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==============================================    Monday, February 9, 2009
FAQ on the new IBS5 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 5.0 by Izak Matatya

Hello everyone,

The new IBS5 system announced about 10 days ago was received with great enthusiasm.  So far, nothing but positive feedback is coming from purchasers.   Here is a note from a satisfied customer:

"I have just about gone through the entire IBS5 document and from what I've digested so far, this system, is nothing short of BRILLIANT! I take my hat off to you Izak. And I feel I have a much greater appreciation for it because I started with IBS and have gone through all the changes through the last several years. I absolutely love the special techniques.  They are just incredible. I wish there was some way to convey to most of the people out there who have been looking for a genuine winning Baccarat system, or just an even money bet system for that matter, that THIS IS IT! I think a lot of people will be hesitant to avail themselves of this system because of the cost, even at the tremendous discount you are providing through the month of February.  I was hesitant, too, but now I'm very happy I bought it.   I've been having some disappointing experiences at the casinos recently and at one point I was ready to call it quits and never gamble again. In dealing with you as long as I have, I have come to trust you and take you at your word. There's not too many people I can say that about. Anyway, I just hope that there are others who have come to trust you as I have and will have the good fortune to acquire your unique system. I think the potential is staggering to say the least."

This is indeed very encouraging.  I thank you for all your comments. 

There have been numerous questions about the system and this week, I would like to share my answers with all of you:

Q. Hello Izak,

I just received your email about IBS-5. This method seems very promising. Is it usable with Matrix sports system? If so, are the results better?


A. Yes, it is surely usable with the Matrix Sports Betting system, particularly when one uses it with a differential betting aspect, such as betting on the difference of the bets. You see, IBS5 has a concept of virtual bets to skip losses, when the bet selection goes through a sequence of losses. During those virtual losses, the other side goes through consecutive wins and db applies very elegantly.

Q. Izak, You mention IBS5 also wins with a lower bank than the 160 units tested with a 37 unit max bet. How many units per shoe will it win with a 40 unit bank and or about a 8 unit max bet? What % of shoes will it win at that level? Thanks...

A. IBS5 has been manually tested over 41,008 decisions, line by line, commenting each special betting technique on the spreadsheet. That took a very long time (i.e. 3 months). This test was conducted by setting the highest bet as a parameter to 37 units. In order to conduct the same test with the highest bet set to 8 units or highest session bankroll to 40 units, I will have to conduct the same test, that is, take another 3 months, as I don't have the simulation fully automated.

However, I can tell by observation, since I went through the entire 600 shoes, that if you set the highest bank to 40 units, you will have to abandon some runs unresolved accepting a -40 unit loss at times. The quantity of those should be about 30 (scrolling visually throughout the entire simulation). If IBS5 generated 6600 units without losing a single run, setting the bankroll to max 40 will have 30 X 40 = 1200 units deducted from this amount, thus producing a profit of 5400 units instead.

Q. Izak, is there a discount for IBS-4 owners?

A. Yes, absolutely, IBS4 owners can have an additional $100 discount on top of the existing 90% discount and have IBS5 for $450.

Q. What version of IBS will you reach in 2 years?

A. I don't know what version IBS will reach in two years. As I mentioned, striving for perfection is unlimited. New versions are implemented based on either new ideas, customer feedback, and much effort to try to optimize the system to meet client requirements, that is, to win more runs with less bankroll, limiting the highest bet, limiting the risk of session bankroll loss, etc.

Q. Izak your win rate was 50.12%. You can just bet on banker every time and win 50.68%. Do you have the totals for player and banker bets made during the test?

A. The win rate is 50.12% placing bets on both Player and Banker sides taking commissions into account. If you place bets on Banker only, your win rate is 50.68% minus commissions, which becomes much less than 50%. I have the total Player and Banker bets made for the 600 Zumma shoes and for random shoes.

For Zumma it's: 20343 bets made on Player, 20663 bets made on Banker (real + virtual)

For random, it's variable depending how the bet selection chooses to bet on.

