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==============================================   Wednesday, February 8, 2012
FAQ on the New WTP - Well Tempered Progression by Izak Matatya

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

WTP - Well Tempered Progression continues to be a great success.  So far, nothing but positive reviews and excellent comments.  Here is the most recent ones from the discussion forum:

"Well, I have the system and have done limited testing. It is the best MM (money management) strategy I have ever seen for use with small units and a table with a large enough spread to accommodate the progression. It is unique and effective.

No bet selection will win more decisions than it loses. So some sort of progression will be needed to produce a winning strategy. And variance will not give win and loss sequences with even distribution. So, you must have a MM that will recover a bad loss string and will stretch long enough with reasonable bets to be in play when the loss string ends, which it eventually will. This MM is very effective in both instances.

I also believe that there is room to make it more conservative if that is the punter's wish, but that would also reduce profit. I highly recommend this system and think it needs to be part of every gambler's arsenal."

"I recently purchased WTP and have played only 2 sessions in 2 days and have won close to $1,800.00 in those 2 sessions. The 1st one was 3 shoes and the 2nd one was 4 shoes. Between those 2 sessions I am averaging over 30 units per shoe. I have never experienced winning rates like that before in my life. And like I said I am using only $10 units. And both times so far, my buy in was 100 units or $1,000.00. "

"With this system to appear to-be very strong indeed; the next one Izak comes out with in the wings if it is an improvement on WTP should be a real casino buster!"

"Bought, learned and did a quick test of WTP at South Point, Las Vegas on mini bac after work. Great results. Played 2 shoes. Base unit was $5, session BR was $500, maximum bet 50 units. Won $236 on the first shoe minus commissions and $281 on the second. Reviewing score cards now and pondering this unique progression. The table I played has $5 min and $2500 min. Stepping out this progression one could theoretically go 62 steps before reaching table limits. "

I thank you all for your great feedback.  WTP is the system that received the best response so far.  Research and perseverance seem to pay off finally.

The great 50% off promotion will end tomorrow, February 9, 2012, midnight ET.  Hurry to acquire this wonderful system at $90 only instead of $180. 

I also would like to share with you the answers to some very interesting questions I received during the last 2 weeks:

Q: Congrats on your success...

Simple question... If I buy the system using the $10/unit, the buy-in is still $1000? That is 100 units bankroll.  What was your highest units bet since using the system? 50 units? What was the number of losing hands using the system? 14 hands? If I buy the system, is my betting selection and number of units bet exactly the same as yours?

I am so sick and tired of winning and losing using my gut feeling bets... I need a winning consistent systems like you have claimed...

A: Thanks...

My own personal highest bet has been 47 units. The number of losing hands is not a factor, but some runs are abandoned if the session bankroll of 50 units plus the last bet that exceeds it is exhausted. I had only a couple of those occurrences so far, after which I still kept 80% of all profits made so far.

The bet selection will be different from player to player, as WTP's successful performance does not highly depend on it. There are a few suggested bet selections in WTP, not because one is better than the other, but only to prove that no matter which bet selection you use, WTP will still generate profits.

My own preferred bet selection is KISS, where one follows the streaks, the chops and the 2-2's. This generates 48-52% win rate, which is quite adequate for WTP to be successful on the long run.

I ran an independent test on KISS' bet selection with WTP.  It generated 1,394 units after commissions for the 600 Zumma shoes with a max bet of 122 units.

Q: What is the bankroll required to make the 122 unit bet, including the previous drawdown?

A: The bankroll required to use WTP with KISS is 230 units.

Q: How will the system perform with a 40 - 45% win rate?

A: (This question was answered by one of the purchasers)
I was playing around with a new bet selection I'm working on and the 17 hands occurred:

LLLLLWLLLLLWLWLWW - Only 5 wins in 17 hands.

That's only a 29% win rate yet the final double win resulted in a 15 unit win minus $29.00 in commission during the run. So I netted $121.00 in profit in a single run. The shoe I used was on I had recorded live at one of the casinos a few months ago.

So, yes you can still win even with a low win percentage.

Q: Wondering your thoughts if WTP would work on the odds portion of the craps pass-odds bet, or would it work better on just the line bet?

A: It's designed to work on just the line bet. But it can be adjusted for the odds portion as well.

(Again from a customer): I have played it live at craps betting DP only and made 150 dollars.

Q: (This time to a customer): What was your bet strategy on the DP and what was your base bet unit $10?

