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================================================== Thursday, January 11, 2001

Repeating Numbers Inquiries - Customer Strategies

Hello everyone,

Repeating Numbers for inside number betting in Roulette that I announced last week, has received quite a lot of interest. I have answered numerous inquiries about the system's performance. I will be posting an FAQ section at the bottom of for the following frequently asked
questions, for which you can find their answers:

Would it be possible for you to give some stats on the repeating numbers roulette system?
I am looking for:
bankroll required;
progression used;
win/loss ratio's;
net profit per session etc.

Repeating Numbers has 4 systems with different bankroll requirements:

You can play System 1 with chip values of $1 to $10.
If you use $10 chips then you will need a banrkoll of $500
If you use $1 chips then you will need a bankroll of $50.

System 2 may use different chip values, i.e. $20 to $40 or lower $4 to $8 chips.
System 2 needs a bankroll of three times that of System 1.

System 3 may need $55 bankroll betting with 1$ chips or any multiple of it depending on the chip value.

System 4 needs a bankroll of $1620 for $10 to $50 chips or 10 times less bankroll for chip values also 10 times less.

The $100 an Hour Bonus System has the bankroll requirements specified as $710 for $6 and $13 chip values.

Only system 4 uses a quasi progression. The other systems don't. System 2 uses a reverse Gaussian regression. $100 an Hour Bonus uses a two bet sequence per run.

The win/loss ratios are 1 out of 20 loss ratio in all systems. 1 out 14 loss ratio in $100 an Hour Bonus system, but 13 sessions are more profitable than 1 loss session, as you win cumulative $100 sessions versus one loss of $710 bankroll.

Net profit per session also varies from system to system.
With $10 chip values,
System 1 can average $130 per session,
System 2 can average $300 per session,
System 3 can average $50 per session,
System 4 can average $200 per session,
$100 an Hour Bonus system averages as the name implies.

Click here to find out more on Repeating Numbers.

You can play Repeating Numbers on-line as well. Sands of the Caribbean   has multi-player Roulette, where you don't need to place a bet on every spin. You can simply press the button "Pass", without betting. The wheel will spin and the result will be shown on the scoreboard. Those results will help you determine your next bets in Repeating Numbers. Then when you are ready and have placed your bets, you can press the "Spin" button.

Sands gives you a $25 bonus on a $50 deposit every month. I consider Sands one of the best, if not the best on-line casino you can ever play, in terms of reliability, customer service, fast payout delivery, without excluding a very realistic games interface.

Credit card frauds or thefts are a real concern, while entering your credit card numbers on the internet, whether you wager on-line or purchase a product. I have upgraded Let's Talk Winning's order form to a SSL certified secure form with 128 bit encryption. You can now feel safe that your credit card number will not be listened into by malicious hackers or credit card thieves. The secure form now resides here, and is linked into by every page at this web site, where you can place an order. Https stands for secure hyper text transfer protocol. When you come to the order form, you should now see the title Secure Order Form. If you don't, just press Reload or Refresh to update your cache.

Some of the customers of Let's Talk Winning wanted to share their strategies with you.
Here are some you may find useful:

Strategy 1:
I like to play roulette just to take a break from some of the other faster games. I played the following method last month at the Copa (0,00), at Biloxi,Ms. and won $100.
$5 on red
$5 on 1st. column.
$5 on 3rd. column.
If 1st. column or 3rd column and red were hit then you win = $10.
Note: Play same bet every time. OK to double bet if prior win, but if win take it back down to $5 units. Set a profit goal and loss limit. If I start winning I just sit there and grind out a profit.

Strategy 2:
Hi, I myself love to play the roulette wheel. I usually play the inside and have done quite well on a few occasions. As you have no possible way of predicting the next number that will come up, I find the best rule is not to put more chips down than you will get back. By this I mean: you'll have to excuse me its hard to
explain. Out of 36 you'll want to play at least 18 of them to give yourself a 50% chance of winning with putting down as few chips as possible. I'll put down 9 chips on split numbers which pays back 17 chips. And I'll want to cover as much of the board as possible with those 9 chips. Therefore one on 3-6 7-10 9-12
14-17 18-21 26-29 32-33 22-25 and 34-35. I'll play these numbers for a while and usually come ahead. If I win 3 spins in a row I'll put another 9 chips down on any split numbers other than the previous ones.

Well it works for me....I'd like to hear other strategies if you have some preferably on the inside bets as I don't play the outside wheel.

Strategy 3:
Basically, divide the wheel into five or six sections and bet on the numbers that fall in that section. This changes your odds from 1 in 36 to hitting a number to 1 in 6. Since the payout is 34 to 1 straight up, you will still make quite a bit of money if a number hits.