Q. What is the result for playing IBS5 flat bet in 600 Zumma shoes and spread sheet?
Also, what would the bankroll be if play flat bet?
How many units can one make per shoe on an average if play flat bet?

A. Betting flat no. of wins: 20566, no. of losses: 20440 over the 600 Zumma shoes. On the random spreadsheet, this alternates, but the proportion of about 100-120 more wins is kept most of the time.

Betting flat within the Zumma shoes, the bet selection enables 16 wins versus 10 losses up front, and there is no drawdown at all later on, throughout 41,008 decisions. So 1 chip is enough. In random selections, this again may vary. I wouldn't expect anything more than 11 units, as this was the longest losing consecutive sequence overall and only if it happens up front.

Q. Is your flat bet profit a net or gross amount for the 600 shoes? Does this system carry your traditional no questions asked money back guarantee? We are talking a pretty hefty investment since we cant pool our purchase. Thanks...

A. IBS5 has such a special technique for Banker commissions, that equates net and gross amounts.

The system surely carries the unconditional money back guarantee. Upon asking for a refund, though, your e-book registration will also be cancelled, and you will not be able to open it any longer, nor will you be entitled for any future upgrades or discounts for future versions.

The hefty investment of $550 will pay itself in one day's play. Then you keep all your winnings to yourself.

At the mini-bac table, playing with $20 units, one can easily make 5 units per shoe (the average is 11 units per shoe). Making $100 per shoe is a piece of cake with IBS5.
5.5 shoes and your $550 investment is paid off in one day.

Q. Does the simulation generate just the wins and losses from the bet selection but not the dollar amounts of each bet in the progression?

A. IBS5 was manually tested for its bet method. However, its bet selection is fully automated. The provided spreadsheet gives all results for Zumma including bet selection and bet method and the random selections give results for the bet selection only.

Q. Izak, since you sit on the sidelines during loosing streaks, what % of the shoe are you actually playing? Thanks

A. With IBS5, using it with flat bets, you play on every decision. With the bet method, you only play when the shoe is winning and that is more than 50%.

Q. How many bets on an average run and what has been your longest run before it comes back to profit?

A. Since 6642 runs were completed in 41,008 decisions, one run has an average of 6.174 decisions. The longest run took 1.5 shoe, and still closed with a win. All runs did.

Q. Say you are down units can you walk away come back the next day and pick up where you left off?

A. Yes, you can always continue your run from one day to another, from one table to another, from one shoe to another, etc. until it resolved with a win - and it will.

Q. What is the main difference between IBS-4 and 5?

A. IBS5 and IBS4 are close cousins. It's good to have both. If you purchase IBS5, I will include IBS4 for free for the ones who don't have it.

There are quite a few differences between IBS4 and IBS5. First of all, they both have unique special techniques, that can complement and supplement each other. You can use the special techniques developed in IBS4 as well as in IBS5. The major difference between IBS4 and IBS5, is that IBS4's bet selection avoids certain bets if patterns are not recognizable and the bet method bets accordingly. In IBS5, the bet selection identifies where to bet on each and every decision. It's the bet method, that determines when to bet and when not, thus avoiding long losing streaks. If the table requires for you to place bets on each and every bet, then IBS4 and IBS5 become similar in the bet method, but their bet selection is quite different so are their special betting techniques.

In short, it's good to have both and you can do so by simply acquiring IBS5.

Thank you all for your interest.

IBS5 has a price tag of only $700, despite being the best system out there.  A Baccarat shoe takes about an hour to play.  When you make at least $200 per shoe, say with $20 units, and playing not more than 5 shoes a day, you can easily generate $1000 profit per day, every single day of your play.  The system price will pay itself off within the first day of your play. 

Click here to order for an email delivery of the system.  You will receive the system e-book, which consists of about 28 pages of easy reading, but needing thorough studying and practicing and an Excel spreadsheet simulation for 41,008 decisions, that can alternate between the Zumma tester book decisions and random decisions, by the click of a button.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed.  If the system's performance is not to your liking, which I doubt very much, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, and, as you all know, I always honor my guarantees.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Wishing you all the best,

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