A: (From the customer): I just bet DP every time because I had a short time to play and wanted to reach 100 dollars. I was at a 5 dollar table.

Q: Izak, in your instructions, you use a 50 unit BR for the explanations, but I don't see any performance charts for such a low BR vs what I do see in the various runs you provide with the system documentation. I would guess that with the bet strategies you use, the 50 unit BR probably does not amount to a gain in any of your simulations? Otherwise, it looks like an interesting betting strategy.

BTW, I did use it yesterday and would comment that it is easy and straightforward enough in concept. Yes, did make 17units in about half shoe of play. Max bet was 5 units and my decision hit rate was quite high.

A: Actually, 2 simulations were provided: one that use a maximum bet of 47 units and another one using a maximum bet of 30 units, where you will find "low budget" within the file names.

(WTP - Well Tempered Progression Simulation - betting P only -
900 unit profit target and WTP - 1K Zumma shoes - first 500 - special bet selection - low budget)

The first one was betting P only for the 600 Zumma shoes set and a win target of 900 units were set and achieved.

The second one was with a special bet selection documented in the system for the 1K Zumma shoes and a win target of 700 units were set and achieved.

Both performance charts have been shown in the newsletter announcing WTP and they can be found at:





As per long term, after having reached such profit levels one needs to conserve at least 70% of all winnings, as per the win plateau conservation method mentioned in the Bankroll thread.

The parameters that beat the entire Zumma 600 and 1K shoes are for the highest bet set to 192.

Q: Why not walk in there with an $8000 BR and forego the 50 unit stop loss. Wonít I be invincible if Iím prepared to take this progression 62 steps, Izak?

Also pondering the bet selection. Going to try an antiphase instead of the BS offered in the document just because antiphase is what I normally use.

A: The system proved itself to be more profitable when we put in more bankroll, but why push the limits? If it's doing fine with a 192 unit max bet, which is step 40, I would not go into further steps.

We have seen in a previous post that once you reach this bet level, it's best to keep it flat until the run is over with profit.

As per AntiPhase, it fishes for one win out of 5, that's why it uses a 5 step Martingale. Better use a bet selection that could have up to 48% win rate, which is really any other one.

Q: How does WTP compare to the Martingale?

A: Comparing the Martingale progression to the WTP, the 50 or rather exactly 47 unit bet is placed in WTP at the 20th step of the progression.

Now let's see how many units we need to place at the 20th step of a Martingale:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072, 262144, 524288

So, one needs to place 524,288 units on the 20th step of the Martingale progression versus 47 units in the Well Tempered Progression.

Thus WTP is much better than Martingale.

Moreover, the Martingale places a 524,288 unit bet in order to gain 1 unit profit when it closes the run.

WTP may place a 47 unit bet at its 20th step to gain between 4-28 units profit.

And most importantly, a Martingale would have reached the maximum table limit at its 8th or 9th step. A WTP doesn't reach the table's maximum not even at the 40th step.

Do you know how many units a Martingale requires at its 40th step?  549,755,813,888  (2 to the power of 39, 39 being 40-1) yes, about 550 billion units in order to make only 1.

Q: So in order to be betting 47 units, one would have lost 20 straight bets ?

If that is correct, a loss of 20 straight bets, I guess it could happen, but probably once in a blue moon, and prior winnings would more than handle that loss.

A: No, that's not correct. In Martingale, one needs straight continuous losses and one win at the end to close the run with 1 unit.

In WTP you can have a combination of wins and losses and at a certain percentage of say 25-35% wins, the run will close with a profit with multiple units gain.

So, WTP is quite different than Martingale in many aspects.

Q: Izak, if you are on a long loosing streak say 10 in a row will 1 win make it positive or does it take several wins? If so how many? Thanks.

A: The only progression that wins 1 unit after 10 consecutive losses on the first win is the Martingale, but that requires a huge bankroll of thousands of units.

WTP will need about 4 wins to complete the run with a profit. The wins do not have to be consecutive.

If the 4 wins do come in a row after the 10 losses in a row, then you will profit not 1 but 22 units for this particular run.

Thank all of you again for your great interest and enthusiasm.

Click here to order for an email delivery of the system.   For only $5 extra, you can have a printout mailed to your address.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed with full purchase and unconditional money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached. 

Wishing you all the best,
email: webmaster@letstalkwinning.com 

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