Strategy 4:
My favourite method of play is to place even bets on red and the third column. If you look at the layout, that column has more red than black. This method allows me to make the most of a wheel that has been showing a red streak, and if a red hits from one of the other columns, it is a break even. (But of course I
lose both bets if black hits, unless it is in the third column. Then I have essentially laid the bet to win one unit. If the wheel is tending toward black, then I will switch to a unit on black, and another unit on the middle column (it is heavy in black). When the wheel is choppy, I will sometimes use a mini-martingale system. I will double my bets if I lose. If I lose again, I double them again. Three losses in a row and I go back to one unit (or seek out a different game :-) ). This helps to protect me in a choppy wheel, and if a trend appears to be developing in a colour, I shift to betting on that colour.
Anyone have any ideas about this system? I've never checked it out scientifically, but it has brought me pleasure and a few profits (and one very memorable loss!!)

Strategy 5:
First of all I'll remind you that there is absolutely no way to get a positive expectation out of roulette. None. No way no how. Keeping that in mind, roulette can be fun and exciting as long as you can afford to lose. Here's a couple of ways that I play that usually end up in slow losses but occasionally win:

Pick 5-8 of your lucky numbers and bet one unit on each, every spin. If one of them hits, place an additional unit on each side and corner of that number. Repeats happen more than you would think.

Pick 2 numbers somewhere in the middle of the layout but not next to each other (eg 8 & 17). Bet 1 unit on the number and one unit on all sides and corners of each number. You actually make a profit on 10 numbers and if one of the two main numbers come up, you get lots of oohs and ahhs from the folks watching as the dealer slides 135 chips your way.
I did that at TI last week, first spin.
If you like to play outside, put equal bets on 2 of the three columns or 12s. Let's say you bet 4 units each on two columns. If you win, you can either keep 4 profit and use the other 4 to replace the bet you lost or you can press the bet you won and replace the bet you lost. If you get a good run, you might make some $$$. In either case, your chances on any one spin are slightly better that 50/50.

Strategy 6:
Winning at roulette is virtually impossible - even in the UK where there is only one zero - but - read on!
Some wheels do show bias!!!!
Draw up the opened out series of numbers on the roulette wheel, arranged across the top of a piece of graph paper. Plot at least 100 spins of the wheel - putting a `x` under the number that comes up - now - what you are looking for is a `pattern` that shows four distinct peaks `more or less` equally spaced. If you
come across such a pattern you have found a wheel that has biased tendencies.

Right. That`s the easy bit - now - whatever you do DO NOT go blindly in and bet the numbers that peaked on the initial analysis.

Return a few days/weeks later and `map` the first 50 spins on the same wheel. This is the difficult part - you now have to judge where the peaks are going to come. If, and only if, a `four pronged pattern` seems to be emerging you start betting.

Bet the four numbers that you judge to be the peaks. Level stakes only. Bet only a maximum of 50 spins. So if you were betting $1 a number, then your total outlay could would be $200.
Stop if you manage to get $100 in front - but - most important - if you go 25 spins without a number coming up STOP. Carry on `mapping the wheel` ready to use next time to confirm the wheel is still biased.

Strategy 7:
I never played roulette until my last trip to Vegas. I played inside, covering 20 numbers with five bets. Most of the time I covered the 7-11/14-18/19-23/26-30/31-35. I bought in for $20 in $.50 chips. I thought maybe I could blow an hour or so because the BJ tables were killing me. I played and won, played and won, pressed and won, pressed to 3 chips($1.50/$7.50 per spin) and won. Soon I had all of the tables powder blue chips, and they were paying me in nickle chips.

I had a ball. When I cashed in I had $280.00 in table chips and at the cashier's cage I cashed in a total of $395.00. $20.00 stake/ $.50 bets I couldn't believe my luck. Went from the Fitz. to the Four Q's and did the same thing. Only played for about a half hour, but cashed in about $85. Started thinking that if this was so easy I'd better raise my bets. Went to the Horseshoe, used $5.oo chips and lost like crazy. Tried again at the Fitz. $5.00 chips and lost again. Tried at Jerry's Nuggett with $1.00 chips and lost some more. Went back to town using
$.50 and started winning again, pressing up to $1.50 per bet, and held my own again, but when I pressed over $2.00 I would loose. I guess I don't have the courage to make big bucks, and my technique is to keep my bets under $2.00 ($10.00 inside per spin) and ignore the O-00. When I miss 2 in a row inside I walk.

Like I said I never played this game, but figured if I could cover 20 out of 38 numbers and get an 8 to 5 payout it might work in the short run. It did, but I probably just had one heck of a lucky streak, and didn't take advantage of it by pressing enough.

That's it for this week. Have a good one!
Until next time,


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