

This is the main concept of this system or the set of following systems.
Numbers coming up on the Roulette wheel or at a random number generator
on an on-line casino will start repeating at certain stages and some numbers
will be repeating more than once. That is why this system is called
"Repeating Numbers". The system takes advantage of this feature and
identifies the best ranges within which numbers will start repeating and how
one should bet in order to come out profitable.

There have been many systems written to take advantage of repeating
numbers but most of them are based on first observing which numbers repeat,
and how many times they repeat, before one starts betting on them. But, if
a number repeated say 4 times, no one guarantees that the same number will
repeat the 5th or the 6th time. It could be that it will no longer repeat,
that it has "finished" repeating.

This system is very different from the ones described above. We will be
betting on repeating numbers before they start repeating. This way, when
they repeat, you will make profits, as your bets will be placed on them.
Does that mean that the system will predict when the numbers will start
repeating? Yes, in a way, it will. Not when a specific number will repeat,
but within which range of numbers they will start repeating.

I have been testing Repeating Numbers for half a year now and the results
that I have achieved are absolutely stunning. The final shape of the system
is optimized to generate winnings as consistently as possible. There are
various ways one can use the systems. Ultimately, the systems contain
built-in money management strategies, which will oblige you to end a run,
when you are ahead.

How often will you be ahead? Most of the time! And when you are not ahead
for that run, the losses will not be dramatic. The sum of all the runs of you
being ahead will far exceed the ones that you are not. This will ensure
profits for many sessions and will make Roulette an enjoyable experience for
you for as long as you use Repeating Numbers.

Repeating Numbers contains 4 systems explained in detail with templates you can take with you to the casino in order to track your numbers.

For one of the best Roulette systems ever existed, the price is $795
and $815 in printed form sent by first-class mail.
Order now and get the following gift for free:

As a free bonus at the purchase of Repeating Numbers, you get an additional
system, which will ensure you cumulative $100 profit sessions. This system
is called $100 an Hour Bonus System. It is an excellent money management
strategy using the concept and principles of Repeating Numbers.

The profit sessions can take between 10 and 40 minutes, or 25 minutes in
average. The bankroll required for this system is $710. If the system would
totally fail at one point, this is the bankroll that you would be losing
entirely. According to statistical data and my tests over hundreds of
thousands of spins on a computer simulator, the probability of this happening
is 1 in 14 sessions. Therefore, in average, if you are to use this system
over 28 sessions of 25 minutes each, or 11.67 hours, you would be making a
profit of 26 (winning sessions) X $100 - 2 (losing sessions) X $710 =
$2,600 - $1,420 = $1,180 per 11.67 hours or $101 per hour.

You can use the system at half its strength, then the amounts bet will be
also half, giving you a profit of $50 per hour. Then the bankroll required
will also be half the amount, that is $355. The lowest bankroll required
for this system is $56. This will generate a profit of about $7.90 in average
per hour. This is valid for both on-line and brick and mortar casinos.

Regardless of what strength you chose the system structure remains identical.
Only the betting amounts vary by the factor of the strength level.

With this bonus system the system will pay itself off within the first hour of
your play, then your profits will be open-ended.

Start the new millennium with a big boost with the best system of the new

Wishing you all the best in the new year, lots of success and great



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